things ive heard people say in class:
  • “what if i just straight up break down in class and scare the shit out of ms neo so that she’ll postpone the test?”
  • “is it too early if i have a breakdown in january?” “its the second week, man.” “i know.” 
  • “let’s all just collectively skip the national exams, fuck the system!” *aggressive cheering*
  • in a really choked up voice, “i have rights.”
  • “what if i become a monk? do monks have to take exams?”
  • “in this context, what does ‘rapid’ mean?” “FAST AND FURIOUS”
  • “did y’all do the chem homework?” *collective ‘no’s* “alright, good. nobody be a wimp and do their homework, alright? if we’re fucked, we’re all fucked together.”
  • “wait, you mean to say that this school still teach fun stuff like music??
  • *scandalised gasp* “you stole my circle template’s virginity!” “all i did was hook a finger through one of the holes!” “exactly!” 
  • “i bought this $2 knee guard just because i want to pretend that i’m injured so that i can sit out of PE.” [slides knee guard on] “i have three consecutive tests after this and lord knows i need all the extra study time that i can get.”
  • in an increasingly panicked voice, “i can’t just do my lit homework in 30mins!” “well, i did.” “what did you put for characterisation and further analysis?” “i said the protagonist was a fuckboy, and then proceeded to write 3 paragraphs and a conclusion consisting of utter bullshit on why he’s a fuckboy.”
  • “don’t they call people from Germany, germanese?” said by a top student.
  • “i think i’m a hermaphrodite.”
  • “fuck, i hate this. can i just be an escort? or have like 67 sugar daddies?”
  • in the middle of physics class: “i’m leaving, i’m fucking leaving. i’m going down to the canteen to buy takeouts of 3 fishball noodles. y’all want anything?”
  • “i want the saddest pepe the frog meme you can find as our class logo.”
  • “i found a salsa dip in my bag, anyone have some chips?” [a girl sighs, puts down her calculator and reaches into her sports bag] “i do.”

Land of Mine Movie Online (2015)
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Under sandet (original title)

A young group of German POWs are made the enemy of a nation, where they are now forced to dig up 2 million land-mines with their bare hands.

Stars: Roland Møller, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Laura Bro

Leaked DM convo between Oli & Jordyn - 7 Feb 2016
  • Oli:Hey girl, you around?
  • Oli:Can you do Louis a favor?
  • Jordyn:ALWAYS. Whatever you guys need.
  • Oli:Say an insider met Louis and Danielle getting milkshakes tonight.
  • Jordyn:Ok. Do you need an actual insider? Pics? I'm free!
  • Oli:No. Just tweet it happened.
  • Jordyn:Oh. Ok.
  • Oli:Thanks! You're the best!
  • Jordyn:Wait! Is that it? Do you think maybe I could meet Louis sometime soon?
  • Oli:Oh, it's time for Louis' tea. Gotta run! Bye!
  • Jordyn:Damn it. He does that every time.
  • Jordyn:[opens Twitter to tweet insider met Louis getting milkshakes]
  • Jordyn:Someday, I'll be their real friend. Someday.