Until the end of time

February 15-19, 2010 ;

so yesterday, i went to manhattan beach with the cousins! it was pretty chill. i got picked up by kevin lake, with kuya jordan, jedd, gigi, and megan in the car. then we went to pick up kuya jr. gerald didn’t go because he had homework. D: but yeah, first we went to target. we got a volleyball and kuya jordan lagged getting shades. but he ended up getting shades for girls, but oh well. lol! but yeah, we went to jack in the crack since we were hungry. we got mini sirloin burgers. hehe. we were like hyper in the car, bumping music and the nice wind. yeah, we got to the beach and we straight in the water. the whole time we were looking for nice shells and sand dollars! omfg, everyone was like finding sand dollars besides me. but then by the end of the day, i got the nicest and biggest one, oh WUHT.

this is the third time trying to repost this. not gonna go into detail.

tuesday, photoshoot and sanya with the usual school friends BKA the disfunctional family! hah. (:

wednesday, nothang.

thursday, ice skating night nigga! got a random call from odie. (x

today, got out of school early. doctor’s appointment. awkward questions. dry run and bmp at jakes. theeee end.