02.01.14 Baekho’s Love Letter ☆

[From. Baekho] Driving proof-shot! ||

First off, let’s go after eating an ice cream!

Well! Just like on the 2nd photo, I drive the car just like a skilled professional right?
Just like on the 3rd photo, I’m driving as if i’m wearing a beginner tee and a sign of ‘Novice Driver’ was pasted behind the car, right?

Eum, the 4th photo, should I say it’s an unglam photo? ㅋㅋㅋ I’m wearing my dad’s clothes for work and help my dad with his work ㅋㅋ It proofs that I’m a filial son

The last photo is the bonus, i guess?
Photo of me boasting Jeju Island

(source: @thenuest)

i tell them i’m over you
and that
i have moved on
i glance up
at the clock
and it’s 11:11
i look up at
the stars
at night
someone talks to me
about seeing a
shooting star
and everytime
they ask me
what i would
love to have
and to keep
for the rest of my life
and if a genie would
grant my wish
there is only
one thing
one person
that comes
through my head
—  (L.S.)  // 02.01.14 12:01 am