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one gifset per appearance → visit to unicef’s supply centre, copenhagen (02/11/2011)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Copenhagen, Denmark where they were joined by the heirs to the Danish throne, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. The young royals were there to offer assistance and bring awareness to Unicef’s relief efforts to the East African crisis at their supply centre. At the time, the worst drought in East Africa for the past 60 years led to food shortages, leaving an estimated 12 million people in the region at risk of starvation, and famine had been declared in Somalia. They were given a briefing by the senior nutritional manager at Unicef, which comprised details of the crisis and information on the food that was being provided to those in need, most of which is made of especially high-packed protein. The royal couples were then taken to the supply centre’s warehouse, where they packed boxes bound to the affected regions and inspected the shipments.

After the visit to the warehouse, the Duke and Duchess attended a private reception at Unicef, which included Unicef ambassador Sir Roger Moore. They later visited Copenhagen Airport to view a British Airways Boeing 747 which had been lent to Unicef to carry 45 tons of aid including emergency medical supplies to East Africa.


Harm’s Way World Tour 2015

United States and Canada: select dates with Disgrace, Black Break and Enough Said

01/19/15 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey (w/ Black Breath)
01/20/15 Vancouver, BC @ 333
01/21/15 Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston
01/23/15 Pomona, CA @ PBW (w/ Disgrace and Enough Said)
01/24/15 Sacramento, CA @ Colony (w/ Disgrace and Enough Said)
01/25/15 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro (w/ Disgrace and Enough Said)
01/26/15 Ventura, CA @ Ventura Music Factory (w/ Disgrace and Enough Said)

Southeast Asia: with Palm

01/30/15 Bangkok, Thailand Immortal Bar
01/31/15 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ Alt+HQ
02/01/15 - Kuching, Malaysia @ Appleseed Studio
02/02/15 - Singapore, Singapore @ Aliwal Arts Centre
02/03/15 - Johor Bahru, Malaysia @ Embrace Hall

Australia: with Legions

02/05/15 – Perth, AUS @ Last Night (18+)
02/06/15 – Adelaide, AUS @ Animal House (AA)
02/07/15 – Melbourne, AUS @ Bendigo Hotel (18+)
02/08/15 – Melbourne, AUS @ Drop Out (AA)
02/10/15 – Wollongong, AUS @ Rad Bar (AA)
02/12/15 – Sydney, AUS @ Hermanns (18+)
02/14/15 – Canberra, AUS @ Magpies (AA)
02/15/15 – Newcastle, AUS @ Cambridge Hotel (18+)
02/17/15 – Grafton, AUS @ 140 (AA)
02/18/15 – Byron Bay, AUS @ YAC (AA)
02/20/15 – Brisbane, AUS @ The Brightside (18+)
02/21/15 – Brisbane, AUS @ 199 (AA)

Japan: select dates with Loyal to the Grave

02/26/15 – Osaka, Japan @ Hokage
02/27/15 – Yokkaichi, Japan @ Club Chaos
02/28/15 – Tokyo Shinjuku, Japan @ Antiknock (w/ Loyal to the Grave)
3/01/15 – Tokyo Shibuya, Japan @ Garret (w/ Loyal to the Grave)