02 abc glasgow

Billy Talent w/ Awolnation & Don Broco at the 02 ABC, Glasgow

So I forgot to tell you guys that I saw Billy Talent on Wednesday with my friend Sian and my girlfriend (who is also called Sian). The short version; it was fucking incredible.

Longer version; the first support, Don Broco, weren’t bad. They would do a bit of synchronised dancing during the songs which was pretty funny. But a completely unexpected twist was just how good the second support band, Awolnation, turned out to be. I hadn’t heard of them before but they were spectacular. One of the best things that can happen at a gig is when a support band you’ve never heard of turns out to be this good, and it did.

And Billy Talent…there are no words for how great they were. The crowd went insane for almost every track - and they’re all such adrenaline pumping, high energy songs that it’d be difficult to do anything else. Ben was hilarious, and told us stories about playing in Scotland in the past that really made me believe they love playing here.

My personal favourite track was Diamond on a Landmine - I just love that song. But the best part of the gig was after they’d played Devil on my Shoulder and asked us all to sing “Over and over” at the end.

Ben: “I’ve got the devil on my shoulder!”
Us: “Over and over!”

They left the stage after that song; then someone in the crowd started to sing “I’ve got the devil on my shoulder!” again, and everyone else began to chant “Over and over” until the whole crowd was chanting “OVER AND OVER” in place of the usual “Encore!” (or the Scottish version “ONE MORE TUNE!”) until the band returned to the stage, and the guitarist, Ian, was like “Wow guys, that’s awesome” before they EXPLODED into Fallen Leaves.

Then they instantly transitioned into the next one over Ben screaming the title “SURPRISE SURPRISE!” (which was such a cool moment). Surprise Surprise was followed by a lot of their best songs - meaning the gig ended on an even crazier note than it had been throughout.

This gig was so good I was barely disappointed that they hadn’t played Worker Bees. Despite how much I’d been looking forward to hearing it, it just didn’t matter when I had the time of my life anyway. There just aren’t enough adjectives I can use to express just how amazing this show was, guys. If Billy Talent are ever in your vicinity, don’t pass up the opportunity to see them.