02 26 2014

21 Signs You Were An Orchestra Nerd
When we wax nostalgic about the days of high school, some tell stories of their athletic glory, others of their theatrical prowess, others of their audio-visual domination. But a select group, once ne

“You still balk at concert goers who clap between movements at your local symphony” and other, even more telling, signs that you were an orchestra nerd. via huffposttaste

2014-02-26: I'm back home, JAPAN

I’m safely back home from Sochi!

Thank you for all of your support.
It’s regrettable that I couldn’t give my best performance, but I felt my skates were very me. 

It’s been four years since Vancouver.
It’s hard to believe I continued into Sochi, participating in two Olympics really wasn’t just my imagination.
It’s thanks to all the support I have received.

And above all else!
I am blessed with wonderful friends of Team Japan. 

Thank you all!

Weird New State Of Matter Discovered In Most Unlikely Place

“The discovery of the odd arrangement — previously seen only in liquid helium, densely packed granules, and other non-biological systems — is more than a scientific curiosity, according to the statement. It could help lead to the development of optical circuits, light detectors, and other devices that transmit light with the efficiency of a crystal and the flexibility of a liquid.”

anonymous asked:

What problems do men face outside of the western world? Please give some sources.

Depending on what you count as “western”.

















If you’re not opposed, AVFM: India, Korea, Japan, Chile, Many sources within articles on this site as well. And history, for good measure.

Then there’s things like this which are often erased:



You know when you hear of thousands of deaths and they feel the need to say “including women/children”? That makes you focus on the handful of “real” victims instead because people don’t care about men. Third world populations after war are usually 60-80% female, articles often focus on how hard it is now the men are inconveniently dead. Then look at what Boko Haram (links above) did to boys, did anyone give a shit? Did they buggery.


There are more somewhere, funnily enough they can be difficult to track down, I’ll tag it so I can keep track and add more as I find them.

Kizaki Yuria's Ameba Blog - 26\02\2014


Good evening, everyone!

It’s Team S’ Kizaki Yuria,

currently 18 years old.

I took my time to read

all the many comments you wrote.

I’m the kind of person

who tends to strengthen feelings through words.

Both in blog posts and in conversations,

I choose my words so that they can persuade my own self.


even though it’s something I decided,

I was honestly afraid

to read the comments,

to read your feelings

with my own eyes.


the more I’d read the comments,

the more I understood how relevant and important

SKE48 and my fans are for me.

Included those who tried to stop me,

those who were worried

and those who cheered on me…

thank you so much

for all those comments!

I feel totally okay

when I’m busy with something

or talking with people,

but today I’ve been studying alone all day,

so, my mind could really not get rid of the anxiety…

I stayed unsure

and kept thinking about it

until the very end.

Won’t I regret that I left SKE, in the future…?

My picture will disappear from the SKE48 theater,

I won’t be able to meet all the members,

who was normal to see every single day…

I wanted to perform on Stage

with Chikako-chan, Team S’ Draft member…

Should I have to leave the 2D club as well…?

Once I started thinking,

there was no end to it…

I also discussed with

Mr. Akimoto and captain Minegishi.

I thought that, if I said: “I want to keep being in SKE too”.

then maybe they’d turn it into a concurrent position…


I realized it wasn’t good for me,

entrusted with the position of vice Captain,

to say such a thing.

It would’ve been unfair both to SKE48 and to Team 4.

I’m not sure whether what I chose is the right thing or not.

I guess nobody can possibly know if I’m doing a mistake.

But I will do my best.

Even if it’s impossible now,

I’ll do my best in order to

leave wonderful results that

won’t make anyone sad.

So that, even in Team 4, I’ll make you say:

“SKE48’s Kizaki Yuria is amazing!!!”

To me, the transfer doesn’t mean to forget about SKE48.

It’s a challenge in order to move one more step forward.

Thanks for having read such a long post until the end.

There’s Seira’s Graduation Stage tomorrow.

I hope that her last one

will become a wonderful Stage for Seira…

Well then, hoping you
may all sleep peacefully…

Good night Peace!

Good morning Peace!


“De uma maneira súbita o conheci, em um domingo de verão no mês de fevereiro, por coincidência o mês mais alegre do ano, seria algum sinal? Me olhava com um olhar curioso, mas não avançava o sinal. Por mensagens conversamos, algo a partir daquele momento nascia. Eu sempre desconfiada, não estava mais, me sentia bem ao lado dele, confiante acreditei que daria certo. Mas como tudo que é bom, dura pouco, os fatos se tornaram desinteressantes, as mensagens pararam de chegar, nos afastamos de repente. Esperançosa, não pensei no pior, porém ontem, não mais verão, e sim em abril, num sábado, que teria tudo pra dar certo ou não, finalizei o quebra-cabeça. Tudo ficou claro, como a luz do sol, igual aquele domingo de verão em que nos conhecemos, lembra? Ao contrário do que pensava, a ficha caiu, as cartas ficaram sobre mesa, a verdade foi dita e vista, foi tudo um engano, uma ilusão, que resultou em um grande arrombo dentro de mim. Músicas serão evitadas, momentos serão ignorados, lágrimas estão sendo derramadas, mas quem mandou eu me entregar a você, quem Fernando? Agora eu só sinto uma mistura, angustiante em mim, aquela mistura de amor e ódio que ninguém consegue explicar, e só pessoas que amam de verdade sentem.”

Você fez parte da minha história /setembrir