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Scientists Precisely Edit DNA In Human Embryos To Fix A Disease Gene
In experimental embryos, scientists were able to repair the gene that causes a serious heart disorder. But more research is needed to confirm the method would produce healthy babies, they say.

An international team of scientists reports they have successfully figured out a way to edit DNA in human embryos — without introducing the harmful mutations that were a problem in previous attempts elsewhere. The work was published online Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Sixth set of ten Sterek fic recs!

hometown | wearethefoxes ( @allyaisbae​ ) | 50,358 | Mature | 2015-03-18 to 2017-08-20

It was Isaac who came first, that summer.

He showed up at Derek’s loft with a backpack hanging on his shoulder and an expression on his face that was at once lost and heartbroken, and Derek didn’t hesitate to step aside and open the door to let him in.


After the events with the Kanima, Derek tries to be a better alpha and Stiles ends up all alone.

i love you a latte [Fic & Podfic] | kellifer_fic ( @kellifer-k ), RsCreighton | 6,692 | Gen | 2017-08-19

“You… want me to come to your family reunion?”


“And you’ll come to my best friend’s wedding as…my… date?” Stiles thinks the whole proposition bears repeating.

“Yes,” Derek says again, brows furrowing like he’s starting to regret asking.

All Coming Back, Like It Was Never Gone | @LadyDrace | 2,756 | Teen | 2017-09-02

Stiles and Derek spend a summer looking for Boyd and Erica. During that summer they’re… something. Something that never becomes much of anything.

But then, years later, it all comes back.

Better Than Milk and Cookies | SylvieW ( @sylvie-w​ ) | 6,879 | Teen | 2016-12-22

Stiles met Derek every Christmas since he was a child. He just doesn’t remember.

a feeling so startling | apollonian ( @pseudoapollonian ), @alphahel | 6,441 | Teen | 2017-06-23

Stiles and Derek,
swimming in the ocean,
causing a commotion,
‘cause they are so awesome.

Alternatively, the one in which everyone is a merperson and Stiles and Derek have a chance encounter.

In the Bright | skoosiepants ( @pantstomatch ) | 1,501 | Gen | 2017-05-25

It’s only later, when Stiles is lying in bed and staring at his ceiling, that he thinks: of course. Of course Derek Hale is pure of heart.


A unicorn thinks Derek deserves nice things.

The Payoff Pitch | Leslie_Knope ( @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal ) | 83,974 | Explicit | 2017-02-08 to 2017-04-11

Derek is on the cusp of his second season with the LA Dodgers, and as the reigning runner-up Rookie of the Year, the pressure’s on him to become the team’s star pitcher and lead them to the playoffs for the first time in five years. He’s trying to deal with the burden of expectations and really has zero desire to spend any extra time or energy on anything that isn’t baseball.

But then he meets Stiles.

Beacon Gills | kitsunequeen ( @stilesbansheequeen ) | 4,226 | Teen | 2017-07-01

“Derek,” Erica singsongs loudly. Rather than knocking on the rather flimsy-looking piece of driftwood, she grabs a coconut filled with seashells and shakes it violently. “We’ve got a surprise for you!”

“I hate surprises,” Derek answers, voice slightly muffled through the door. “Aren’t you supposed to be out exploring the caves with Isaac?”

“He has some special guests tonight,” Boyd says. “And so do you.”

Derek doesn’t answer right away, and Stiles can almost imagine him sighing.

“Come in,” he yields finally. “You know it’s unlocked.”

Erica flings the door open, nudges Stiles inside, and slams it behind him.

“Surprise!” she yells, and then Stiles can hear her and Boyd’s footsteps quickly retreating.

Oh, shit.

When Stiles accompanies Scott on a trip to his uncle’s beach house, he gets more than he bargained for after running into a pack of mermaids with a particularly attractive leader…

Something Other Than Remaining | @kaistrex | 1,253 | Gen | 2017-08-26

“Why didn’t you tell me mates were a thing?”

Stiles watches Derek roll his eyes at Scott’s question as he continues to sift through the debris in what used to be the kitchen of the burnt out Hale house.

“Because you don’t have one,” Derek answers flatly when he realises speaking will get them to leave quicker than silence.

Or the time Scott asked why Derek never told him about mates and Stiles just couldn’t let it go.

Tell Me No More Lies | @TroubleIWant | 4,944 | Teen | 2017-04-15

Derek had sworn to serve the revolution against Queen Katherine knowing full well that the cost of such treason could be dear. He’d thought he was ready to sacrifice anything for freedom… But he wasn’t counting on the sacrifice being his marriage to Stiles.

- OR -

“Can I tempt you to the floor for this dance?” The flirtatious tone rouses him from his dire musings, and Derek turns to see his husband.

“I’m afraid not,” Derek says, gentling his tone to take the sting out of the refusal. Stiles’ smile tightens, almost imperceptibly, and he nods graciously. He’s used enough to such rejection, Derek thinks with a pang. He’s used to lonely dinners as well, and going to sleep alone when Derek has late nights, and listening to vague excuses because the real reasons are ones he cannot know. Derek hates to disappoint him, tonight as ever, but he needs to be available for the other spy to pass him the information, not whirling about on the dance floor. The revolution must come first, until Lady Katherine can be imprisoned for her crimes.

Derek strives to believe that the day will come soon.


Eva-01 by Léa Chervet
Via Flickr:
My little monster!

Oh, Snap! Scientists Are Turning People's Food Photos Into Recipes
Researchers have created an artificial neural network that analyzes an image of a dish and tells you how to make it. Still in the early stages, the technology might help improve our dietary health.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are creating a computer system modeled after the human brain to examine photos of food on social media and break them down into recipes.