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Nave by Tony
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What is now the Cathedral was founded in 680 as a Priory, with Bishop Bosel at its head. The first priory was built in this period, but nothing now remains of it. The crypt of the present-day cathedral dates from the 10th century and the time of St Oswald, Bishop of Worcester.

Isaac stuck his tongue out in concentration as he put the last finishing touches on his sandcastle. He made a triumphant noise as he leaned back, smiling at his work. “I think it turned out awesome. Maybe it could have used a few more layers or maybe some different shells.” He frowns briefly, glancing over as he speaks. “But I wanted to get it done before the beach gets too crowded. What do you think?” He beams proudly.

February 9, 1981

Happy 36th Birthday precious snowflake !