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hotarulilly  asked:

Hi there! Really love your art ^.^ any prevision to when the Next chapter of the takari fic is coming out?

Omg Thank youuuuuu so much TwT. I will be honest, I am kinda falling into Saiino Fandom right now and couldn’t turn my head back to Takari that much.

I actually finished drawing lineart for Part 5 and finalizing it but I still have to fill in colors. While procrastinating on doing that I start to feel like I need to fix the story there and that which made me take more time on it and I kinda drag it abit long. I will apologize to my fellow takari fandom for making you wait long. But hopefully, I can finish it around second week of December. I will show u some sneak peak draft of Part 5.

Things that i noticed while watching Pentagon’s “VIOLET”

- Hongseok cried (my heart is crying too…)

- Yanan’s Smile OMG ❤

- Their acting skills tho 👍🏻

- They’re all visuals 😍

- Everything is on point ❤

- ‘YUTODA’ is baaaack

Universe let’s support our boys by streaming and voting ❤

They deserve all the love and support because they worked so hard for this album to make their fans(Universe) happy!