Is Kara Danvers really so bad at baking? (A short demi-serious Meta)

In episode 02x18 it is shown to us that Kara Danvers probably can’t bake to save her life, case in point:

(Spoiler: it may not be all your fault.)


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Now, I start from the premise that our heroine isn’t used to bake much, supposition seemingly supported by the fact that she needs a video tutorial to bake whatever she is trying to bake (even at the 5th try), and the fact that after 5 botched attempt she still has no clue what’s wrong, so this post will not push the thesis that Kara is secretly a genius backer that for whatever reason got in a baking slump.

My thesis is that although Kara is at best a mediocre to passable baker there is a reason for what has been shown to us, and to know the culprit we have to go back in time of more than a year and an half (in universe time), and more exactly at episode 01x05:

As you can see from this frame from that episode we are told (through Eliza Danvers words) that Kara’s oven has some problems when Eliza can’t cook the Thanksgiving turkey properly with it (It is a heating problem? It is ventilation? Who knows! Can you feel the thrill of mystery?), so she has to ask Kara to use her heat vision to finish the cooking.

Now, I can already hear you say, “But, if the oven had problems surely by now she had it repaired or replaced!“

To this statement I reply with this frame I took from episode 02x08, set a year later during the next thanksgiving day (and around 8-9 months before the baking shenanigans), that makes me think that no, the oven is still sitting there with whatever is its problem unresolved:

and two days before, near the end of episode 02x07:

In conclusion, Kara’s oven needs to be repaired or to be trashed and probably she doesn’t use it much anyway.

(Disclaimer: I know the “oven saga” is simply an excuse for the writers to put a domestic heat vision scene here and there, but what is fandom if not a place where filling the gaps in the stories and expanding their worlds? Plus if you want to headcanon a not so terrible at baking Kara Danvers now you have a Canon reason).