July’s Prompt: Armor Evolutions

That’s right, the winning theme is Armor evolutions! The prompt is open to anyone who wants to join in, just be sure to file it under “digifake prompts” (no dash) within the first five tags so we can see it!

Prompt Specifications

  • Base your armor evolution off of canon digimentals (e.g. Courage, Love, Friendship, etc.)
  • You can design an armor evolution for a canon Digimon or for your own Digifake


  • Follow the prompt and incorporate it into your design
  • Don’t post your final design until it’s time to post (which will be in the last week of July)
  • You can design as many Digimon for the prompt if you want

A poll for next month’s theme will be up in a few weeks, and if you’re in the skype group (which you can request to join at any time) we’ll probably decide on a skype-only prompt in the next few days or so.

Have fun everyone, I can’t wait to see all the designs!

Sorry friends if you’re sick of seeing this room by now, but I wanted to join in on the #pimpyourpillows since I’m obsessed with pillows. This is my favorite room in our house for pillows because our sectional can fit a lot … I keep around 7 on it at all times. Between learning how to sew and having stores like @homegoods nearby, they are always changing. Might seem a bit much to some, but I have no shame in my pillow game 😂 by itsagrandvillelife