[Riley put his arm around Astrid after texting his mom to pick them up] Hey, she’s doing really well, star.

[By the time Kendall had closed the door, Lydia was taking swig after swig from the vodka, searching through the closet for a set of lingerie she wanted to wear]

39, ew

It hasn’t been the greatest day. I’m torn between obligation and insensitivity. It didn’t help that work rubbed it in my face, and they didn’t mean to, it’s just the way it is. I should have read the writing on the wall a long time ago.

I think there will be tacos tonight before my eldest runs off to gymnastics, and then I’ll be hanging with the younger two. I did get an application to a mug club at one of my favorite restaurants, but again, like anything, there are no guarantees. It came with a free pint glass though, so I can’t complain.

Thank you for taking the time to say something, or post something, and make me smile. You guys are great.

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