Okay my loves, listen.

After some events, the economic situation of my family ended in a dire position. Which means we don’t have money to buy food or pay rent at the end of the month. We are now depending on my job, but what I gain is not enough to pay for all the expenses.

So, if any of you can donate anything —a dollar or two, even some cents— to my paypal account (paypal.me/inakivega) so we can have money for food while we figure out how to get out of this situation, I would be eternally grateful to you.

I’m sorry that I’m asking you guys this, I know you have your own troubles and your own necessities, but I swear I wouldn’t be asking for your help if it wasn’t completely neccesary. If you can’t donate, then please spread the word.

Thank you so much.

Poe was still watching Hermes trying to untangle himself from the arrow’s net while he  waited for Jessica and played with more arrows. When one of the arrows was held, a banner stuck out, saying “Bang!” Poe couldn’t help but laugh. The next arrow he picked up wasn’t so friendly. He touched it’s tip to the table, and there was a small, but loud, explosion. It wasn’t anything that hurt anyone, but both Hermes and Poe collapsed after it went off. Hermes remained tangled up in the net, and Poe, who had been walking around the room, landed in an awkward position on the floor.


tired Keith is just 10 times the Angst™