Sono le 02:01 e penso da mezz'ora “lo scrivo o non lo scrivo su Tumblr?”. La risposta ora mi sembra alquanto ovvia.

Ieri sono andata a casa della mia migliore amica e abbiamo parlato un po’, fatto servizi e poi siamo uscite di nuovo. Abbiamo preso la metro ed era tutto tranquillo quando alla terzultima fermata vedo questa donna che si alza di scatto e si dirige verso l'uscita ma, una volta aperte le porte, non esce -anzi!- e si fionda letteralmente nelle braccia del fidanzato.
Hanno riso, scherzato, si sono baciati e coccolati fin quando non siamo arrivati al capolinea.
È stata una scena bellissima e mi sono venuti i brividi. Non ho mai visto nessuno abbracciarsi e guardarsi in quel modo.
L'amore è una cosa bella. Bellissima.


I used to write poetry
I used to paint everyday
I used to create a new playlist every Sunday
I used to speak to my family frequently
I used to finish novels within 6 hours
I used enjoy the company of loved ones including friends
I used to
I now rarely pick up a pen or pencil
I can’t find my notebooks filled with pages of my words
I only paint to release emotions or out of boredom
I only speak to my family about 4 times out of a month
I only read if I’m required to
I’ve detached myself from a lot of people I still love til this day
I’m trying to find the good remnants that I

Luca had been looking for a few new little items for his apartment for a few days, something to liven up the space. Though he didn’t spend too much time there; most always at the hospital for shifts, he enjoyed coming home to a clean and well-decorated space when able. On this particular day, he’d decided to go to Daisy’s Shop to hopefully find a few more distinct items that were different than the usual generic.

He moved into the open space, shutting the door quietly behind him. He let his blue eyes travel around, observing all the odds and ends that were placed about. He picked up a small wooden box, looking it over when he noticed Daisy behind the counter. “Hi,” he gave a smile, walking over to her to greet her. He’d gotten to know her well enough from the times he’d come in before, and was always happy to talk to her.