New Place, New Start || Finchel

Finn grunted softly as he piled the last box of their stuff into the moving van. A part of him still couldn’t believe that they actually sold their apartment, since they’d lived there for what felt like forever. He was eager to get to live not only closer to work, but closer to Kurt and Blaine as well. He really just couldn’t wait to get started on this new chapter of their lives. Closing the truck up, he then headed back upstairs to their apartment. 

Opening up the front door, he sighed at the sight of how empty the place was. “Baby?” He called out. “We’re ready to head to the new place!” He added walking through their bare apartment and smiling when he found her in their bedroom. “C’mon, babe. As soon as we set the bed up at the brownstone I’ll let you sleep all afternoon.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around her from behind. 

The link between Icelandic and Northern Isles Pods- and what that might mean for Keiko

A theory by darling-taima and stumpytheorca

Keiko was captured off Reyðarfjörður, Iceland. There is no documentation of when this capture was due to ‘hiding’, a common practise so that capture limits would not be gone over. You probably know this already so why are we telling you again? Well…

In finding out about the Northern Isles orca range, we were surprised to find they have quite a large range. 8 individuals from the Pod were sighted in Icelandic waters near Reyðarfjörður- where Keiko was captured- and Vestmannaeyjar- where Keiko’s sea pen was located. The study was conducted around the times he was there. 

In this graph you can see the 8 individuals (blue diamonds) from the Northern Isles (Yellow triangles) who have links and associate both with East Icelandic Orca (red cubes) and some Vestmannaejar orca (green triangles).

To go with the above graph, it is possible more northern isles orca were/are present in iceland but to make results fair only left side photos are used. 

Work was done to try and find Keiko’s family in 1999-2001. Two former SeaWorld trainers were hired to do fieldwork on ID-ing, biopsies on wild orca DNA samples gathered and studying their dialect, but no matches were found. DNA matches between some members of icelandic pods and northern isles have also been found to contain mostly the same makeup. Meaning a divergence between populations could be less than 15 generations back.

But back to Keiko. He only had ‘walks’ out of his bay pen during the summer months where he interacted with wild orca during summer of 2001. In the summer of 2002, Keiko left the bay pen for 15 days and he was observed around Iceland before returning to the pen for one last time on July 8th then swam back out. He then began his 1,000 mile journey across the North Atlantic.

This is Keiko’s line of travel (dots) and the NI orca confirmed range underneath in areas A,B,C,D and E.  Circled are the areas thought to contain schools of herring. 

What if Keiko’s matriarch line was never found by researchers because they were only there for a few short months of the year (September- November and in such small numbers)? Northern Isles orca spend their summer months in the Northern Isles hunting seals, could this be why Keiko took off east to Norway trying to find his home? He was captured at 2-4 years old, not leaving much to remember and he would not have migrated the route in over 22 years. It is possible that he only remembered the vague direction hence his journey to Norway.

And in regards to his possible family? Well, we also have a theory for this too! This is 012. There have been confirmed sightings of her in 1995/2007 off the coast of Iceland. She is almost always sighted with 013 - whom due to the son never leaving the mother’s side, it is highly possible they are related. The rest of their pod with confirmed sightings in Iceland are  019 (Mousa) 021, 062 (Hulk).

012 could possibly be Keiko’s mother/grandmother/sister, and 013 a relation as well. 


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Image Sources:
Keiko   013
please note this guys, this is just a fun theory- it is heavily researched and a lot of co-incidences cropped up hence this very long post and sources, but please don’t take it for fact! 

A Real Family Dinner||Finchel

For the first time since he had started going to Friday night family dinners all those months ago, Finn was nervous. Though, this time it was for a completely different reason. His mom and stepfather had come up earlier that day to see him play in the game on Sunday and because of the timing, Rachel had went ahead and invited them to their weekly family dinner. He wasn’t too worried about them interacting with the players, more so he just hoped that his mom and Burt got along well with Coach Berry since not only was he just his coach anymore, but the father of the girl he was dating. 

Letting out a soft sigh pulled up to the house with his parents and Ringo in the car, he turned the ignition off before leading them into the house. They were there earlier than everyone else, more so because his mom had mentioned wanting to help Rachel cook dinner. “Hey, babe.” He grinned as he walked into the kitchen, his nerves about this whole ordeal dwindling when he saw her. “Smells great in here.” Burt added a moment later with a wide smile as his mom eagerly moved over to engulf Rachel in a hug. “Hi, sweetheart!” She beamed. 

No One's Here to Sleep

Six weeks.  Six long weeks.  Andie probably would have missed it more if she hadn’t been so sleep deprived.  Cassie and Percy were perfect even when they were screaming in the middle of the night.  It was still easier this time.  She’d gotten up every time with Aries and Lia, at least Ted traded off with her when they both had to wake up in the morning.  It was easier now.  They both slept through the night on occasion.  Lia was a great helper, always trying to keep the twins happy along with Aries. 

Still, Andie hadn’t exactly been keeping track.  So when Jane showed up and told her that she and Ted were going on their postponed honeymoon and she was watching the kids, she had to count on her hands to remember if she was right.