a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety

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I just learned that in 90s anime Jadeite was supposed to come back later on but due to a change in director he's trapped eternally in Crystal (also imagine how hilarious it would be if he got out and its Crystal Tokyo)

Neo Queen Serenity sanctions the first North Pole expedition in thousands of years and they bring a man frozen in crystal back to her palace and she’s like “I thought I ran over you with an airplane in 1992″

But she is a nice person so she reawakens him and the first thing he says is “where is Queen Beryl? I need to collect energy to revive Metallia”

“Well, buddy, I’ve got some bad news for you”

013. too far gone ~

Kennedy’s body collapsed against his, though from her current position, she knew she’d have to move to lay down. She had one leg on either side of him, her hips flesh against his. She rocked back slightly and inhaled sharply, unable to stop the small noise that escaped her lips. Her hand found as solid a surface as it could on the bed and she maneuvered herself off of his lap. “I deserve…all the…fucking things…” She wasn’t even quite sure what she was after, but she fucking loved the rush that came from being the one who called the shots every now and then. 

As she leaned against the headboard, she turned to look at Drew. No matter if he was covered head to toe, dress socks and jacket, at the office, or in nothing at all, like he was now, he was handsome. His jaw was strong; his eyes, soft, for her, at least. His lips were warm; his skin, smooth. She craved his touch when she wasn’t near him and couldn’t get close enough when she was. But on top of all of that, there was an emotional tether that she couldn’t quite shake, a piece of her, that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger with each day that passed, that was connected to the emotional piece of her heart.

Kennedy’s smile was soft, though it conveyed everything. She was happy. The way they interacted, despite having to keep it quiet around the office, was good for her, for them. They were, for all intents and purposes, a unit, though most definitely not dating. But that didn’t exactly matter to Kennedy when she was the only one he was going out to dinner with and the only one he was bringing home at the end of the night.