Drunken Domination [Matthew Kim]

word count- 3.8k

warnings- M, very rated M

kinks- rough daddy!matthew, degradation, mild orgasm denial

description- You are at a club enjoying yourself when two men won’t let you go. A mysterious man helps you out of the situation, and you end up leaving together, but before you can leave, those two men take your shirt, leaving you shirtless in a man’s car. It just so happens he loves to blast the AC…

You let your body take over, rolling to the music that blasted in the club, the strobing lights slowing a little with the sexy beat. You could feel someone approach you from behind and started grinding on you, which you accepted. You loved knowing that you were drawing the attention of multiple men. You let your hips move sinfully, rolling with the bass, your hands moving slowly all over your body.

The man’s lips came to place a kiss on the crook of your neck, and you let him linger for a second longer than he should have. Another man came up to you, grinding on the front of you, holding your wrists above your head as if you two were alone in a bedroom. You found yourself enjoying being sandwiched between two men, letting their hands roam you sinfully, letting them sneak in kisses here and there.

“Do you want to find a private spot with us, baby?” The man behind you leaned in a whispered into your ear.

You froze up, stopped dancing immediately. “No, I don’t. I’m gonna go sit down now, thanks for the offer though,” You turned to walk away when they both grabbed at your wrist, pulling you back you them.

“C’mon, you can’t leave a guy hanging like that, I know you felt our cocks getting hard for you.”


Across the room Matthew had noticed your dancing, mesmerized by it. He noticed you were doing more than just grinding aimlessly, you really felt the beat, one of the tell-tale signs of a dancer. You were exactly what he was looking for when he noticed you about to walk away. It was his chance to talk to you a little and ask you to dance with him for a performance, the guys you had been dancing with pulled you back and wouldn’t let you go. He couldn’t just sit there and let this happen, he really needed to talk to you asap.

Matthew stood from his seat by the bar, grabbing his drink and the second untouched one he had just ordered. His long legs carried him through the room of grinding bodies, brushing shoulders with what seemed like every person in his path. He finally found himself approaching you and he had a quick fix to the solution, dance.

“Hey baby girl, I got you your drink,” He smiled softly then pretended to notice the men constraining you. Matthew towered over them, his built body twice the size of theirs. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “Play along.”

“Who the fuck are you?” The man with silver hair asked.

“C’mon baby, I told you to behave. I knew you would dance, but don’t you have better standards than this?” He eyed the men and sneered a little.

“I asked who the fuck are you?!” Silver-hair guy piped up again. Matthew got pissed all of a sudden, getting up in the man’s face.

“I’m her fucking boyfriend, and if you both don’t take your filthy hands off her now you’re going to regret meeting the both of us.”

The man with black hair let your waist go and shoved Matthew a little, trying to budge him. He failed, and only managed to make him more mad.

Matthew growled, “Let. Her. Go.” A deadly look passed over his features, prompting the silver-haired man to release your hands. Matthew noticed you scurry behind him, but he handed you the untouched drink and put an arm around your waist. “If you want to start a fight, you can follow us to the bar, but I don’t recommend it.”


The mystery man lead you over to the bar and sat you on a stool before sitting next to you.

“Are you okay? That wasn’t cool of them to do,” He sipped on his drink.

“I’m fine, I would’ve gotten out of there eventually, but thank you,” You swirled the drink in your hand, afraid it was drugged.

“Afraid it’s drugged? You don’t have to drink it, give it to me,” He held his hand out for the glass, so you handed it to him and he gulped it down, like he needed some kind of liquid courage.

“Well, thanks again, I’ll take my leave now,” You stood and tried give him a sultry wink, but fumbled and blinked in a fashion that was probably awkward.

“Ha ha ha! Oh god, wow,” The man chuckled then settled himself enough to talk, “Actually I wanted to talk. I have an offer for you.”

“Uhm? Okay, why?” You sat back down, blushing intensely.

“I actually came here to look for good dancers, and from the way you were dancing I assumed you had some history in it,” He sighed lightly, “I need a main female dance partner. I want to dance to a certain song, and she needs to know how to move to sexy music.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I mean sure but what is this for? Will I get paid?” You didn’t mind dancing for free, you did it all the time in your troupe, it was just out of curiousity that you asked.

“Wait really? That was a lot easier than I thought. No, you won’t get paid, but you’ll get lessons from the legend himself, Matthew Kim,” He pasted a huge grin on his face and pointed to himself with his thumb.

“So your name is Matthew, nice to meet you.” You smiled, trying to redeem yourself from your awkward wink, “I’m ____.”

“Well then, ____, can you give me your number so I can text you the details?” He pulled his phone from the front pocket of his tattered jeans and you noticed how thick- ahem, muscular- his legs were.

Your eyes wandered up his body, noticing how his white dress shirt was unbuttoned halfway down his chest. The way the shirt just barely fit his shoulders, how the sleeves were rolled up to show his muscular forearms. Even the way his hair looked he had just had a girl tugging on it. He looked damn near delicious, and he knew it judging from the way he smirked at you next.

“____, I asked you for your number,” His eyes darkened by just one shade to accompany his smirk.

“O-Oh, it’s 555-0120,” Your voice faltered a little. You watched at his large hands worked the number into his phone swiftly, letting your mind wander to a dirtier place.

“Okay, I’ll send you a text when I get home,” His smile turned more genuine. “I’m going to leave now, do you want a ride home?”

From how heavy your body felt and the way the pounding music was starting to bother you, you nodded and stood up beside him. He was so much taller than you, even in your five inch heels.

As you two walked out the door, you felt someone tap on your shoulder so you turned to see who, but found the black haired man from earlier, grinning like a mad man as he gripped your shoulders so you couldn’t move. The white haired man ran up and ripped your shirt over your head quickly as the black haired man quickly lifted your arms up so he could take the shirt off completely.

“That’s what you ge-,” He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because Matthew knocked him backwards with a single punch to the nose. He didn’t have time to find the other man before wrapping you in his arms, shielding your body from the glaring stares of the people in the club.

“Let’s go,” Matthew lifted you like you were a feather and ran you out of the club to his car, not even getting your shirt back. You were left sitting in the passenger seat of his car in your lacy bralette that really didn’t hide anything from view.

“U-uhm, thanks again,” You said, head hung low in embarrassment. You let down your hair and used it to cover your chest, accompanied by your arms.

Matthew was fuming as he started driving. He appeared to have come to an instant sober after what happened. “It’s no problem, what they did was utterly wrong,” He sighed. He hated it, and he knew you were embarrassed, but his mind floated to the memory of seeing you in that little piece of lace you called a bra. It was harder driving like this than it was driving drunk. “Where do I go?” He asked, clearing his throat a little.

“Turn right at the next light, then take another right after two blocks. I’ll tell you the rest when we get closer.” Your voice was barely a whisper, hard to hear over the air conditioning that Matthew had turned on.

“Okay,” He responded as he neared the light. Unluckily, it turned red and he came to a gentle stop. He looked over at you and saw your head was still hung in shame. He didn’t know what the fuck possessed him to ask this, but he did it. “Can I spend the night at your place?”

Your head snapped up immediately, unable to believe he had just asked you that. “Uhm, what?”

“I’m not going to pretend I don’t have intentions, I want to fuck you. Seeing the way you dance, and now here. I feel bad for what happened, but I’m still a man.” You saw how much darker how his expression had become, and you couldn’t handle it. You turned your head to look out the window as he started to drive again, attempting to hide your blush. You had no objections to him staying the night, you had wanted to take him home in the first place, you were simply shocked about how he was so straightforward about what he wanted from you.

You didn’t say anything else besides the directions for the rest of the ride, but you let your arms fall to your sides leaving only your hair to cover your hardened peaks. It was just too damn cold in that car, at least that’s what you blamed it on.

When he pulled into your driveway, you quickly hopped out of the car. You were about to close the door when you noticed he wasn’t getting out.

“Are you gonna come in?” You leaned back over slightly, giving him a better view of your already apparent cleavage.

“Well you didn’t answer me so I took that as a no. If I’m allowed inside, then fuck yeah I’m coming in.” His face darkened even more from the sight of you standing in front of him shirtless. He pulled the keys from his car and climbed out faster than you had ever seen anyone climb out of a damn car.

You swayed your hips as you walked the sidewalk to your house, waltzing into the house, leaving the door open behind you. You bent at the waist to remove your shoes, but Matthew’s hands grasped your hips, hands sinking into the flesh blissfully. His hips collided with your ass, grinding just momentarily before he stepped back to sip off his shoes. You lifted your torso, slowly adding just the smallest hint of a body roll.

“Fuck baby girl, you know exactly what you’re doing,” His chest was rising and falling noticeably now, and he backed you up against the wall, caging you in his arms while he kicked the door shut with a slam. “But I’m gonna teach you even more, just like I will when we dance.”

With that you threaded your fingers through his hair and pulled him to you, craving those lips you hadn’t been able to take your eyes off of. He grabbed your waist and lifted you up, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist. You felt his member rub against your core just a little as he walked, making you tremble with anticipation. He never broke the kiss, that was until he asked you where your room was.

“First room on the left,” You wanted to chuckle at his little blush, but he took your mouth for his own. He gave you not one ounce of control, even smacking your ass while he was walking.

He seemed good at this, he opened the door expertly and threw you on the bed, only taking a moment to rip his shirt off before he caged you with his body. You had absolutely no control over situation, and it was a huge change for you, but you welcomed it. You liked the fear that mingled with anticipation in your stomach. You didn’t know what was going to happen next, utterly helpless to his whims.

His lips met yours once more, biting at your bottom lip harshly as his hand came up to hold your throat lightly, just tight enough to give you a new sensation. The callouses on his palms scratched at your skin, heightening the sensations running through your veins. You felt a fire of animalistic desire building around your body, swallowing your mind slowly.

“Hm, what’s this princess? Have you never been dominated?” He smirked against your mouth as his hands started to roam your body, caressing you just to grab your hips roughly. Your back arched at all the new sensations, and your pride seemed to have disappeared in that very moment.

“Y-yes,” You whined as his teeth nipped at your earlobe, leaving fire in their wake.

“Don’t worry baby,” His voice hit your ear as a hot, breathy whisper, “I’ll show you how it’s done. You won’t want to ride another man after you know how this feels.”

Your mind was completely enveloped in desire, you couldn’t think of anything but your aching core, how you wanted to be blindfolded, and tied up and toyed with. As though Matthew had read your mind, he grabbed at his shirt on the edge of the bed, twisting it up roughly before putting it over your eyes and tying it behind your head. At that moment, he shoved his leg in between your thighs, offering some friction. You rolled your hips you try to give yourself some stimulation, but it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Fuck baby, you’re into thigh-riding? Come here…” His voice has turned into a deep growl as he repositioned your bodies, placing your arms around his neck and lowering you down onto his thigh. He held his iron grip on your hips and started guiding you back and forth, flexing his muscles to offer more pleasure.

As much as desire ripped at the both of you, Matthew was moving along painfully slow. He wanted to give you the best of the best, have his whole, unadulterated, way with you. He was going to enjoy every ounce of your body.

Your lips parted and your let your head lull just slightly as your pussy was roughly guided along a one way track of pleasure. Your wetness was starting to soak through your panties, skirt pushed up your body in a lewd fashion. Panting started to turn to moans and your body was getting more and more sensitive. Not being able to see heightened all your senses. You could feel the rips in Matthew’s jeans as your thighs ran over them, your lower lips appreciating the surprising bumps.

“Mmm, god please give me more?” Your head hung forward and you felt your forehead meet his, your breaths intermingling.

“You’re a greedy little slut, aren’t you?” Matthew’s head lowered to your breasts, taking one clothed peak into his mouth, still guiding your hips over his leg. The way his tongue swirled over your nipple before he teethed on it gently sent your head backwards, back arching into his mouth and hands lacing with his hair. Even just this much was enough to send you over the edge.

“Yes, I’m a greedy little slut,” You whimpered, “so please make me feel good Matthew.”

He stopped right that instant, pushing you off him leg and pulling you back to him so you were sat in between his legs, back pressed against his chest. His member poked at your lower back, a prominent bump in his otherwise flat body.

“What did you just call me?” His breath was hot against your neck as his hands spread your legs.

“M-Matthew,” You whispered, afraid of what he was going to do next. His hand snaked around your hips and placed itself on your soaked panties.

“Call me Daddy,” He teased you, lightly touching you.

“Daddy, please make me feel good.”

“Anything for my princess,” He chuckled darkly as he ripped your panties to the side and assaulted your clit, working it like an expert. His tongue ran laps up your neck and back down. His callouses felt so rough on you, sending you closer with each little flick he gave you. You couldn’t help but let out wanton moans, even clenching your jaw when it got to be too much.

“A-aah!” Your legs trembled with ecstasy.

“You’re not allowed to come yet baby, there’s so much more for me to do to you before you’re even allowed to think about coming.” His voice was aggressive, not hiding any of his intentions.

“But, i-it’s too mu-” You didn’t get to finish your sentence because he plunged a digit into your core, making colors explode all over your body. “Fuck!” You exclaimed.

“Hah, I don’t care, you are not allowed to come,” He teased you, moving his wrist languidly, eliciting lewd sounds from your lower lips. He continued until he saw your hands grip the bed sheets, something inside him breaking. “Want me to go faster baby girl?”

“Yes, yes, yes please Daddy go faster! I need more…” You were pleading with him, you wanted to feel your head spin as his fingers sent you over.

He wasted no time in adding two more digits, welcomed easily by your slick walls. You had no idea how his wrist moved so fast, causing your abs to tremble at the sensation.

“Fuck princess,” His chest was heaving, “I love the way your pussy sounds mixed with your moans.”

“Please Daddy, can I come?”

“Absolutely not, I’m not through with you baby,” He gave you a few more thrusts before pushing you away from him again. You felt his weight shift the bed as he moved around, only to lift your arms over your head to remove your bra, then push you down to strip you of your pesky skirt and panties. There were a few moments of suspense as his weight left the bed, you were sure he was stripping himself as well. Once he joined you again he used his tongue to lick a stripe up your folds before moving up your body. Your back arched off the bed, loving the surprise of all this. Even more surprise came when he teased you with the tip of his dick. You could only imagine its size, even as he dipped into your walls just a little only to pull back and tease you some more.

“God please Daddy, just fuck me!” You were so frustrated at all his teasing, you wanted to feel full of him, you wanted you hear him grunt at how good you felt. You wanted to hear the sound of his skin slapping yours, the sound of the bead creaking as he picked up pace.

All your wishes were granted when he stuffed himself in you with no hesitation, filling to the absolute limit. You had imagined he had a big cock, but not enough to make you feel this filled up.

“Ah fuck princess, you’re still so tight,” He leaned down and moaned into your ear before taking the lobe into his mouth. You felt like you were on cloud nine when he started rolling his hips at a steady pace. His hips were definitely those of a dancer, distinctive of the sinful way he flicked them at the end of each thrust.

He finally let his mouth suck blossoms of purple onto your neck, trailing down until he took your peak into his mouth. He let one of his hands roam down between your bodies to play with your sensitive bud, sending you to nirvana. Your entire body felt like it was tightening, such a serious orgasm was approaching and you couldn’t bear to let it go.

“Pretty please Daddy, I’m begging you,” You felt his hips rock into yours faster, “a-ah! Please let me come Daddy I’m so close!” Your words seemed to reach him , and he caught your mouth with his before responding.

“Alright, you can come now,” He removed his hand from your clit and focused on pounding you into oblivion, so he could follow you. Your walls clenched around him and he felt your entire body tense as you came around his cock.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Daddy!” Your voice cracked as it rose to a scream, your face screwing up as he kept going, burying his head into your neck.

He knew he was close, and you were already in overdrive, body limp and twitching under him.

“Open your mouth princess,” Matthew grunted as he pulled out and scurried up your body to fuck your face. Just moments passed as he savored the way your pretty lips looked wrapped around his cock, hands weakly holding his hips and he rocked into your throat. You weren’t even gagging, just humming in pleasure which is what ultimately sent him over, spilling his seed straight down your throat. His body stood still for a moment as you swirled your tongue around him before pulling out and collapsing next you on the bed.

He pulled the makeshift blindfold off you and pulled you into his arm, always the part of his after-care routine he never skipped.

You caught a glimpse of an award winning smile as your eyes fluttered open. “Well, how was it?”

“I… I’ve never felt like that before. How do you… Wow… I never thought I was a sub.”

“Mm, you were a very good sub, princess.” He placed a kiss on your forehead. You knew none of this was going to last, but it felt nice to be held in someone’s arms. “Let’s sleep.”

You nodded in agreement, all too tired to answer. Your eyes fluttered shut, slipping into an amazing sleep wrapped in Matthew’s arms.

prompts #0001 - 0150 + bonus (wwyd)


I’m happy I made it this far, and I hope to make many more prompts. Without further ado, here are the first 150 prompts on my blog:

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anonymous asked:

oooh, open prompts for leverage - outside PoV on the team

INCIDENT REPORT #___1503A9671____


Infiltration of Veridian Technologies Seattle offices nearly complete, including deployment of F1578 Remote Surveillance to all executive offices.  Agent entered building at 0120 on 2015-03-31 for final deployment and activation.  Emergency comms began picking up civilian chatter at 0147.

Subject matter seemed to largely involve discussions of pasta sauce.  Initial assumption that conversation was encoded.  Careful review of all 43 minutes of recorded conversation has contradicted this conclusion, particularly in light of the 12 minute break to discuss whether or not lamb belongs in meatballs…..


“Do I want to spend my time reading all nine pages of this report?”

“Yes sir, I’m afraid you do.”  Natasha sat on the edge of Fury’s desk, leaning in to flip through a few pages.  “Especially here, and then on the next page…”

“… one minute, thirty-one seconds to break into a Brown Monument vault door?”  He took off his glasses and peered up at her.  “Are you trying to tell me they had some kind of powers?”

She shook her head, looking grim.  “Nothing but top of the line audio equipment and a tank of liquid nitrogen.  I’m pretty sure she could have done it faster if the boys hadn’t been arguing right in her ear.”


“Facial recognition tagged her as ‘Parker’.  Just one name.”  Natasha produced photos, clearly taken through an air vent, of a wiry, blond-haired woman delicately picking her way through a laser grid, deftly disabling three sensors with three different gadgets along the way – and then spinning at the end, looking up at the air vent, and winking.

“She saw you?”

“Somebody saw me.  Based on the conversations we recorded before they cut us off, there are at least three of them in the field, and five on the team.”

“They all as good as she is?”  

Natasha nodded and dropped another handful of photos on his desk.  “This woman did a brush pass and tagged me with a tracker.  We’ve still got people working on figuring out which identity of hers is the real one.”  There was obvious respect in her voice for that. “The oldest one is at least seventeen years and starts with legitimate immigration documents.  And he…” she pushed another photo to the top of the pile, “… seems to have set up at least half of them, not to mention figuring out how to secure their comms from us in under two minutes. We can hear it, we just can’t understand it.”

Fury seemed to be trying to set the file on fire with his gaze.  “Why do I recognize the one with the hair?”

“Oh, he’s worked with us before.”  Her smile was faint but endlessly amused. “He’s part of the Cavalry.”

“… this is my new permanent pain in the ass, isn’t it?”

“Actually, no.”

“…you want to explain that?”

"I only coded this ‘mission completion compromised’ because we don’t have a code for ‘civilians completed mission for me ten days ahead of schedule’.”

sesekali sembang serius perihal perancangan masa akan datang, menguji kematangan fikiran dan jiwa.

mengajarkan betapa perlu untuk bersiap sedia terhadap hal-hal yang belum diketahui bagaimana dikemudian hari.

terima kasih menerima aku seadanya.
setiap kurang aku.
setiap lebih aku.
setiap lemah aku.
setiap kuat aku.

semoga aku juga bisa menerima dan mengisi setiap apa yang tiada dalam hidup kamu.

wahai Tuhan,
bukalah jalan buat kami.
dan, redhalah atas setiap keputusan kami.
moga niat kami tak tersasar selain dari menujuMu.

—  jamadil awal satu,
seri iskandar.
All phone numbers and call notes

Known Numbers :

Abigail Mathers: 346-555-0126 Agent Steve Haines: 328-555-0150 Al: 346-555-0109 Amanda: 346-555-0118 Barry: 346-555-0105 Beverly: 328-555-0139 Blimp: 346-555-0176 Chasity: 611-555-0163 Cheetah: 328-555-0167 Cletus: 346-555-0174 Dave: 273-555-0132 Devin Weston: 328-555-0182 Downtown Cab Co: 323-555-5555 Dr. Friedlander: 346-555-0134 Edgar: 611-555-0146 First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater: 328-555-0145 Franklyn: 328-555-0156 Fufu: 346-555-0186 Infernus: 611-555-0184 Jimmy Boston: 346-555-0148 Jimmy: 346-555-0190 and 273-555-0143 Joe: 611-555-0128 Josh Bernstein: 611-555-0169 Lamar: 346-555-0141 Liz: 611-555-0126 Lester: 346-555-0102 Marnie: 611-555-0181 Martin Madrazo: 346-555-0188 Maude: 328-555-0185 Nigel: 346-555-0111 Nikki: 346-555-0183 Omega: 346-555-0162 Patricia: 328-555-0110 Rickie: 611-555-0140 Ron: 328-555-0198 Sapphire: 328-555-0177 Simeon: 611-555-0120 Solomon Richards: 328-555-0123 Stretch: 346-555-0122 Tanisha Jackson: 328-555-0180 Tennis Coach: 611-555-0191 Tonya: 611-555-0199 Tracey: 273-555-0168 and 273-555-0197 Trevor: 273-555-0136

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