theanontrain  asked:

*yawn* 404 and 01134 assigned me to ask duty...i just wanna sleep. but k since it's only 8 i guess i'll stay up... what's going on in the neighborhood demo person?

Eyyy, waddup Anny! Stuck on the old ask duty, eh? Well, nothing much is happening rn, but since you dropped by, ill let you in on a secret..

I legit have a fucking thing of buttercream icing with me rn. This shit is so good,,,,,,its not even on a cake,,,just mMMm,,,s p o o n,,, I’m gonna get so many cavities,,,,but its so great,,if a family member comes in while I’m consuming it I’m gonna chOKE YOU HAVE NO IDEAIT’S SO FUCKING GOOD ANNY HAVE YOU EVER HAD BUTTERCREAM ICING ADJSSNSKAJDBDJ

There goes my dignity, I hope ur glad you’re on ask duty now