May 2017 be your year, dearies. Dont let all of the bullshits get through you guys. Most of the poeple know how both of you love each other and some of them wanted to break you guys apart. The love you guys show without words, just actions. A sustainable relationship, i believe. Stay healthy and be happy always. Dont bother what people say about you guys. Stay strong no matter what. Nothing will break them apart. I really love you both ❤

Walk The Moon

Album Dissection & Recommendation 

Thanks to the recommendation from Darren Criss’s twitter, Walk The Moon has quickly become my favorite band of 2012. Their self-titled album has been sitting in my car since after seeing them at Paramount in July and has kept me sane through traffic-laced car trips home from school when the only thing on the radio are commercials. Seriously, if you haven’t listened to this band, DO IT NOW. Not only is their music catchy as hell, they are incredible live, and nearly every song on the album has been my favorite at one point or another. 

A track-by-track breakdown:

  1. Quesadilla - The beginning of this song just gets you going. It’s not about a quesadilla (surprisingly), but it’s upbeat and incredibly catchy.
  2. Lisa Baby - Probably my least favorite song on the album, better live in my opinion, but it usually gets a skip.
  3. Next in Line - The lyrics are so true and the chorus will force you to sing along. I began to like this way more after hearing it live.
  4. Anna Sun - What can I say about Anna Sun? It is by far the most popular song and has gotten radio play, the instrumentals make you feel like being alive and if you don’t dance around your room to this song once or twice, you haven’t truly experienced music.
  5. Tightrope - Catchy as fuck, okay. And the music video is hilarious.
  6. Jenny - My second favorite song, other than Anna Sun. It has an incredible bass feel and this was amazeballs live.
  7. Shiver Shiver - One of their slower songs, this song has wonderful falsetto and is an atypical love song (in a good way).
  8. Lions - A 30 second interlude that is a bit out of place, and also usually gets a skip.
  9. Iscariot - Very slow, very beautiful. Listening to this live was quite an experience.
  10. Fixin’ - Another song that usually gets a skip, but I’ve been too busy dancing and singing to the other songs to really give this a good, thorough listen.
  11. I Can Lift a Car - This song was made way better live, especially with their inspirational encore in which they played this song. 

I’m so excited for their EP that’s being released in a few weeks, and to hear what music they come out with next. All four band members are so talented and hilarious, and I wish this band all the best.