101030 Fanaccount from 2PM fansign event

Finally I’m giving fan account from my mom.Probably not everyone’s going to be interested in this… even so…
Actually, I wanted to upload this sooner,but I got delayed in a pub, even though I didn’t drink (trying to get my body in a better shape)so I just came back home kkk and had some mom’s cooking kkkk
Anyways, whatever it was.
Left home with a set of cookies prepared a night before.

For Khunnie, for Junho, and for my second Junsu. Three in total.

So mom went to the fan sign with these 3 setsAnd I was left outside o.o
Afterwards mom and me went home on subway.Me: Mom, how was it? Tell me, tell me.Mom: Felt nervous like that for a first time in long while.Me: Mom, you? Nervous? kkk Wow, tell me quick!
Taecyeon-He was first. Mom was very nervousand once she got the sign, she asked “Are there also fans in their 50s?” kkkBut Taecyeonie: “Oh… Thank you.”
You babo, mom asked if there are fans in their 50’s.Even so, mom was glad to see Taecyeonie and after receiving a handshake, she went further.
Junsu-My second… Junsu.Mom gave the cookies with “My daughter made this.Junsu: What is this? ^O^Mom: She made cookies~And Junsu smiled brightly: Will eat them well!!!
Wooyoung-Wooyoung didn’t seem to be in the best shape, so mom didn’t bother him and just went along after receiving his sign.
Nichkhun -Finally mom reached Nichkhun, if I were to use her words, he was shining kkk
Mom: During the last fan sign, my daughter gave him a hat, did you receive it well?Khun: Yes, very well!!
Mom was very glad to hear it, and when she gave him the cookies…Khun’s voice sounded like he’s caught cold or something ><
Next, two maknaes. After seeing Khun, seems like mom has lost her mind a bit kk
Junho-Mom: Our daughter is very good… would be great if we became in-laws~Junho: Excuse me??!!!!
kkk Real… Sorry Junhoya kkkk
(*Note:later the fan says that her mom was the youngest daugther and born late in the familywhich is the reason she sometimes acts crazy, and she explains her mom’s behaviour becauseof this)
When she saw that Chansung wrote "To XX mother”, she said:“I can be a nuna too”
That moment Chansung burst out laughing.
Anyways, according to mom, the boys looked rather tired.Also, the event was directed really fast and it was hard to talk with them.
*skipped what is not relevant to the boys*

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101031 Fanaccount from 2pm fansign

basically all it said was:
One of our translators read this account from a fansite and told us:

There was a 37 year old fan who went to fansign event yesterday


He looked somewhat in pain and tired, couldn’t talk properly, I almost wanted to cry TT TT
I brought some gift snack and dried fruit I bought in Thailand, and then some aroma tea
from cold, I hope he like it.. heh heh

I had a bit of a cold myself and kept on answering with my hand covering my mouth and
turning head back and forth, so he couldn’t hear my name well… and Khunnie kept on
saying “Yes? Yes? Can’t hear well heh heh, looks like you’ve caught cold T..T
With that he then told me to take care of my health T_____T

Ah, my sanity… heh heh

Ah, also we did the handshake and his hand is somewhat small T___T Well, my hands
are rather big really but… heh heh Usually his hands look quite big, but they
are smaller than I thought T___T

Those hands are enough to cover his face T___T
Why are you hands so small T__T

I really said so, and he went: Ah, but I’m big myself, and he lifted his hands up to his chest in a cute way and my sanity left me again.

Sure, when he put his hands next to his face they did look big, ah my sanity bye bye~

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