can we please discuss how important mike wheeler is as a character on television???

in a society where men are supposed to be constantly strong and tough, the duffer brothers presented us with mike wheeler.

mike wheeler is a young boy who is not afraid to express his feelings. he is very emotional and it is viewed as a good thing. he allows himself to be vulnerable, to be weak, to succumb to things when it gets to be too much. he knows he doesn’t have to be strong all the time.

he allows el to be the strong one who saves the day and protects him. he doesnt get defensive and insecure about it- he is 100% ok with taking on a not as strong side.

though he channeled his sadness through delinquent behavior (i.e. plagiarizing essays, graffi, etc.) mike wheeler is never afraid to cry in front of people. he isn’t afraid to show how much he cares for and loves el.

now imagine being a 15 year old boy watching stranger things, seeing like who is viewed as this hero in the eyes of literally everyone and is also soft, and realizing that he doesn’t have to hide behind this toxic masculine gender norm.

also he’s not afraid to be soft and caring for another boy. in the 80s!!! he is actively expressing his love (whether it be platonic or romantic) for another boy.

mike wheeler is a soft boy and I love him so much


It only gets stranger

Stranger Things Season 2 Posters

Season 2 comes out October 27th


Stranger Things again… #sorrynotsorry Ok first of all, drawing with color pencils is the most nerve-calming activity on earth. I should probably do it more often. Second, I love season 3 radiant colors, I just had to draw these new outfits (from the season which isn’t even out yet I know).
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