Day 5: something you would change about the world

There are so many things to change in this world,we all know that. Living here is never easy, never perfect. There’s always something missing,always not enough. Always have something you wish you have or something you wish to be gone. So,if i am able to change the world, I will make it simpler, the way it used to be (genesis).

  • No rich nor poor.
  • No material things.
  • People who are God-fearing.
  • A place where there is only love and peace.
  • A place that only believe in ONE GOD.

Bibingka (rice cake) in January. There was this minor story that during the Bataan death march, the locals would sneak ‘em to the marching POWs #01052012 (Taken with Instagram at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)