Okay, so some people have been confused with how Jace reacted here. They say that Jace is confused and maybe even a little disgusted with Alec. Some have even said he’s a little homophobic. I can see how they might think that, but I completely disagree.

I think that this is Jace being surprised that HE could be someone else’s most loved person. He never really knew his parents and has never been in love. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have someone love you that much. I think his initial confusion may be because he never expected to mean that much to anyone.
Any further confusion on Jace’s part may come when he looks over to Alec and sees that Alec looks horrified. I don’t think Jace understands that Alec’s love for him runs deeper than their parabatai bond so he can’t see why Alec would be ashamed for others to see that.

I can also see why Alec is horrified, because in that situation, with Alec harbouring a secret, forbidden crush on Jace, his first thought when it turns out he loves JACE the most wouldn’t be towards their platonic brotherly relationship, it would be towards his romantic feelings and I can totally see why he would freak out about Jace knowing.

Error 160-0103 has nothing to do with smash bros.

Actually, this error has been happening in select Wii U consoles since launch.


I guess since a bunch of people got new Wii Us for smash, this error has been associated with the game. This also explains why whatever’s been causing the error in people’s stories has been so inconsistent.


Basically, if this error hasn’t already happened to you and you’ve had your Wii u for a while, then you should be fine. And if it does happen, then any other game probably would have caused the error and the problem lies with the Wii U itself.

For anybody (like me) who was afraid of playing smash bros. wii U, you can go back to having fun.

Có những ngày tuyệt vọng cùng cực, tôi và cuộc đời đã tha thứ cho nhau. Từ buổi con người sống quá rẻ rúng tôi biết rằng vinh quang chỉ là điều dối trá. Tôi không còn gì để chiêm bái ngoài nỗi tuyệt vọng và lòng bao dung.

Hãy đi đến tận cùng của tuyệt vọng để thấy tuyệt vọng cũng đẹp như một bông hoa.