…The dome doesn’t have a single scratch…as though 3D never hit it. The massive pulse of green light spreads out across the whole dome, illuminating Beacon in a faint, eerie light before fading. It was too quick to really see anything, but the immediate area seems empty and as safe as outside gets.

What now?



[ Eyeshield 21 ] Favorite Panels Challenge
No.18 // What is your reason for playing American football? (Chap.170)
(Agon:) “I want to crash people just like that. I thought I’d show commoners their efforts are useless in the face of true talent.”

Hiruma simply replies, “Because it’s fun.” We’ll learn about his past years, why he founded the Devil Bats and how Agon had a hand in that matter, several volumes later… but at this particular moment, this one claim of Hiruma’s doesn’t feel like a lie or a bluff. It’ll turn out to be more complex than that, though.

(Text translation by Fucking-Manga.)