Shannon Leto Imagine

Shannon soulmate.

Y/N pov.

You were currently sitting in your dark living having a Harry Potter marathon by yourself surrounded by snacks and Chinese. You were half asleep and your favorite part of the order of the Phoenix was coming up when your phone ranged.

You quickly searched for it through all your trash before finding the buzzed electronic device.

“Hello” you said

“Y/N it’s mike” Mike was you manger

“Oh Hi Mike what’s up.”

“I just wanted to be the first to tell you the you are wanted to preform at the AMA.”

“Oh My Gosh are you serious.” You gushed

“Yup, they love your new single and want you there, now the show is a while away but you now you have plenty of time to prepare.”

“Oh I will this is huge for my career I’ll call you back tomorrow. You hang up and screamed into your pillow. You were so excited. This day couldn’t get any better this was one of your favorite award shows and you were finally getting to preform. It was a dream of yours since you was younger. You sighed happily first the HP marathon, then the AMA .And the most important part when you woke up this morning


You woke up to the warm sun on your face. You had no plans so you decided to watch one of your favorite movie series and have a lazy day at home. You made a nice breakfast, then got in shower to get ready for shopping for you fun day.
After shower you glanced down at your arm and saw your count down clock.


One months eight weeks seven hours thirty-two minute and twelve seconds until you meet your soulmate. How did it get so far down. You swear the last time you looked at the clock you had a least 4 years left.
What changed in you or your soulmates life that you two will cross paths early.

*Flashback over*

You smiled thinking about finally meeting the person you’re meant to be with.

*two months later*

Shannon pov.

“Jared, I’m going nuts I’m meeting her soon, I said to my brother

"Meeting who?” I rolled my eyes. “ my soulmate you Dumbass. Look at my arm.

We both looked down at my clock to see that is read


What if she didn’t like me.
What if she hated my band and my traveling for tour
What if what if
Before I could panic more Jared grabbed me.

"Shan calm down everything is going to be okay. This person is made for you and if this is a problem you guys will work it out. YOU ARE SOULMATES DUDE.” He said

“Thanks man means a lot. But do I look okay.”

“You’re my brother we always look good. We laugh and get into the car on the way to the AMA.

Y/N pov.

You were kinda panicking today were the AMA and you worried if you would mess up.. You been practicing hard and thought you were great, but what if something when wrong. You were the first performer of the night and don’t want the show to get off to a bad start

Add on to how nervous you are . You saw that know your meeting your soulmate today. You refused to looked down to see how long you had to you meet him.

You arrived on the carpet to see it filled with celebrities already. You took a deep breath before getting out the car and walking to do your first interview

After about a dozen interviews you walk backstage towards the set you saw the refreshments table and decided to get something to eat since you were so nervous this morning to eat.

After you got to the table you reached for a muffin when you heard two synchronized buzzing. The sound when two soulmates are together. You smiled to see who met the one true love. But turned to see No one, it must be coming from one of the rooms. You went to bite your muffin when you realized the noise what from you wrist. You looked down at your clock as you heard a door open and footsteps approach.


You moved your eyes to the identical buzzing clock now in front. Your eyes moves up the arm to the shoulder. Soon meeting the Hazel eyes of your soulmate. It was Shannon Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars.

"You’re Y/N, right? He asked with a smirk on my face. You blushed and look around to see the room was full of people staring at the pair of you.

"Y-Yes that’s me.” You said making eye contact.

He smiled, “well I think we are soulmates.” He laughed.

“Yes it would seem.”

“JUST KISS ALREADY.” To turn to see Tomo and Jared from his band laughing at you two. Before you could reacted Shannon grab you cheeks softly and pulled you in for a kiss. Fireworks exploded with you two kiss.

“ Y/N to the stage you’re on in 5.” You pulled away and smiled at him.

“Break a leg babe.” Hi pecked you once and pushed you towards the stage.

You walked on stage no longer nervous about your performance knowing that Shannon was watching and cheering you on.

  • FeatherWriter: ...headcanon
  • FeatherWriter: Navani helped design the box for Renarin
  • Kogiopsis: headcanon accepted
  • FeatherWriter: I think Navani knowing what people need and getting it for them should be like, a main character trait of hers
  • FeatherWriter: She's the one who gets Adolin a gift for his girlfriend too
  • FeatherWriter: Does the research to find out what she wants
  • FeatherWriter: Maybe she noticed Renarin's stimming and made him something small to help
  • Kogiopsis: ahhh that would be so sweet
  • FeatherWriter: I feel like Renarin might be confused at first
  • FeatherWriter: "What is it for though?"
  • And she just smiles and maybe clicks it a few times and then says "whatever you'd like, dear"
  • Kogiopsis: yes this is good
  • Kogiopsis: I like this greatly
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin comes up to him later and is like "what is that" and Renarin doesn't look up and just says "One of Aunt Navani's inventions" just to watch Adolin jump back like five feet because Adolin has been around one too many of Navani's ‘inventions’
  • FeatherWriter: And Renarin just grins and says "It isn't a fabrial, Adolin. You shouldn't be so jumpy." Adolin just glares at him and then comes over and ruffles his hair. "Yeah yeah, you're hilarious."
  • Kogiopsis: fjsh
  • Kogiopsis: yes good
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin and Adolin start bickering one day and Kaladin just out of the blue says "At least I wasn't scared of a tiny box" and Adolin just "RENARIN. YOU ARE LUCKY YOU HAVE SHARDPLATE NOW."
  • Kogiopsis: ...kaladin borrows it from renarin and waves it in adolin's face
  • Kogiopsis: adolin wants to smack it out of his hand but can't because that is Renarin's box and Very Important
  • FeatherWriter: yes yes good
  • FeatherWriter: I think Renarin likes teasing Adolin sometimes, because he likes Adolin doing the aggressive big brother thing. It's nice to be roughhoused with a little bit because it's one of the few times that he's not being treated like glass.
  • Kogiopsis: ahh yes
  • FeatherWriter: Affectionate headlock + hair ruffles
  • FeatherWriter: "Adoliiin. Stop it! You'll make my hair look like yours!"
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin- "That would be a travesty."
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin- "One of those hairstyles is more than enough."
  • Kogiopsis: snrk
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin just stops and lets go of Renarin and looks at Kaladin. "Did you have something to say about my hair, bridgeboy?"
  • FeatherWriter: "Oh no, Princeling. I'm just surprised that the heir to the Kholin Princedom can't afford a hairbrush."
  • Kogiopsis: fjslkdhg
  • Kogiopsis: (adolin spends at least half an hour in front of the mirror every morning getting his hair Perfectly Dissheveled)
  • FeatherWriter: Renarin just leans over to Kaladin and whispers, "He thinks it makes him look like a bunch of girls have been running their fingers through it all day."
  • FeatherWriter: Kaladin nearly loses it.
  • FeatherWriter: Adolin's just "RENARIN WHAT DID YOU SAY"
  • FeatherWriter: Renarin just, "Nothing ridiculous."
  • FeatherWriter: Somewhere far away, Hoid feels a surge of pride for no reason.
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追伸 このままだと、ゴッチがもげます。』

Kyungsoo Pathcode Explanation

This is going to be quite lengthy so please bear with me. Also please excuse my crappy screenshots and handmade charts, my computer has been acting up and I am about out of patience. 

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and opinions, they are not official or confirmed by SM or anything. I didn’t get a chance to read other people’s theories yet, so sorry if I’m being repetitive!

You might want to read this post first to get a basic understanding of what’s going on so far. There’s a summary at the very bottom of this post if you don’t wanna read the whole thing!


So, at first, I was really confused and discouraged by Kyungsoo’s teaser, because it disproved my ring theory and didn’t seem to give any clues. (I guess the rings were just random?). Also, I predicted Chicago, 10:01. I guess it’s possible that in Suho’s teaser the voice said “Meet me in Colorado” not Chicago. I went back and listened and still couldn’t tell. It doesn’t really matter because we know it’s Colorado now. I was right about the time being the same as Kai’s (09:01 in Colorado is 15:01 in London). Which got me thinking about the chronological order of the events in the teasers. 

First, I converted all of the times to Colorado time. 

Then, I put them in order in 3 different ways: 1) as if all of the events happened before Kyungsoo’s teaser and he’s having flashbacks 2) as if everything happens after Kyungsoo’s teaser begins and 3) as if everything happens on the same day.

(The red lines represent the day changing). 

(Keep in mind that this only represents the beginning of each teaser. Since time passes in every teaser, plus everything is dream-like and unreal, it can be assumed that events overlap.) 

I decided to stick with the third column - kind of. Here’s why: Kyungsoo wears 3 different outfits, so we can assume that it’s been more than one day. My guess is that the first day is when he’s in the car, with the black outfit, when he first gets to Colorado. The second day is when he’s in the red shirt, and he’s all frantic and worried and we see those flashes of the other members. The third day is when he’s in the black shirt with the blue stripe, playing with the marbles, just waiting for the others. 

I’ve come up with this order for the events as if Kyungsoo’s teaser is over 3 days. Again, I kind of just made this up based on my own personal theories, and whether it’s true or not doesn’t really make a difference. 

Day 1 (black outfit Kyungsoo)

  • Kyungsoo (09:01, Kyungsoo arrives in Colorado)
  • Kai (09:01)

Day 2 (red shirt Kyungsoo)

  • Tao (03:10)
  • Suho (03:22)
  • Chen (08:01)
  • Lay (08:12)
  • Sehun (9:25)
  • Chanyeol (18:12)
  • Xiumin (22:07)
  • Baekhyun (23:27)

Day 3 (blue outfit Kyungsoo)

  • Kyungsoo waiting for the other members. 

I hope this makes sense. Remember that all of these times are in Colorado time. It’s really confusing to think about. Just imagine that you are Kyungsoo, you’re in Colorado, and throughout the day all these events are taking place all over the world. 

Technically Kai’s could also happen on the second day, but with the whole “Beginning=End” thing, I think his happened simultaneously with Kyungsoo’s. Also, I think Kai has a really important role to play in this whole Exodus because with his teleportation, he’s the only one who can travel between the two worlds. (As we saw in the MAMA mv when he teleported to Luhan). 


1. the 3 outfits (duh).
2. Kyungsoo wakes up on the third day, we see the sun entering the room. The sun rises way before 09:01am. (no, it’s not the eclipse!!)

3. Speaking of the eclipse, if the first or second column were true, it would mean Sehun and Chen saw the eclipse almost 24 hours apart. No way. I know this isn’t real life, but logically, Chen should see the eclipse first, then Sehun soon after. (*more on the eclipse later*). 
4. When he’s in the red shirt, he sees flashing images of what’s happening to the other members.

5. When he’s in the blue/black shirt, he sort of gazes wistfully at all these images that represent the members’ powers. This suggests that he’s remembering the things that happened the day before. He’s sad or worried, because he already escaped the maze and is in their meeting place, but the others haven’t gotten there yet. (”Meet me in Colorado”)

The images are:

  • a flame for Chanyeol
  • the train from Kai’s teaser
  • plants for Lay
  • Xiumin’s headphones
  • light for Baekhyun
  • a clock for Tao (it reads 10:10, which was also the time of Tao’s teaser!)
  • sparks for Chen
  • a cloth blowing in the wind for Sehun
  • and water droplets for Suho

(I also have a theory that he sent a message to Kai on the first day, then Kai teleported to meet him, and he’s using Kai to send messages to the others. But I’m still working on that.)

All in all, no matter what order the events took place in, we know for sure that we’re seeing Kyungsoo after the fact, he’s escaped the maze already and he is having flashbacks of what happened to them, and he is waiting for them. 

THAT BEING SAID, we are still left with some questions. Let’s begin.

First, why Kyungsoo? Well, his power is earth/strength. You can basically think of him as Mother Nature or something. What connects all of these locations together? Earth. Clearly, Kyungsoo escaped the maze first, and he has a big role to play in reuniting the members. He has the marbles in his teaser, which shows he is strong and in control. It’s even possible that he is some sort of all-powerful or all-knowing entity. (More evidence on this later).

And why Colorado? Well in real life, the location has no significance. (Other than to complete the “Call Me Baby” acronym). But the teasers gives us one reason in particular why they all have to meet in this location: the Tree of Life. 

According to the MAMA legend, the tree was split in half, to create two worlds, and it was dried up by the red force. Here is the other half of the tree, with Chen in the MAMA video:

(Idk if that’s legit haha, I just thought it was a little bit too coincidental, especially considering Chen and D.O. are counterparts in their separate worlds).

And what is the point of this ENTIRE STORY?? To reunite the legends and bring the two worlds back together, to restore the Tree of Life and create a new beginning. Honestly, I don’t think that will happen in this comeback. Because if it did, that would be the end, and they wouldn’t have any of the story left to use for future comebacks haha. I think since this album is called EXODUS, it’s just the story of how they escape the maze, and maybe reunite. 

Now, going back to the MAMA narration, it mentions one turning point that will set this whole thing in motion. What is the turning point? “The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky.” Meaning, when all the planets align.

See, in my last post, I was confused because we saw a solar eclipse AND a full moon. You can’t have both at the same time, because a solar eclipse requires a new moon - it happens when the moon is between the sun and the earth, so the dark side of the moon is towards the earth. But then, rewatching the MAMA mv, I realized something: it’s not the moon that’s creating the eclipse. It’s this huge planet that’s between the sun and what we assume is the earth! 

If you rewatch the MAMA mv, you will understand what I’m talking about!! (Also, I realize that in real life that planet would be Mercury, but this is clearly not real life hahaha. I’m just guessing that Earth is in the same place because if you look closely you can see a continent on there.) So you see, the planets are aligning.

Then, as I continued watching, I noticed something else. As we zoom out, someone’s symbol appears…

…who could it be…?

…is that…

…why yes it is!! It’s Kyungsoo’s symbol! The beast, strength, power, earth… this is no coincidence! Although the other members’ powers are important, clearly it will be Kyungsoo’s job to bring all the members together. I have other ideas as well - for example, we will need Yixing’s power of healing to restore the Tree of Life. However, we’re not quite there yet. 

Anyway, the video continues and the rest of the symbols join Kyungsoo’s. 

Similarly, in the Overdose MV, Kyungsoo receives a box full of dirt, which seems to be a hint of some sort, only meant for him. It once again shows that he has more power than the other members. In Kai’s teaser, we see a flashback of this moment:

Alright, now back to Kyungsoo’s teaser. I’ve explained everything I can so far. But, there are still 3 things I’d like to mention real quick that I was not sure on.

First, this image:

It’s a storm, obviously. It could either represent a) the “red force” that destroyed the tree of life. It’s ominous, showing that there is still danger. or b) it represents a combination of the members’ powers (wind, lightning, etc.) showing that they will come together. Any ideas?

Second, this image:

I didn’t spend too much time on this cuz it really creeped me out. It’s from underwater, you can see a light, but there’s a shape in front of the light. That shape could represent the red force. The combination of water and light could also represent Lay, because as we learned, water + light = healing. If anyone knows what this was please tell me cuz it’s freaky haha. 

Lastly, the marbles. Some said that the rows of 6 and 4 meant that Exo-K and Exo-M will stay the same. However, I don’t think so, because for one thing, the marbles are in different formations throughout the teaser:

For another, Kyungsoo messes up the marbles at the end:

It’s almost as if he’s saying they won’t stay in groups of 4 and 6 because they’ll all be reunited! Or maybe he’s just playing around with the marbles and they don’t mean anything! Haha idk, I’m tired and hungry and I’ve been thinking about this for too long and changed my theory like 5 different times. 


Kyungsoo’s teaser happens over 3 days. Day 1: He arrives in Colorado (escaped from the maze). Kai is notified. Day 2: The other members are notified and realize their powers. Kyungsoo receives flashes of their events. Day 3: Kyungsoo reflects and waits for the other members. Their goal is to restore the tree of life. It is prophesied that the members will reunite when the planets are aligned, a.k.a. the Eclipse. It is Kyungsoo’s duty to reunite all of the members and bring them to one location. In Overdose, the members entered the maze and made their ways to the center. Now, they must realize their powers and escape the maze - it’s their “EXODUS.”

Hope you all enjoyed reading! Hopefully it made sense and helped you understand better. Even if SM releases an explanation that doesn’t match up with this, I’m sticking by my analysis. To me this makes sense logically, and we all know SM logic isn’t really logic anyway XP 

Stucky Masterlist

So I made a list with all scenes of Steve and Bucky together and thought it might help someone with gif or video making.

The first Avenger:

  • 00:09:54 - 00:10:48
  • 00:10:50 - 00:12:28
  • 00:12:50 - 00:14:10
  • 01:01:30 - 01:02:05
  • 01:02:33 - 01:06:00
  • 01:07:16 - 01:09:07
  • 01:11:08 - 01:12:32
  • 01:18:33 - 01:21:56

The Winter Soldier:

  • 00:35:35 - 00:36:14
  • 01:13:35 - 01:20:27 (first fight scene)
  • 01:28:42 - 01:29:29 (’til the end of the line part 1)
  • 01:43:32 - 01:43:35
  • 01:44:44 - 01:46:14
  • 01:46:41 - 01:47:28
  • 01:48:04 - 01:48:40
  • 01:52:08 - 01:52:16
  • 01:53:24 - 01:55:29 (’til the end of the line part 2)
  • 01:55:37 - 01:56:10

Bonus: Every scene with the Winter Soldier without Steve:

  • 00:31:09 - 00:31:54
  • 01:05:10 - 01:06:17
  • 01:23:43 - 01:26:36
  • 01:40:18 - 01:40:48
  • 01:43:35 - 01:43:55
  • 02:09:31 - 02:10:02

Originally posted by winterscap

DjinnPrince (19:00:42):    Oh…. OH.
DjinnPrince (19:00:46):    Abby….
DjinnPrince (19:00:54):    I just had a thought.
DjinnPrince (19:00:58):    A Ben thought
Abakkus (19:01:08):    ?
DjinnPrince (19:01:12):    Vampire BAT-eries
DjinnPrince (19:01:19):    Batteries
DjinnPrince (19:01:21):    Get it?
Abakkus (19:01:31):    kicks you and ben out of the house
DjinnPrince (19:01:41):    IT FITS
DjinnPrince (19:01:43):    BUT
DjinnPrince (19:01:54):    THEY EAT ELECTRICITY
Abakkus (19:02:04):    GOD
DjinnPrince (19:02:13):    SEE?!
DjinnPrince (19:02:53):    Can’t you picture it?
Abakkus (19:03:20):    lil tiny bats chewin on power cords
DjinnPrince (19:07:49):    Yeeeeehhh
DjinnPrince (19:08:23):    Ben coming home with armfuls of them
DjinnPrince (19:08:37):    Hair standing on end and them sucking on his hair
DjinnPrince (19:08:43):    "Can we keeepeeemm?l
Abakkus (19:09:08):    omg
Abakkus (19:09:11):    that sso cute…
DjinnPrince (19:10:36):    Feeding time is carpet tag with static shock

Calum Vocals Pt. 2
Calum Vocals Pt. 2

All of Calum’s vocals/solo’s on the album - PART 2

Heartbreak Girl: 0:04-0:29; 1:04-1:29; 2:03-2:26

English Love Affair: 0:24-0:28; 0:32-0:35; 1:23-1:26; 1:29-1:32; 2:19-2:33

Lost Boy: 0:29-0:43; 1:21-1:52

Amnesia: 0:09-0:45; 1:26-2:03

Social Casualty: 1:18-1:46

Never Be: 0:09-0:13; 1:13-1:40

Voodoo Doll: 1:01-1:08; 2:01-2:12; 2:55-3:02

Greenlight: 0:13-0:26; 2:13-2:18

*some clips may contain other band members’ vocals as well as Calum’s

Made using mukenope‘s masterpost

Part 1 (x) Part 3 (x)

masterlist of other vocals

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but I was wondering if you could tell me whether Sousuke is older or younger than Rin?

Glad to. No, it’s not a silly question at all.

Sousuke’s birthday is 14 September.

This means that he is:

  • Younger than Haruka
  • Older than everyone else.

I will refer you to a post I made last year explaining the birthdays. In summary, Japanese school year begins in April. As such, kids enrol in elementary school when they have turned 6 years old, which means that a school year is made up of students from April 2013-March 2014.

Therefore any kid with a January-March birthday will be one calendar year younger than their peers born in April-December the year before, although all of them fall in the same school year.

From oldest to youngest, the age order now is:

Haruka > Sousuke > Makoto > Rin > Nagisa > Rei > Aiichirou > Momotaro

So at 31 December of any given year, Haruka + Sousuke + Makoto will be 1 year older than Rin + Nagisa + Rei, who will be 1 year older than Aiichirou, who is actually the same age as Momotaro.

Get it? Lol.

It is important to grasp the difference between calendar year (January -December), versus school year (April - March) to figure out who is older.

Here is the breakdown of people born in the same CALENDAR YEAR:

1996 = Haruka (30/6), Sousuke (14/09), Makoto (17/11)

1997 = Rin (02/02), Nagisa (01/08), Rei (14/12)

1998 = Aiichirou (04/01), Momotaro (06/12)

Gou’s birthday is unknown, but her birthday must fall somewhere between November 1997 - March 1998 in order to be in the same school year as Nagisa+Rei+Ai.

Now let’s look at the breakdown of people who fall in the same SCHOOL YEAR:

Year 3 captures all those born in April 1996 to March 1997 = Haruka, Sousuke, Makoto, Rin

Year 2 captures all those born in April 1997 to March 1998 = Nagisa, Rei, Ai, Gou

Year 1 captures all those born in April 1998 to March 1999 = Momotaro

Conclusion: Rin is still the baby always and forever.

** One final fun trick — use horoscopes as a rough guide! Did you know that the first sign of the horoscope is actually Aries (which spans end-March and most of April)? The horoscope cycle begins from Aries and ends with Pisces.

So any time you have 2 characters in the same school year, the character whose sign is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius will most likely be older than (born one calendar year ahead of) the character whose sign is Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

But that’s a very rough guide, since horoscopes don’t align completely with months.

And that’s it!