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Meet me halfway

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Pairing: NamjoonxReader

Genre: Fluff

Sequel to  From the other side

Sum: After reaching the top 10 international music list, with your song that you collaborated with BTS. Parting ways was harder than you had thought, but his number was locked upon your phone. Texting daily, you got to know him better, to fall in love. But did he feel the same? You have only met once, doing the collaboration. Now that BTS has gotten more recognition in the US, they have announced their Wings tour. Another chance, to meet again.

Word count: 3k

A/N: People keep asking me why I don’t use “10 pm” instead of “22:00”, to put it simple, I’m mostly familiar with military time (24-hour clock).

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博多一幸舎 慶史 こちほり店@大手門

2017年8月16日 水曜日14:01:13

只今一幸舎グループではTwitterやInstagram等のSNSにハッシュタグ#夏泡 #夏ビ #一幸舎をつけて投稿したヤツをお店に見せると生ビール小(店舗によってはハイボール)プレゼント。

カレーつけ麺 ¥800 雑炊セット ¥150



When did you jump aboard the Blindspot train: i don’t remember how i discover the show but i remember that episode 9 from s01 was aired in that week and you can tell that i watched all these episodes on that day😅 
Other fandoms you’re in/TV shows you watch: will i watch a lot of tv shows like PB,TWD,suits, the 100, peaky blinders ..and many more 
Favorite Blindspot characters: the team 💓
Favorite ships: jeller of course 
Favorite episodes:s01(01,03,05,09,10,13,22,23) - s02(01,09,10,13,14,21,22)  
Favorite whatever you want: rich in weller apartment 😂,weller and rich ,doe’s siblings , the team in action together 
If you were a Blindspot character, who would you be: if i am talking about who i wish to be sure it will be a mix between jane and patterson but in reality i see myself as mix between kurt and reade especially if i am on a job or planing for something  
One dead character you would bring back: mayfair 
One guest star (who has appeared only once) you want to come back: the lady hacker i don’t remameber her name right now ,hirst 
One recurring character you’d love to have promoted to regular: rich dot com 
Share a little bit about yourself (don’t be shy):i am a visual person and i am a person who i can connect or talking with people so easily when i am with them in person more than via telephone or any of the social media even if i know them i am so horrible at it , and just trying to know something new from time to time 



I’ve like watched this countless times now, and I still can’t get over how many cute Chanbaek moments there were, so I thought I’d make a post about it.

Can I just start off saying how good all members look in these red suits…and Baekhyun just looks too amazing :P his eyeliner is on point!

Throughout the whole thing, you can see them looking at each other like constantly, there are reasons why they sit opposite each other in radio shows… (to have a full view of each other..duh!) :P and Baekhyun seems a little suggestive may I add, cos he’s either putting his fingers in his mouth (17:40) like what is he even doing.., biting his lips or playing with his hair (towards the end).

I’ll just point out several moments that are soo cutee…

 (20:18) When Baekhyun opens his mouth (god knows why..) then Chanyeol pretends to throw his cup… I don’t even know how to comment on this..they’re just two dorks seriously..

(34:03) Sunny starts talking about working together with Baekhyun in SITR, Chanyeol for some reason couldn’t stop laughing, everyone else was just smiling but Chanyeol was there cracking up..like what even? Maybe an inside joke or something.. (Although Chen was laughing a bit there too.. )

I really wish we could have heard what was being said during the breaks… would have been soo much better…  :(

(48:53) Chanyeol was reading out something in the voice of a mother..and he got super shyy (soo adorbs) and when he finished..you could tell the first person he looked at was Baekhyun (maybe for reassurance ;))..and Baekhyun’s smirk..omg hahaha :P

(57:26) Pause and look how everyone stops and stares at Chanyeol while he’s speaking…gosh he really does brighten up the atmosphere with his stories and jokes.. (Baekhyun please stop smirking..its distracting)   

(01:04:39) Baekhyun reading out someone who has a connection with him, when he says ‘who is Jaehyunnie?’ you can hear Chanyeol laugh soo loudly and again with his clapping..hahaaa

(01:05:51) I don’t even know what went on hear but when Chanyeol read his message really quickly about leaving one of his caps somewhere, Baekhyun laughed soo hard, he had to step away from his mic cos he was soo loud… like seriously…what is with these two?

(01:10:53) Again, Baekhyun was doing something stupid or funny off-camera..and Chanyeol pointed and laughed so muchh.. I wonder what he was doing?

From (01:13:14) onwards is Ka’s connection call, and the little comments Baekhyun makes throughout is soo funny, His ‘HOT PLACE’ and ‘Shall we dance, shall we dance’ :P and you can tell Yeollie found it too funny, both of them seemed in a really good mood.

The best moment I think was the break at 01:20:00 onwards, you can really tell these two are the mood makers of EXO and they do pretty much anything to cheer up members, ‘(the machine gun re-enactments lol) while laughing insanely at each other..soo cuteeee!!! <3 and Baekhyun playing with his hair wasn’t distracting Yeollie at all….. ;)

Hehe, so those were the main moments, but of course there were many more glances throughout, so do watch it :P Also the ending was so sweet, Yeollie’s face appearing out of no-where scared me, and the photo and moment right at the end :DD 

gahhh Chanbaek feels indeed!!


P.S I don’t think I’ve ever seen Suho this happy in a long, long time, its lovely to see him and the members smile, even with their exhaustion from busy schedules :))) EXO Hwaiting!

passmesumdimsum  asked:

I also don't know how to use tumblr anymore so I'm not even sure if I'm running out of space... but anyway, your blog is life. I would love to know more about exo because I know nothing. *exits into darkness*

(my reply to ur kind msg is below my way of having u learn more abt EXO xD)


Obv a South Korean boy group consisting of 12 members during 2012-beginning of 2014 [Mama era, Wolf era, Growl era, Miracles in December era]. 11 members during the first half of 2014, 10 members by the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, then 9 members (as of now). we (EXO-Ls) were extremely heartbroken. Esp during the first time that a member (Kris/Wu Yifan) left. If ur interested with Kris leaving EXO, u can read my rant (which is mixed w/ BaekYeol/n theory). Or u can look it up on google bc there’s bound to be many articles abt it :)

The group name “EXO” is derived from the planet: “Exo planet”. It was stated (as a concept) that the 12 members of the group originated from said planet, and landed on Earth with ‘superpowers’. Hence, why the debut song of EXO (Mama) consisted with members showing off their ‘superpowers’ (but tbh I think their superpowers r making us (EXO-L) faint w/o even touching us).

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5.7 Tell Me You Fucking Need Me
  • 3:25 - 4:18
  • 11:57 - 13:01
  • 13:27 - 14:24
  • 27:28 - 28:20
  • 29:34 - 31:44
  • 35:54 - 37:46
  • 43:59 - 44:27
  • 47:50 - 48:08

Total amount: 08,07 minutes

(The gifs used belong to: Number 1 and 6 paperoga, number 2 and 4 mickeysupset, number 3 @svetlanamilko, number 5 boikrazee, number 7 clever-grl, number 8 a-drink-in-hell)

(The minutes can be off a bit, depending on if you have the “previously on” with the episode or not)