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‘This is crazy,’ sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job
Police video shows the moment Detective Jeff Payne snapped at nurse Alex Wubbels after she told him hospital policy barred him from collecting blood samples without a warrant or patient consent.

This nonsense is why my Intro to Library Science class had an entire day dedicated to learning about different kinds of search warrants and dealing with police officers. Police officers will always try to muscle or manipulate you into giving them information that they know requires a warrant. I’m so proud of Nurse Alex Wubbels for standing her ground.

‘The Diviners’ Author Libba Bray has some thoughts on this all-female ‘Lord of the Flies’ remake
This week, news broke that an all-female remake of Lord of the Flies may be the works at Warner Bros. Audiences responded vocally on Twitter, and many noted that there were plenty of all-female nod…

Wednesday night, Twitter came to my door with a take-out bag of “No Thanks” marked: Two Dudes decide to make an all-female version of Lord of the Flies.

And I sighed heavily and thought, “Oh. Really?”

Because I’m fairly certain I wrote a book like that in 2011. It’s a satire called Beauty Queens, and it follows a group of girls — teen beauty contestants in this case — who are stranded on an island and thus removed from the patriarchal rules that shape their daily lives. It imagines the sort of world they would begin to build. (Spoiler: It does not involve the chant, “Kill the Pig.” But it might involve Napalm hair remover.) It was written partially as a cheeky rejoinder to LoTF, which is a required high school text, among many other required texts written by white men, and which has much to say about toxic masculinity and imperialism. But BQ was also written as an honest, searching inquiry into/exploration and examination of what it is to grow up female/female-identified in a male-dominated world. A world in which we do not make the rules. A world in which it often feels as if we will never get to share in making the rules.

I thought it might be valuable to talk about Hollywood and women and getting sh– made — or not, because the backstory of Beauty Queens’ ride through Hollywood seems to be indicative of the industry’s long-running problem with women and women’s projects.

Read more: Hollywood’s Woman Problem, by Libba Bray

Also, I highly recommend reading Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens. I listened to the audiobook, and it was entertaining, thought-provoking, snarky, and laugh-out-loud funny. That is the movie that they should be making.