01 02 09

It’s been rattling around in my head for a few days so...

I’ve seen a few things about who tops in the Robron relationship on Tumblr before and I have so many thoughts and such a strong head-canon about everything to do with them but it is so inherently tied into my thoughts on the evolution of their affair and love that it is a huge rambling mess.

So, this happened yesterday:

Haley @aarondingel, [18.02.17 01:09]

Does he bottom?


Zo'e Porter, [18.02.17 01:10]

[In reply to Haley @aarondingel]

In my head or in this fic?


Haley @aarondingel, [18.02.17 01:11]

Your head or in canon?


Zo'e Porter, [18.02.17 01:11]

do you want the long answer or the short one?

And then this happened…

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