00s bowie


This is the most painfully intense performance of “Heathen” David Bowie has ever done.

David knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t just write music, he adapted a character for each song as well; characters he would use on stage to perform his songs. And of course, a sad song as Heathen would require a sad persona to sing it, and I think this is exactly what we see him do so beautifully here. 

David Bowie was a brilliant man who was very good at what he did.


One of Bowie’s last live performances, from May of 2006. “Comfortably Numb” with Pink Floyd.

I can’t get over his take on the vocals. They’re so beautiful. I love the original, but god damn I love hearing him sing this.
It does kinda make me sad, though, how he just sort of…disappears offstage after the second verse.