Danse Macabre (1/7)

Rating: NC-17 ( if this chapter isn’t that rated, future ones are.)

Pairing: Bond/Q 


“For the last time, 007. Idon’t. Dance.”  Q hissed through gritted teeth, narrowly stepping on the infuriating agent’s feet.

“I can see why, Q.” Bond said, with a slight smirk, tightening his hold on the younger man when he tried to pull away again. Bond eased them a little further from the other guests, and pulled the young man’s slighter form flush against his.

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Sometimes The Old Ways Are The Best: a 00Q Postcard Project

As I was proven today, the Qties Skype chat is one hell of a bottomless, chaotic pit of immeasurable creativity, wild fuckery and all flavors of squee, and one of the things that was born there tonight/today/yesterday depending on your time zone is the (still very rough) Personal Statement Postcard Project.

Do you want to get a physical proof of our growing shiny new fandom’s awesomeness? Get in! Each one of us buys a nice big postcard and sticks it into a nice big envelope along with a sheet of paper (A4? Bigger? Depends on how many of us sign up)! Then we send it on the grand mission all over the world: to the next Qtie in line to sign the postcard and add something creative on the paper - we were thinking one sentence of a fic that would be continued by others. At the same time you watch your good ol’ snail mail inbox for the post from the person before you in the circle and shower your love on the postcard you receive. This goes on until you get your original postcard - now signed and accompanied by sheer q'teness and pure madness - and then we do a Secret Santa, sending it to randomly chosen participant (the choosing will have to be done in a way that ensures no one gets two while someone else ends up empty-handed).

PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION; it still needs a lot of discussion and thinking, but first thing first: are you in? Answer if you are, like if you like, reblog if you have suggestions (we’ll be discussing it on chat sometime tomorrow anyways so you can just drop by or message someone in the tag), message me if you want to insult me or offer matrimony (I’d prefer coffee but ok).

The bunch that started it all (in no particular order and pro'lly missing a few key pieces or some who were absent added, but it’s past 2AM and I barely see with one eye and not at all with the other, thus cannot be bothered to remember - queue with the rest pls sorry + hit me if I fucked URLs up):













Hana satan


fashion rant: À la mode James Bond

For all you 00Q, 00Silva etc writers out there, you’re all wonderful writers.

But I keep seeing the recurring mistake of Bond’s style, and the brand of clothing and such.

Of course, I’m not stating that you should go all out, go product placement on your fanfics, but it would be nice to see some accuracy- 

If you’re not very sure, just keep it simple. Bond, as everyone knows, wears omega watches, mostly tom ford suits and sunglasses, and crockett and jones shoes. It’s fine if you want to add other luxury brands, but please do a little bit of research, because rest assured if you don’t, there will be some readers out there either cringing or lolling when you mention Bond wearing Armani Privé  

However, the clothing doesn’t affect the overall quality of your fanfic. In fact, it barely matters at all.

This little rant was not meant to make fun of any of the writers, it’s just my personal opinion.

I do hope I did not offend anyone with this.

P.S I’m currently down with the worse flu ever. Since i don’t have a a beta, I’m too grumpy and tired most of the time to edit my fanfic, truly sorry.

P.S.S Just another mini rant- Why is Q “the fashion victim with no style” a recurring theme? he wore Dries van Noten cardigan- unless somebody bought it for him ( since we don’t know his back story can’t rule that one out) he’s a stylish young man, with a preppy, geek chic hipster sense of style. Yeaup. i bet he even wears burberry prorsum coats when he’s not rocking faux fur.

While I was lolling around on the the internet I found this little gem 

have you seen anything more cuter. Bahahahaha, ok considering the fact that Q does wear Noten cardigans, maybe he owns one of these, cause they’re so comfortable.


Again, all of this is just a personal opinion. Happy writing!

Meet you on the other side

Random and dark 00Q headcanon conjured up on skype, the product of Clara’s imagination, and continued by me. So yeah, first part’s hers, second part’s mine (she made me upload it)


A few years after Skyfall, The Bad Guys get Q.

And fake his death.

And then proceed to torture him to get him to spill MI6’s secrets, his secrets, passwords – everything he knows.

And he and Bond were in a relationship and all the while James is mourning like, this is Vesper all over again, just this time he doesn’t make it and is completely broken.

And Q finally surrenders to his torturers, because he thinks MI6 has given up on him, and he develops a burning hatred for them.

And James goes insane in the end and just starts killing people because he wants to, no matter whether they are good or bad.

And Q does as the kidnappers wanted him to, but in the end escapes, kills them and goes to the dark side and kills even more people as he builds a cyber-terrorism network.


Bond gets fired for his reckless behaviour, obviously.

And MI6 is one of those places where being ‘fired’ is literal.

They try and get the jump on him, but there’s never a moment in his life, anymore, where Bond isn’t on edge and he sees them before they move out of the shadows, and they’re dead before they can reach for their weapons.

In his time, he’s seen enough assassins, made enough enemies/contacts to be able to slip into the other side of the paid killer work. It doesn’t take him long to make a name for himself.

He takes the name Skyfall. It works as well as anything else. No doubt M will know it’s him behind that name, but it doesn’t matter. They’ll never touch him, anyway.

He gets an email, one day. It’s signed off with Ten. He knows the man - presumably a man - and the organisation he’d created. The British Cyber terrorist, new to the scene who’d made just as much as a splash as Bond himself had. It’s a request to have some Italian killed.

Bond isn’t in Italy, so declines. At first.

The suggested pay increases, and this amuses him. You’re a cyber terrorist, he points out in his next reply, emailing from his phone as he walks away from a bleeding body. Why does a cyber terrorist need a killer like me?

He gets the reply the next day. He’s already in the airport, waiting to board the plane.

It’s a very simple reply.

'Sometimes, a trigger needs to be pulled.’