Please Halp? :(

Hey guys, so again, I am short on funds. Like 3 dollars in my bank account short. I need to pay to ship the packages out from some orders I got last week (all the profits went to paying my renters insurance…) and my student loan payment.

I feel like I am constantly begging and it really sucks, but I have no other alternative. My store just isn’t doing as well as it used to, and it is my only source of income. 

If you guys could take a look at my digital items on my shop, I would really really appreciate it. Prices and links are below. 

Readings/Consultations: $5.00 and Under//

Herbalist Consultation: $5.00

Dream Interpretations: $5.00

Palm Reading: $5.00

One Bone Cast: $1.00

Five Bone Cast: $5.00

One Rune Stone Cast: $1.00

Five Rune Stone Cast: $5.00

Pendulum Reading Two Questions: $1.00

Pendulum Reading Five Questions: $3.00

One Card Tarot Reading: $1.00

Three Card Situational Tarot Reading: $5.00

Three Card Self Awareness Tarot Reading: $5.00

Three Card Love Tarot Reading: $5.00

Basic Psychic Poetry Reading: $2.00

Detailed Psychic Poetry Reading: $5.00

Ebooks: $5.00//

Named by the Moon: My personal grimoire 

My Heart was Made from Red Clay: Poetry about ndn Heritage

Into the Void: Poetry about Mental Illness

A Bedtime Story for Lauren: Fiction Fantasy novel with dragons and female main character 

Blood of the Bear: Historical Fiction Fantasy novel with mostly girl native american characters and pansexuality

Little White Lies: Collection of articles about the truth of ndn history

Cultural Appropriation Isn’t Cute: Covers info about the appropriation of ndn cultures 

Children of the Creek: a collection of Mvskoke Creek ndn stories/legends designed for children but cool for all ages 

As always, thank you guys for following my blog and supporting your local lgbt ndn witch. I hope you have a nice night!

My name is Neoma and I’m a young, disabled writer living in an abusive situation that I’m struggling to get out of. On top of all my other concerns, I have massive student debt looming above my head, about which I can do little. I am at the point where I’ve been backed up against the wall – if I don’t make a ‘good faith’ payment, I go into default on everything.

I am just starting out, and if I go into de

I need to come up with 100$ by the 26th of June, and in my current health, there is no way for me to do that selling art commissions. I can, however, still write.

Discount prices:

  • Drabble (<750 words)…………5.00
  • One-Shot (1k-1.5k words)…..10.00
  • Two-Shot (1.5-3k words)…….25.00
  • Indulgence (3k+ words)………30.00 + 5.00 per additional 1k

All payments currently must go through paypal and be in USD, please. I also have a donation button on the upper left side of my page.

Please, even if you can’t buy anything, reblog this. That alone helps more than I can say.