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Hello. Do you have any fics of kaisoo making out only? No smut, but with a looot of kissing.

Yes you can also check the making out tag here!

- Admin S

  • Candy Coated - this has been recced lots but HALLOWEEN IS COMING so this is just perf
  • Stars In My Eyes and Truly Madly Deeply - integalactic au, sequels to There’s No Place Like Home, jongin is an aquatic creature and only soo can approach him, they become friends and get closer
  • something else - non au, soo gives jongin a half-assed bday gift and jongin is having none of it
  • Laundry Day Kisses - as the title says, non au-ish
  • wonderful tonight - they are friends to lovers and jongin takes soo to zoo on a first date lol
  • Collide - pepero stick kiss game by amazing sleepydanceur!
  • Call It A Night -  sleepydanceur again, kaisoo will always celebrate their anniversary no matter what!
  • Kiss Me (Touch Me) - SO GOOD also sleepydanceur’s, isn’t she the best ;;;;
  • landfall - soo gets a stripper on his bday but he declines his service even though kai is absolutely enticing and irresistible, they meet again and kai invites him to the club again to watch him dance (much sexual tension oh dios) 
  • Lip Lock - non au, esp. around the debut era, jongin looks sinful and ksoo wants but is afraid to ruin him (innocent jongin hnnnng) 
  • Blame it on the alcohol  - have some sizzling body shots ;)))
  • Take my breath away - ksoo knows how to stop jongin’s hiccups

- Admin J (who didn’t even think that she’d eventually recall so many)