Jaebum  Ver. (Bed AU’s)

I got the idea of doing this from reading a Bed Sharing AU I found on Tumblr, you can find it here. I take no credit for these prompts, however I do take credit for writing these stories.

Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung | Jackson | Youngjae | BamBam | Yugyeom

Kiss The Girl
Prompt -
We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)”
Pairing -
Im Jaebum/Reader
Tags -
Drinking, fluff, again hickies since they’re my fetish, suggestive snuggling, good morning anacondas, train to busan s p o i l e r s im sorry, they’re meaningful hickies tho, is that even a thing, little mermaid reference ayyyye, bambam just rly likes hello kitty ok
Word Count -
2,009 words
Author’s Note:
 I’m sorry this chapter was so shitty, I just got done with school and I have a job so I work like 5 days out of the week, and I have college and payments and bills and ew. But I will try to be as productive as I can with the other members! Enjoy!

Originally posted by wangpxppy

How you ended up like this, you have no idea.

The last thing you remember was boo-hoo crying along with Youngjae at the ending of Train to Busan, probably annoying the hell out of Yugyeom on Youngjae’s left and Jaebum on your right of the couch.

Listen, as much as they wanna complain, Su-an deserved her fucking father – the scene when he made her let go of him in the train car and he forced himself away was brutal to your heart strings – and he didn’t deserve to die in the end. Neither did the buff dude who’s name couldn’t come to mind at the time in writing this story.

“Hey, (Y/N)-ah?” Youngjae sniffled out your name, you remembered, causing you to look over and he wiped his eyes. “Could you get me another s-soju, please…?” He asked and you nodded, getting up from your spot next to an already passed out Jaebum, head tilted back on the arm of the couch, exposing his neck and god you had way to many drinks.

You remember wiping your tears and trying to worm your way through the sea of bodies across your living room, slung across one another in slumber.

However, there were six things you woke up to in the morning that you were prepared for.

And one thing you weren’t.

BamBam was curled up on the coffee table with a Hello Kitty blanket and a neck pillow (you honestly weren’t surprised he could fit on there, he’s so skinny-).

Yugyeom and Jinyoung were on the floor to the right of the coffee table, Yugyeom using Jinyoung’s sweater as a blanket, and Jinyoung using Yugyeom’s stomach as a pillow.

Youngjae was laying on the loveseat, Coco (yes, he brought his dog) sleeping on his chest while Mark was on the floor in front of that sofa.

Jackson was snoring quietly in the recliner with one knee pulled up to his chest rather uncomfortably, and his other sprawled out on the foot rest.

All those were expected. Even your slight hangover was expected.

However, the thing that caught your attention was the thick arm curling around your waist, keeping you pinned beneath the owner and the couch. You were on your back, but you couldn’t see the face of who was currently making you suffer from so much body heat. However, you could feel a few things that gave you an idea.

He was breathing in and out slowly, his mouth moving slightly against the expanse of your throat as he stirred and you weren’t sure if you were still dreaming because no way in hell can this be who you think it is. But all the signs did scream yes. The silky black strands your right hand was entangled in, the piercings you could feel resting against your shoulder, the other hand poking into your thigh-

Wait a minute.

If your head is resting on one arm of his.

One hand of yours is in his hair.

His other arm is around your waist.

And your other hand is fisted in his shirt.


Oh my god.

That’s a dick.

That’s his dick.

His dick is hard-

Im Jaebum’s dick is hard-

and it’s-

now poking into your leG.

p a n i c-

Then the lips that were pressed against your neck began to part. And that was when the panic began to low-key set in. Open-mouthed kisses were placed on the space just over your jugular, kisses that had you squirming in the best ways. You were actually enjoying yourself. Until you realized how incredibly wrong it was as to what you were doing.

You liked Jaebum, but he didn’t like you. And it was wrong of you to let him do this to you, knowing that he had no idea it was you who he was doing it to. His morning wood had nothing to do with you, his closeness, his tongue technology (a to the g to the u to the sTD- sorry) all of it had nothing to do with you. It was just his dream, and it didn’t involve you-


Or, dreams do come true and he just moaned your fucking name.

His voice startled you, causing you to jump. Which was a bad idea. Because that caused him to switch positions, so now he was on the bottom (hehe, bottom) and you were laying over him, his arms tightly around your torso so you weren’t moving anytime soon.


Anaconda. Cock-A-Doodle-Do. Pool Noodle. Hot Dog. Banana. Incredible Hulk. The terms are endless but it was there and o h m y g o d. Do you scream, do you cry, who the fuck knows.

You were about to wake him up when what he said next had your face redder than whatever ‘set’ he was complaining about. “Black makes you look sexier, (Y/N), more dangerous… I like it.” Fuc- it’s okay, you were fine.

“Jaebum… Jaebum-” You called softly, lightly patting his cheek but all that got was a nose twitch and a small groan. You sighed, before it dawned on you. You’d liked Jaebum for a while… when were you going to get another chance like this? You always thought since you were the third oldest out of the group of friends, two months older than BamBam, that he saw you as some kid. I mean, you two talked amongst each other about photography and such, but he never looked like he saw more of you.

Well, this was a game changer.

Taking all the courage you had, you leaned down and you kissed him. It was quick, barely even a full second, but you pulled back and scanned his face, but found no signs of consciousness.

Until he smirked a few seconds later.

“I knew you liked me, (Y/N).”

His sleepy smirk turned into a full on grin as he flipped the two of you once again, now both your hands on your stomach and his on either side of you, holding himself up. God, he looked gorgeous even when he was just getting up; his hair matted on one side, his voice deeper than ever, it rivaled Jackson’s even.

You were pretty sure that you looked a mess.  Ruined eyeliner from crying with Youngjae at the end of the movie – your breath probably smelled straight from a dumpster with how much you’d drank combined morning breath and it didn’t sound like that good of a combination. You probably even had some drool dried on your chin.

You were sputtering like a dying engine trying to figure out what the hell to say. But he said it for you. “I… I know that I don’t seem like I have feelings… for really anything.” He confessed, catching your attention down to his plush pink lips just begging for yours. “Jinyoung and Youngjae have been working with me on that- I promise.” He added, slightly caressing your cheek with his thumb.

Oh my god, shut up I have a hangover let me sleep!” BamBam croaked out in his slightly deep voice – it was in English, surprisingly, rather than Korean or even Thai – and he just rolled over on his back to face the other way, the small Hello Kitty blanket barely covering his thin, lanky form.

This caused the tension in the room to shift. With you frozen beneath him, after the outburst from BamBam it caused you to go into a fit of giggles; ones you hushed yourself with your hand to keep from waking him up more. Jaebum was no better, biting his bottom lip to stop from laughing himself. After you two calmed down, he resumed his monologue.

Do you think he practiced it?

He totally practiced it.

For the sake of your own ego, you led yourself to believe he practiced it.

“I know I might treat you like a kid sometimes, but that’s just because I’m scared of getting close to someone… someone I like a lot and have them leave me in the dust just for my fame. But I-… I know you won’t do that to me, (Y/N)… right?”

God, it broke your heart to hear such things come from the singer’s mouth. He’d been your friend since he was in the JJ Project, when you and Youngjae were just itty bitty trainees at JYP. Then, you’d landed a job in the production of GOT7, and were a on a team as a artist for their albums and their brand. But you always were honest with everyone, especially the GOT7 members, they were like family to you.

But Jaebum… he was more. He made your heart flutter with every passing glance.

You’d had a crush on him, even in his awkward blonde  JJP phase with Jinyoung – who was like an older brother to you. You would barely talk to Jaebum as a trainee, and when you weren’t cutting it for debut, you were surprised to find yourself in JYPD-nim’s office, and have him tell you that you got a job instead.

You didn’t know it, but when Jaebum was told of the trainees that weren’t debuting and were being let go from the company, he had to make sure you were kept on the team. He didn’t know how to tell you of his feelings for you, but he would keep you around until he did.

And here he was.

C O N F E S S I N G.

“S-So, (Y/N), will you-”

“Yes. Yes, a billion times yes, just.. one thing.”

He tilted his head, a big sleepy grin on his face at your acceptance of his feelings as well as reciprocation. “What’s that?”

You bit your lip to hide your smile.

“Kiss me?”

And he sure as hell did. He kissed everywhere – your eyelids, nose, cheeks, chin, lips, everywhere he could reach, leaving you in giggles. Until he kissed somewhere that had you making other noises that you had to clasp your hand over your mouth to hide.

He left exactly five marks on your skin. One for each year he knew you. One for each year that he should have told you. One for each year he left behind with you.

Just as he was finishing the last one, with you just barely managing to push him away from your neck so you could have a minute to breathe without it being into your hand, you heard a round of 'ooh’s’ sounding around the room.

“Jaebummie-hyung got some!”

Oh my god, Yugyeom. Go back to sleep.

“Good, now he’ll stop complaining about her talking with Jackson more than him.”

That was Jinyoung.

“She doesn’t talk with me that much more!”

You were red in the face.

“Aish! You woke up Coco and now I have a headache!”

“Yah, Youngjae-ah, I think there’s pills in the bathroom-”

Everyone was awake aside from BamBam, who was still snoring comfortably on the coffee table, passed out drunk.

And here you were, buried under Jaebum with marks littering your neck from him.

“Come, Jaebum! Kiss the girl!”

Jaebum looked down at you, a big grin on his face.


U L T R A V I O L E N C E  [ 58min. / listen. ]

For the rage that climbs through the bones asking for a fight, for the fist that breaks every part of its opponent, for the pain that consumes itself in adrenalina, for the taste of blood between the teeth, for the strong body and horrid mind as you have a little bit of the old 
u l t r a v i o l e n c e;

[ 001 ] no church in the wild. | by J A Y  Z.  &  K A N Y E  W E S T.
[ 002 ] counting bodies like sheep in the rhythm of the war drums. |
by  A  P E R F E C T  C I R C L E.
[ 003 ] into the lair. | by Z E D D.
[ 004 ] seven nation army. RMX. | by T H E  W H I T E  S T R I P E S.
[ 005 ] glory and gore. INST. | by  L O R D E.
[ 006 ] i want it all. FT. armageddon | by Q U E E N.
[ 007 ] fistful of silence. | by T H E  G L I T C H  M O B.
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Champagne- Q x Reader (Daniel Craig Bond)

A/N: I seem to be writing a lot more quiet romance atm rather than full-blown passion and fluff but anyway, here’s to the lasting quiet moments. I’m 90% sure that this isn’t how you should drink a bottle of Dom Perignon, but you do you tbh.

Title: Champage
Words: 1000+
Tags: @lesbianladyren, @fangirltothe-end
Rating: T
Masterpost: here (x)
Prompt List: here (x)


You missed old M, fucking Mallory. At least she had sense not to schedule harebrained missions that involved unnecessary glitz and glamour and hedonism- although he was an alright change from the Cold War zeitgeist of paranoia; a masquerade bordering on an orgy in one of Winston Churchill’s abandoned bunkers was taking the fucking piss. But the job was done, the bastard was dead, state secrets safe and crises averted. But to the end by any means, you supposed, those words to live and die by forever branded in every double-o’s soul. That is, if any of you had any shreds of who you’d really been left.

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RWBY Chibi Sketch Idea - 009

It’s Halloween, and everybody at Salem’s castle, including Roman, Neo, Mercury and Emerald, are dressed up for Halloween and are about to go, Cinder approaches Salem about coming, who replies saying she doesn’t understand why she should care about a human holiday.

Cinder points that for one with respect, that Salem could go as herself, since no-one will know otherwise, of course, Salem takes offense to it anyway, saying how she looks is not a costume.

Though Cinder barely avoids punishment by pointing out that they’ll get free candy if they go to people’s doors that night, which manages to convince the Grimm queen to tag along with them.

All goes well for the group, though there ends up being a close encounter with Ozpin when visiting him, since he feels like he recognizes Salem, but shrugs it off and gives her candy.

iii. Just Let Me Love You

Part 3 of 3 in the Serendipity Series for Jimin’s birthday. (Part 1 / Part 2). I may or may not post an additional part as a bonus (if I end up writing it, it’ll probably be smut.)

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Park Jimin x Female Reader

Word count: 1,009
Rating: it’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die.

Originally posted by samwol

          It had been a year since you reunited with Jimin, and oh, what a year it had been. It was as if time had never passed…you always felt like there was something missing with him gone, and now you had him back. You’d known him as a clumsy little kid, and now he was a (still clumsy) adult. Since the reunion, your feelings for him had grown exponentially, incubated by moments when Jimin played with your hair, or did face masks with you, or every time you looked at him, really. He was just so loveable. He even got you a teddy bear for your birthday, and it had a permanent place on your bed and in your heart.

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Help I need to pick a fic for nanowrimo. End my suffering and tell me what you’d like to see. Or what you’d like not to see. I dunno. Shoulda done this the first time. Also shameless plugging. S h a m e l e s s.

Cyborg 009

Progenitor - Albert wakes up in the distant future where humanity died out and only clones of the 00 cyborgs remain. And they hate each other. And Albert’s clones make Jet clones as a servant class. Albert ditches to go unite the clone factions because this sucks. Started here. tag

Cowboy 009 (1) - What it says on the tin. Old west au that got out of hand. tag

Samaritan Story - Jet’s shenanigans with the NSA prior re:Cyborg, THE BEGINNING. Gehenna verse. Started here. tag

Wrong Number - Joe keeps getting weird texts from an American during his stint as a high schooler. Pre re:Cyborg. Gehenna verse. Started: 1 2 3

Algernon (2) - At the end of CoJ, Jet’s head bounces off to be picked up and sold.

New York Skyline - Ivan, alone at Black Ghost, makes contact with test subject D6. Jet and Ivan bond. Bits and Pieces verse. tag

The Layman’s Ragnarok - Alternate ending to the 1979 series’ Norse gods arc. Jet comes up with the idea of defeating the gods by starting a fake Ragnarok. Shenanigans ensue. Started here.

The Bird in the Eaves (3) - normal people AU in which Albert and Hilda move to America after the reunification of Germany and Jet lives in their attic. Started here.


Sojourn (1) - After Final. Hey, everyone’s not dead! TIME FOR SPACE ADVENTURES! And J chews the scenery.

Soldato - J’s backstory. This is the same verse as the one above and below. ficlet here

Red Planet - The Greens want to colonize the Red Planet. Holy fuck there’s people here YOUR PLANET IS ON FIRE ARE YOU OKAY???

Courage is All We Have - Decades after the defeat of the Zonder and Earth joining the rest of the universe, except something’s gone wrong and everyone’s in danger and the only one who sees it is a middle-aged Mamoru. So he grabs a retired Guy and a very, very angry J and they have to save the universe. After they steal the J Ark from the museum.

untitled - Playing more with the “J is a clone specifically made for this war” because hey I’m a westerner and that can have implications and I love angst.

What’s a good time for the annual C009 super galaxy movie night/day? All ya americans proly doing something for thanksgiving so lets work around that. It’s usually around that time of the year.

GUYS I SAW SPECTRE AND I NEED A FIC LIKE YESTERDAY okay so the scene where Q shows Bond the Aston Martin DB10 all ‘lol not 4 u kbai’ is my fav. I would like to see 009’s reaction when 'YOU GAVE AWAY MY CAR TO YOUR FAVOURITE’ 'I DID NO SUCH THING’ 'YOU SHOWED IT TO HIM IT WAS PRACTICALLY AN INVITATION’. Kudos if you add in Alec in the bg cackling like a mad thing about 007 suffering 009’s taste in music. I adore you lovely ladies, and appreciate all you do for the fandom <3 Ta! – anon

Loving this. Jen.

The double-ohs were – regrettably – mostly on home turf. A number of missions had ended simultaneously with the collapse of Spectre, given that Spectre had been funding the vast majority.

Thus, Q had nowhere to run when 009 and 006 both reported to Q-branch, and the former started yelling.

You gave away my car to your favourite.”

“I did no such thing!” Q protested, as 009 strode towards him. “I swear…”

“You showed it to him,” 009 snapped. “You practically gave him an invitation, you know what he’s like…”

“I had no idea he would decide to plunge it into the Tiber.”

009 let out a bizarre hissing type of sound. “Did you not?” he managed. “You know what he’s like, he can’t be trusted with a bloody thing of yours and you give him a fucking great car?! MY car?!”

Q didn’t really have a leg to stand on. Realistically, showing Bond the car had been provocative at best and vaguely cruel at worst. Although in fairness he had given Bond a free watch to do with as he pleased.

“… I’m sorry.”

In the background, 006 was laughing like a true psychopath. “WHAT?” 009 yelled.

“Musical theatre,” was all 006 managed, before cackling with laughter again. “Your music. Bond told me. I just remembered. My god. So he must have had to listen to…”

“… don’t you dare criticise my choice in music,” 009 hissed.

Things degenerated from there, unsurprisingly.

009 went for 006, right in the centre of the Q-branch workshop. 006 was still cackling like a maniac when the other man pounced, and knocked him clean over; Alec let out a strangled yelp, and the pair were immediately wrestling.

Wearily, Q-branch moved their things out of the way.

After all, last time, there had been no fewer than four separate explosions as 005 and 001 battled it out over a sniper rifle; nobody had moved fast enough out of the way, and so chaos erupted.

Q smiled absentmindedly.

Bond entered.

The Q-branch minions went from weary to actively concerned almost instantly; Bond had a habit of escalating any and every situation he came across, and if 009 noticed him then things would get very ugly, very quickly.

009 noticed.

Q hurriedly moved his desk to one side – he had installed wheels on either side for the express purpose of moving it out the way when the workshop went to hell – and watched 009 and 006 attack Bond.

“Alec, why?!”

Alec was still laughing, and 009 was frankly homicidal; Q had never seen Bond bested so quickly and so easily, but 009 managed to get him into a chokehold and Bond conceded defeat.

Actually, it was rather peaceful as compared to some of the previous double-oh battles. Q counted himself lucky. “Alright ladies and gents, as you were,” he called over the workshop; R promptly exploded something or other, the agents (gratifyingly enough) flinched violently, and life returned to more or less normal.

00Q and Spectre - 009 would very much like to know where his new car is. A pissed off Q would very much like to aim 009 at 007 and watch the fireworks. Plus, minions taking bets on the 00’s if you could. Many thanks. (And Spectre was bloody fantastic!) – anon

Ehehe. Jen.

Q’s grin was lethal.

“Bond did it.”

009’s face fell into a hard line. “Did what?”

“Quote: ‘parked it at the bottom of the Tiber’.”

Oh, this was such a good idea. 009 looked absolutely murderous. “Don’t you worry, he’s all yours,” Q said happily. “Just got back this morning. Turns out his holiday wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – should be debriefing fully, and then by all means, kill him slowly.”

“I will,” 009 promised, with all the slightly psychopathic cheeriness required for a very nasty homicide. “I really, truly will…”

Q watched him go. R watched him go. The whole of Q-branch watched him go.

As one organism, they turned to the screen at the back of the workshop; it lowered satisfyingly from the ceiling, and turned on, showing CCTV tracking 009 as he went.


R pulled up the image of Bond leaving M’s office, looking suitably chastised (he had, after all, fucked off after a major mission and refused to do even the vaguest formalities before disappearing off with his female du jour. Altogether not popular).

The other side of the screen showed 009 making his way towards said office.

“Ten on 009.”

“Twenty on 007.”

“No, 009’s gonna deck him.”


“Alright guys, split off,” Elise called. “Ten apiece? We’ll split it whichever way.”

The minions organised with alarming speed, while Q sat back in his obscenely comfy chair – a new, recent addition to his desk – and watched with quiet pleasure.

“Boss, you in?”

“Yep, ten on 007,” he agreed. “Although I do truly hope that 009 gets a few very good punches in there first, he’ll have the element of surprise…”

Surprise which was still painted on Bond’s features as a punch came out of absolutely nowhere and all but floored him.

“Ha,” somebody on the 009 side said, a moment before Bond managed to reconstruct himself in time to avoid a very punishing kick.

Bond went for the legs, ducked a punch, bowled 009 over.

“Oh fuck,” said the same voice, rapidly shhed by a host of other minions.

It was compelling viewing. Both were truly spectacular fighters; it took a solid fifteen minutes, audiences from across MI6, Q getting a very angry phone call from M (“why the hell did you decide to tell 009 it was 007?!”) and escalating bets before 007 eventually got 009 in a headlock and demanded to know what the hell was going on.

The ‘007’ side of Q-branch won fifteen quid a head.

Bond looked up at the nearest CCTV camera. His expression did not bode well.

“… fuck,” Q mumbled to himself, and went to barricade himself in his office.