007 game

Even grand old things have a certain charm about them, otherwise you wouldn’t fall so hard for them, Q.

Name: @Boffin1710
Minion ID:  QB-Q10
Division: Writer of Angst, Information Architect, Technoid, Minion Herder, Queen & Country Protector
Personal Goals for Fest: Writers Therapy, Kudos & Comments, Find my Creative Self Again (where did that bastard wander off to), Read brilliant fics, Not be such a wanker all the time.
Time Zone: BST (British Summer Time) UTC/GMT +1

@teamqbranch Well… I am @boffin1710 or Boffin, or Mac.  Decided I would be adventurous this year and participate since the reading of your adventures last time was so entertaining.  Hope to be an active participant but if I seem to be wandering someone please poke me with a big stick.  Work gets overwhelming at times and I tend to wander away.   Hope I can do justice to the honour of #teamqbranch.

Welcome, 007 Games Participants!

Team assignment emails have been sent out! If you have not received yours, 1) check your spam folder, and 2) email us at mi6-cafe-mod@outlook.com so we can re-send it ^ ^

You should receive invitations to the @teamdoubleoh and @teamqbranch blogs within the next 24-48 hours. Feel free to make posts to introduce yourselves! We have some familiar faces from last year participating, but we also have some new ones! 

The 007 Games will officially begin at midnight on June 30th/July 1st in whatever time zone you’re in. They end at midnight on July 31st/August 1st. So, you have a few more days until you start earning points, but we hope you enjoy having time to come together as a team before the Games officially start! 

Two teams. 31 days. One winner! 

Good luck, Team 00 and Team Q Branch! And have fun! :D 

Intro Post!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I’m sunaddicted aka Francesca (a mouthful, I know - feel free to shorten it) aka 008 (I just added it on the roster sheet lol) and, as you may know, I write lots and lots of stupid fanfictions, I have an unhealthy obsession with Raoul Silva and I’m the unfortunate reason why Pampuria is a bit of a bitch lol

I’m also a virgin to the 007 fest hahah last year I didn’t sign up because of uni exams and this year I should have done the same but here I am.. And I’m on a roll, I can’t wait to start posting.

Enough of my ramblings (God, I talk too much) and thank you for welcoming me in your team @teamdoubleoh ♡♡♡

- sun (008)

007 Fest Anonymous Prompt Exchange
Welcome to the anonymous prompt exchange! Feel free to leave any number of prompts--if you' re not sure how many, five or more is a great number to start with. You can prompt anything you like, SFW or NSFW, but please include a content warning if your prompt includes noncon, major charac...

For this year’s 007 Fest, we are hosting an anonymous prompt exchange! 

Our goal for the 007 Fest Anonymous Prompt Exchange is to have a fun, no-pressure way to exchange prompts and inspire each other with our ideas. All ships are welcome. 

During June our goal is to get as many awesome prompts as we can on the anonymous prompt list! Fills for these prompts can be posted any time between July 1 and July 31. 


  1. You can add as many prompts as you like to the list. You do NOT have to fill a prompt in order to add prompts to the list! Prompt to your heart’s content! 
  2. All ships are accepted, as are gen prompts. 
  3. If you would like to add a prompt to the anonymous prompt exchange that you also put on the Slack writing prompt list, you can. 
  4. You can fill a prompt by making fanfic, fanart, fanedits, fanmixes, etc. Your creativity is the limit!   
  5. You can fill as many prompts as you like! Prompts can also have multiple fills. If you were here for Ye Olden Days of LJ, think of this like a Bond fandom kinkmeme.
  6. Post your prompt fills between July 1 and July 31. 
  7. If you’re participating in the 007 Games, filling an anonymous exchange prompt gets you 5 bonus points! 
“Be it for reason, be it for love,
I won’t take the easy road.”

I won’t take the easy road - a mix for Theron Shan → [ listen | rar* ]

01. first aid kit - my silver lining | 02. imagine dragons - i’m so sorry | 03. troy baker - halo eyes | 04. the oh hello’s - i have made mistakes | 05. rihanna - sledgehammer | 06. florence + the machine - remain nameless | 07. ruelle - until we go down | 08. great lake swimmers - palmistry | 09. poets of the fall - the distance | 10. bear mccreary - kat’s sacrifice | bonus. aimee mann - nobody does it better