Prompt from the comments on my AO3 compilation of prompts.

The sound of the violins swelled within the confined space of the Q-Branch laboratory. Considering the underground location, the acoustics of the foundations were surprisingly wonderful, and made it all the better when Q cranked up the volume on the loudspeakers throughout the branch. He didn’t often stay late when Bond was off-duty - there wasn’t usually reason to - but the young quartermaster didn’t quite feel like heading home with the rest of his branch, and being able to tinker on his own was always relaxing.

I’ve been here before
But always hit the floor
I’ve spent a lifetime running
And I always get away
But with you I’m feeling something
That makes me want to stay

Q hummed along with the familiar song as he worked away on the latest dings and dents that blemished the otherwise flawless DB-10 that sat in the garage. Q didn’t often listen to music like this as he found lyrics more often distracting than not, but there was something about the grandiose orchestra and the clear meaning behind the lyrics that just struck a chord. It wasn’t long before Q was swaying in time with the music and singing along, barely aware of the work before him.

If I risk it all, would you break my fall?”

“Wow,” a voice sounded from behind him, “who knew that our darling Q could sing.”

Q scrambled along the groun for the bluetooth remote to shut off the music and fight back the flush of embarassment he could feel creeping across his cheeks. “Bond.”

“Why’d you shut it off? I was enjoying the show.”

“What in the hell are you doing here?” Q fired a glare at the agent, who was flashing his typical smirk.

“Saw your little troupe of labrats leave but didn’t see you with them. I had a susipcious feeling that you would still be here.”

“Well, bravo for you, then, for figuring it out.”

“No need for snappy remarks, Q,” Bond said, walking farther into the lab. He tapped the keyboard of Q’s computer as he passed it, and the music started up again. Still smiling, Bond reached out his hand for the quartermaster to take. “Let’s see if you can dance as well as you can sing.”

Q felt more like punching him in the damn face, but he took Bond’s hand all the same and allowed the agent to pull him to his feet. Bond’s hands were strong on Q’s waist as he took the quartermaster in his arms as if prepared to waltz.

How do I live? How do I breathe?
When you’re not here I’m suffocating
I want to feel love, run through my blood
Tell me is this where I give it all up?
For you I have to risk it all
Cause the writing’s on the wall.

The lyrics rang throughout the lab and Q felt himself blush again as Bond refused to break eye contact. It was strange, yet oddly fitting to be like this.

“Bond, what-”

“Shh,” Bond said, tilting his head down and causing his words to caress Q’s lip. “I would risk it all. For you.”

And then 007 was kissing Q. Gently. Sweetly.

And it wasn’t until that moment that Q had even registered it was something he wanted.


Lucius scanned over the letter he had just received from his wife telling him to come home immediately. He had been working at the Ministry, but of course his dark mark began to burn as well. “Son of a bitch.” He muttered under his breath, he’d have to come up with some excuse for his wife. But he knew that if he didn’t respond to the Master than he would never be going home to his wife, as the meeting ran on. He glanced at Severus knowing the male talked to his wife quite often not that he minded Lucius wasn’t a jealous man. “Do you know what my wife is on about?” He questioned the younger male who seemed to have no clue. He sighed as he apparated home, he was an hour or two later than she had wanted him, but he was home at least. “Cissa? I am home.” He called out for his wife frowning not sure where she was, a bit worried none the less.

Gillian Anderson is 007. I saw the buzz this week about GA campaigning to be the next James Bond so I created this design featuring her as the iconic spy in the classic 1960′s Bond poster style. Like what you see? Purchase a print right here!

This is Charing Cross secret @London Underground tour. These tunnels were used in the making of James Bonds movie 🎬 the tours are organised by @ltmuseum 👏🏼👏🏼😃 the Jubilee Line used to stop here until it was closed many years ago . Now the abandoned station is used for filming movies like James Bond #007 , Paddington Bear, Jason Bourne films and Spooks etc . Really interesting to see behind the scenes of London Underground #🚇 (at London Charing Cross Station)

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LISTEN……….I may have gone overboard.

Q would totally trick out his kitties with gadgets. 
Keats and Melville after the two great authors Whishaw has played. If anyone ever wants to use my designs in fic/art GO FOR IT and link me (one can dream)


(Huxley after the author of Brave New World…which Bond mutters fondly after he first meets Q :)))