LITTLE CHARACTER THINGS // just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. repost & tag away !

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001. cocky
002. murderous
003. thirsty


001. ‘ good morning. ’
002. ‘ do you come here often. ’
003. salutes


001. blood red
002. pitch black
003. dull grey
004. military green


001. gunpowder
002. neutrality 
003. money


001. jacket
002. dress shoes 
003. no tie


001. guns
002. guns
003. rifle gun


001. loyalty
002. temper
003. alcohol


001. smirk
002. wink
003. leaning against things


001. competent female authority figures 
002. competent females
003. females


001. survivor – eye of the tiger
002. queen – somebody to love if its being sung badly by a drunk man
003. anything that is 80s-90s trash


This is a 100 followers Gift.♥♥♥

  • Hi everybody! I am so happy today!
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Sweater Set #001

For Female.

This is a standalone CC, with 4 swatch.

4 different Sweater with different design.

Thanks for downloading. Hope you like it.

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Picking the right look alike for your character can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Some photos have some elements that work, but aren’t quite the right match. So today I’m going to give a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up when picking out look alikes for my characters, and hopefully they’ll work for you as well as they’ve worked for me!


  • 001. Pay very close attention to your character’s sense of style. When dealing with canon characters, look for elements they’ve used canonly. For example, Rachel Berry seems to be a very big fan of skirts from what we’ve seen on Glee. Use this knowledge to weed out some of the more questionable look alikes.
  • 002. What does your character do in their spare time? What are their hobbies, what do they enjoy doing? You can type in key search words based on their hobbies and usually come up with some pretty nice pictures. If your character likes to go hiking, you can always use the search terms: “hiking” “girl hiking” “boy hiking” and so on and so forth.
  • 003. I, personally, am pretty specific when it comes to hair and look alikes. I’ve always said that not every brunette will look like Marley Rose, and not every blonde will look like Quinn Fabray. Take a few pictures of your character and look at their hair style. Do they normally wear their hair curly or straight? Long or short? Shaved or grown out? Try to match this with your look alike images as much as possible for a more believable feel.
  • 004. This is a tip that should be used regardless of whether the hunt is SFW or NSFW, but I’m going to close out the SFW section with this: ethnicity matters. With hipster photos, we really don’t have any way of knowing what the ethnicity of the model is unless it’s specified [which I’ve found is very rare.] However, it doesn’t make sense to try to pass a pale freckled girl off as Santana Lopez, does it? I like to keep my skin color as close to the actress as possible, because white-washing is a definite no-no. If you ever sit back and question “is this picture too light?” I’d steer clear just to be cautious.


  • 001. When dealing with females, I’ve found that breast size can be a bit of an issue. We have to do a bit of assuming, because we really have no way of knowing. [For example, we can assume that Santana has larger breasts given her surgery, and we can assume that Rachel has smaller breasts due to the appearance of a smaller chest.] Try to stay as realistic and believable as possible when dealing with breast images. A quick look at a few pictures of the actress should help with this.
  • 002. When dealing with men, it gets a little trickier. For most actors, we’ve never seen pictures that could indicate how large they are, so we, once again, have to do a bit of guess work. What I will say is be realistic. The overall look and feel of the picture can say a lot, and if your character is a bit on the skinny and scrawny side, would it make sense for them to appear muscular and built? Not exactly. And when dealing with the penis in particular, once again, try to be realistic. Use your best judgement, and if you’re going to be posting more than one, I highly suggest trying to find two that look as similar as possible.
  • 003. Keep in mind your character’s personality. Are they the type that would take full nude photos, or are they all about the teasing and not about the pleasing? Some characters would be comfortable putting their entire body on display in naked glory, while others might shy away from that and go for a more teasing approach. If playing a canon character, try to pull from their canon personality for this as much as possible. Would a shy character send a fully nude photo? In some cases, perhaps, but in most cases? Probably not.
  • 004. Once again, keep in mind the sense of style of your character. If they’re partially clothed, what would they be wearing? You can always pull from their usual sense of style for this as I often do. For example, if a character is into frills and lace in their everyday style, what’s to say they wouldn’t be into frills and lace for their undergarments? The same goes if your character has a more conservative sense of dress. Go with what feels like it would work for your character.

These are just some tips and tricks I’ve picked up since I’ve started looking for pictures to add to hunts. In no way am I saying that you have to follow these, nor am I saying that any particular look alike is bad. This is just something I’ve thrown together to hopefully help the community turn out the best look alikes possible.