Who was Beatrice’s co-star?

Some time before Lemony was framed for arson, Beatrice Baudelaire starred in a theater production alongside a mysterious thespian. Said person seems to have played a crucial role in Beatrice’s and Lemony’s eventual break-up and was closely involved in the related theatrical productions. Who, exactly, was that co-star? The identification process is a matter of psychological and literary parallels.

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BTS: How they react to finding their crushes instagram

Rap Monster:

Immediately would follow you. He’d always be the first the like anything you posted and comment A LOT. Anytime you posted anything there’d immediately be a comment/like from him.


Would be that person that follows you and then proceeds to shamelessly like literally every picture you’ve ever posted, even the ones you posted over a year ago. 


Would be so happy when he discovered your instagram, would legit take notes of the things you liked and posted for future reference. When you posted a selfie he would be so *gif* but would be shy to like/comment.


He’d be so obvious, omg. Would like your pictures .0005 seconds after you posted them and would check your instagram 49 times a day to see if you shared anything new. XD


Probably wouldn’t even follow it so he wouldn’t make it too obvious that he liked you. He’d creep it so hard though, omg. If he saw someone commenting how pretty you are he’d be like “WHO IS THIS I’M GOING TO–oh it’s her mom.”


Would just scroll through your pictures, trying not to like any of the old ones. Of course he accidentally would like one posted 74 weeks ago and then would just *gif* XD


Would be so obsessed with it honestly. Would love everything you posted and would not be shy to tell you so. Would use it to get to know your taste, interest and personality better.

I hope you like!! ^^ 

Simply Alone

Daniela sighed as she walked down the streets of Storybrooke. There were a few groups of recently reunited people rushing around with cheerful smiles on their faces, all happy to at least remember their families and friends once more. Daniela sat down on a bench near Grannys Diner and watched the people pass. To her, waking up and remembering who she really was meant nothing. Her life in the Enchanted Forest hadn’t been much better than it was now. She still had no family, no friends. Daniela had never been a people person. No one seemed to take to her, and those who did soon grew tired of being her friend. She wished she could have at least one true friend to spend her time with, rather than either being on her own or stuck with a foster family who treated her like a servant.

She always told herself it could be worse. She could be living out on the streets with no home. Sheltering in the forest. Or maybe that would be the better option. Daniela didn’t know. But one thing she was certain of, was that living with her foster family was certainly the easier option, as long as she kept to herself, and made sure to do all the housework.

Daniela contemplated leaving the bench and walking inside Grannys. However, she knew that the celebrating families and friends would only bring her spirit down, and it wasn’t like she had much money to spend anyway. Plus, she had always been an outdoors person, and loved spending her time in the fresh air.

anonymous asked:

I think a lot of people forget that Zenyatta is only 20 years old. So he was probably like 16-18 when he left the Shambali and met Genji. I'm totally onboard for a teen Zenyatta running around the temple. Putting whoopie cushions underneath meditation pillows, writing "Mondatta is a giant dork" in the village square. And the day he learns to float he's like "lol fools, I ain't ever walking again." "But Zen you only move like .0005 mph." "I'm never walking again, eat my dust" *floats away slowly*

“I’m never walking again, eat my dust” *floats away slowly*

Bruh if that isn’t canon. 

prompts #0001 - 0150 + bonus (wwyd)


I’m happy I made it this far, and I hope to make many more prompts. Without further ado, here are the first 150 prompts on my blog:

Prompt Number - Prompt Name - Prompt Tags

bold = smut

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0005 by Álvaro Jordán
Via Flickr:
Christchurch Nikkormat FTN Kodak Ultramax 400

anonymous asked:

if i may, can i ask about some headcanons about mccree and genji helping a v stressed out art student s/o? (ps youre really chill)

~Aw, thank you! I try to be. We’re all just trying to have fun here. I hope you like this <3


  • McCree can’t draw for shit. He can barely draw a tree without having to walk away and count to ten.
  • He looks after you when you work. You tend to forget about your health and he’s there to make sure you don’t die while trying to work on a piece of art. You’ll find random plates of delicious food that you hadn’t noticed were there until you smelled them and little notes telling you how good something looks. 
  • He’s labeled your coffee cup and paint cup separately. There have been two many accidents when you mixed the two up. 
  • He’s offered more than once to be your nude model *Wiggles eyebrows* The first time you actually took him up on the offer when your model canceled on you, he turned as red as a tomato.
  • When you’re feeling stressed and unsure of yourself, he’s you’re #1 hype man. If you so much as dream of calling yourself a shitty artist he’ll be there in .0005 seconds to tell you how great you are. He brags about you to everyone and he’s always so proud of you.


  • He’ll never forget the dreaded Finals Project of Freshmen year. You’d put everything off until the last minute and nearly killed yourself trying to get it all together and handed in. Now he never lets you put anything off for too long. 
  • *Eliza Hamilton’s voice* “Take a break.”
  • He has alarms set for breaks throughout the day so that you’re not stressing yourself out too much. They’re non-negotiable. When an alarm goes off, he better find you relaxing. 
  • When you need someone to look at your work and offer advice, he’s your go to guy. He may not know much about art but he can see when anatomy looks wonky or colors clash. He’s helped on a lot of pieces.
  • He loves to meditate with you while you sketch. The silence helps you concentrate and he can meditate easier when he hears your soft breathing and the gentle scratches of a pencil. It’s relaxing for you both. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Sara/Lisa headcanons? Because that ship seriously is amazing.

whooooo boy do I

  • I’ve written about this one before BUT. Sara’s not a huge morning person, but she does like to get up before noon to shower and workout and stuff, while Lisa will sleep until like 4 pm if nothing stops her. on mornings when she wants cuddles she’ll get very clingy when Sara tries to get out of bed, and Sara’s a sucker for her pouty face.
  • Lisa swoons over Sara’s arm muscles.
  • neither of them can cook for shit so they pretty much live on takeout and shit they can microwave.
  • they tried to be just fuckbuddies but then next thing you know either of them wanted to go home so they’re spending all day in their pajamas eating ice cream and watching Project Runway reruns and oops I guess we live together now
  • they’re not big on pet names or stuff like that but no one can ever miss that they’re a couple because they’re always shamelessly flirting or winking or blowing little kisses at each other in the middle of completely inappropriate conversations.
  • the sexting is out of hand and they’ll do it at the worst possible times.
  • don’t start a fight - of any kind! - with either of them because you’ll be in a fight with both of them in like .0005 seconds
  • Lisa will drive Sara absolutely insane by taking approximately 675 hours to get ready to go ANYWHERE
  • Sara drives Lisa crazy by snapping people pictures of Lisa napping or doing her hair or eating a breakfast burrito and captioning it LOOK AT MY GIRLFRIEND SHE’S GREAT [sixteen heart emojis]
  • Sara can in fact be persuaded to give Lisa piggyback rides and it’s exactly as cute as it sounds
  • they adopt pit bulls and absolutely spoil them. they’re the goofiest dog moms in the entire world
  • Lisa has always been kind of a “I better get proposed to in a way that’s fucking fantastic” kind of girl but she ends up being the one to propose to Sara because Sara’s cool just #chillin forever and if Lisa doesn’t propose herself they’re never going to get married and she’s not cool with that
  • Sara is pretty apathetic about marriage tbh but of course she does it to make Lisa happy

anonymous asked:

Don't find this rude or anything, but why is Laf/Peggy a ship? I just don't understand where it came from. I don't particularly care whether or not people ship it; I'm just curious where it came from.

I’m *big shrug emoji* I’m so new to this Fandom and know exactly .0005 things about it. I think they look really cute together and idk laf is very center of attention and Peggy is more of a sidelined character so that difference is probably why. Also ppl usually meme the hell out of both those characters so they’re kinda the meme dream team ship

And don’t worry that’s not rude