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Any basic kayaking and general outdooring advice (hiking, tent camping, etc)? I love outdoor activities and once I'm out of high school I'd love to do more outdoor activities since I'll have more free time. Also you're pretty much my #1 internet role model (tied with TheBiblioSphere lol).

Oh my god I tied with Joy????? 

Allow me a minute to hyperventilate a bit

(Muffled yelling)

Okay I’m good. 

Invest in good shoes. Seriously. Comfy shoes. Trust me. For kayaking, I use a pair of velcro sandals because they’re gonna get wet and wet socks suck. For hiking, just find the most comfortable hiking boots you can. And while tennis shoes will suffice for a leisurely stroll down a nice trail, if you’re scrambling up rocks at 12,000 feet you want boots with a good tread so that you do not slip and die. That would suck. 

For tent camping, make sure you sleeping bag is rated properly. If you take a summer bag on a fall trip, you’re gonna freeze your ass off. And invest in a pad to go under your sleeping bag. They’re inexpensive and make a WORLD of difference in warmth and comfort. 

ALWAYS carry the means to make a fire. ALWAYS. I keep waterproof matches and flint and steel with me whenever I go rambling. Always carry a first aid kit too. 

However much water you think you need, take an extra bottle. 

Teamiplier based on shit I've heard at airports

Ethan: My bag isn’t necessarily huge, I just feed it well.

Mark: Okay, ladies, let’s go get us some Chick-Fil-A… No Natalie, not Steak Filet, stupid bitch.

Kathryn: I’m not necessarily an impatient person but holy shit if there is a baby on this airplane I will break the emergency exit at 12,000 feet.

Amy: Can we delay the plane for a little bit? My phone’s not at 100%

Tyler: “I feel like I forgot something…” “We’re about to start boarding ladies and gentlemen!” “Wait… Where’s my boarding pass…”

DAY 3337

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 17,  2017               Wed 10:21 pm

A venture starts .. another meter comes down .. another effort to start again .. and another bunch of fresh ideas and people to work with ..

First days are the worst temperamentally - how will it go, the scene the make up the director crew all .. will there be expectation, apprehension, will we be able to do it, has the right decision been taken .. and the uncertainty of all at the end of the day .. 

Film and film making as a profession .. is it does it really spell the fortune bells ..? 

Come visit us someday .. feel the effort, the dedicated crew, the team that produces and organises, and then the temperature .. in the mid 40′s today .. no I am not complaining .. I am from the heat, from the means that did not permit the cooling temperament of the many that were .. I am ‘gudari ka lal’ ..spoken so often about it .. wrapped in the commonest and the most mediocre, we are of spirit that bends, tolerates, gives in utmost servility .. we are they ..

No humbling here .. or effort to seek sympathy - samvedana - no none of that .. just a thought for them that do not visit and come in knowledge of ..

there is 33 years of Sharaabi .. there is 16 years of Ek Rishta  .. Sharaabi designed some 38, 000 feet above sea level on a flight from New York, to Trinidad & Tobago for a concert tour of mine .. where Prakash Mehra was in attendance .. somewhere over the and past the ‘pan handle’ of USA, about some distance from Cuba and approaching the Caribbean islands .. that is when exactly the film was discussed .. and on return its initiation .. the working discussions with Prakash ji, its timings and length, its immaculate writing, its moments of scenes, the music which Prakashji always excelled in .. and so much more …

Then there is Ek Rishta.. the first film with Akshay .. a warm affectionate film .. at a time when the KBC fever was quite prominent … and the quick getaways by the cast to catch the show in between the shots .. 

And to day it is the first day of ‘102 not out’ .. sweltering heat and out in the open .. rushing back to the van not for rest but to change the garments that drip with the liquids of sweat .. and yes remember .. its sweat for men, and perspire for women .. never make the mistake of uttering women sweat !! You may get hit .. !! Hahahahahah ..

5:00 in the morning again .. and alarm set for it .. 

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Vkook please please please I need more vkook fics!!!

here are some of my faves!

[T] come on, lattice bond by sassyneki

[M] can you be (mine?) by melonnim

[M] maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley


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You are watching Hunter X Hunter??? I love that anime!!!!! Any ships u have?

Hehe. It’s not even so much “watch” as it is “binge 25 episodes on a 15 hour long flight” because the second one throws you into a liminal space where you’re confined on all sides 20,000 feet in the air flying through Forever Night and yet somehow nothing around you exists except for Fucking Tonpa I’m Glad They Tied Him Up Fuck You Tonpa

Also I’m the most ship-ambivalent person. When I ship something chances are I mean “sure that’s cute why not.” So nah right now I don’t have any ships for the show and I really doubt I’ll develop any strong opinions on ships beside “yeah sure that could be cute”


The statement that the average duck has a wingspan of ten feet is a statistical error. In actuality, the average duck has a wingspan of 2.5 to 3.5 feet. Ducklust, who can extend her feathers out to 100,000 feet on each wing, is a statistical outlier and should not have been counted.

FMA AU Week Day 3 Theme H: AU where everything is the same but…

Lust is a duck.

What? Did you think I was done with this dumb thing? Well too bad! more of this au that no one asked for.

Meet the Greeks who call Mount Olympus spiritual home
By ABC News

Silver-haired and soft-spoken, George Klonis worked as a bus driver into his 60s but found his life’s purpose at the foot of Mount Olympus.

With his arms outstretched and his toes touching cold spring water, Klonis offers his devotion to the ancient gods that Greek mythology says made Olympus their home: “Eternal and almighty Zeus, we call on you … we praise you, and we will always honor your strength.”

About 50 men and women, some with wreaths of branches on their heads, some wearing ancient-style tunics, stand in silence behind him with their eyes closed.

Several hundred more Greeks, all devotees of ancient Greece’s religion and traditions, come to worship, revel in rituals and take part in a range of events every July by the mythic mountain, the country’s highest peak at just under 3,000 meters (9,600 feet.)

The yearly pilgrimage, started in 1996, draws a diverse following, including history enthusiasts, marathon runners, fantasy gamers, nationalists and young people seeking a taste of counterculture.

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Poppy wants to go on vacation with Branch. Poppy "Oooooo! We could sky dive from 20,000 feet in Hawaii!" Branch, "You have any idea the fail rate on parachutes?!" Poppy, "Let's go canyon swinging in New Zealand!" Branch, "Let's not." Poppy, "Oh-oh-oh! We could cage dive with crocodiles in Australia!" Branch, "Stop it..."

“Or, or, OR…..we could go to the grocery store for our vacation.”


“All red meats are half off. Doesn’t that sound exciting?”

“Braaaaaaaanch, I wanna go bungee jumping!”

“We have a bed and a skipping rope. Go nuts.”

“Oh! Oh! We should go on safari!”

“Or we could buy a birdbath and leave some nuts out for the squirrels and there! That’s just as good as a safari. We can watch them from the window where it’s safe.”

“Safe….from the birds and the squirrels?”

Emirates A380 over Arabian Sea on Jan 7th 2017, wake turbulence sends business jet in uncontrolled descent.

An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EUL performing flight EK-412 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Sydney,NS (Australia), was enroute at FL350 about 630nm southeast of Muscat (Oman) and about 820nm northwest of Male (Maldives) at about 08:40Z when a business jet passed underneath in opposite direction. The A380 continued the flight to Sydney without any apparent incident and landed safely.

The business jet, a MHS Aviation (Munich) Canadair Challenger 604 registration D-AMSC performing flight MHV-604 from Male (Maldives) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with 9 people on board, was enroute at FL340 over the Arabian Sea about 630nm southeast of Muscat when an Airbus A380-800 was observed by the crew passing 1000 feet above. After passing underneath the A380 at about 08:40Z the crew lost control of the aircraft as result of wake turbulence from the A380 and was able to regain control of the aircraft only after losing about 10,000 feet. The airframe experienced very high G-Loads during the upset, a number of occupants received injuries during the upset. After the crew managed to stabilize the aircraft the crew decided to divert to Muscat (Oman), entered Omani Airspace at 14:10L (10:10Z) declaring emergency and reporting injuries on board and continued for a landing in Muscat at 15:14L (11:14Z) without further incident. A number of occupants were taken to a hospital, one occupant was reported with serious injuries. The aircraft received damage beyond repair and was written off.

Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority had told Omani media on Jan 8th 2017, that a private German registered aircraft had performed an emergency landing in Muscat on Jan 7th 2017 declaring emergency at 14:10L (10:10Z) and landing in Muscat at 15:14L (11:14Z). The crew had declared emergency due to injuries on board and problems with an engine (a number of media subsequently reported the right hand engine had failed, another number of media reported the left hand engine had failed).

According to information on March 4th 2017 the CL-604 passed 1000 feet below an Airbus A380-800 while enroute over the Arabian Sea, when a short time later (1-2 minutes) the aircraft encountered wake turbulence sending the aircraft in uncontrolled roll turning the aircraft around at least 3 times (possibly even 5 times), both engines flamed out, the Ram Air Turbine could not deploy possibly as result of G-forces and structural stress, the aircraft lost about 10,000 feet until the crew was able to recover the aircraft exercising raw muscle force, restart the engines and divert to Muscat.

No radar data are available for the business jet, it is therefore unclear when the business jet departed from Male and where the actual “rendezvous” with the A380 took place. Based on the known time of the occurrence at 08:40Z as well as the time when the CL-604 reached Omani Airspace declaring emergency and landed in Muscat, as well as which A380s were enroute over the Arabian Sea around that time the most likely A380 was EK-412 and the “rendezvous” took place 630nm southeast of Muscat, which provides the best match of remaining flying time (2.5 hours) and distance for the CL-604 also considering rather strong northwesterly winds (headwind for the CL-604, tailwind for the A380s) - this analysis was confirmed on Mar 23rd 2017 by BFU information.

On Jan 7th 2017 there were also other A380-800s crossing the Arabian Sea from northwest to southeast: a Qantas A380-800, registration VH-OQJ performing flight QF-2 from Dubai to Sydney, was enrooted at FL330 about 1000nm southeast of Muscat and about 400nm northwest of Male at 08:40Z. An Emirates A380-800 registration A6-EDO performing flight EK-406 from Dubai to Melbourne, VI (Australia) was enrooted at FL350 about 470nm southeast of Muscat at 08:40Z. Another Emirates A380-800 registration A6-EUH performing flight EK-424 from Dubai to Perth, WA (Australia), was enrooted at FL350 about 350nm southeast of Muscat at 08:40z.

Air Traffic Control all around the globe have recently been instructed to exercise particular care with A380s crossing above other aircraft.

A number of Wake Turbulence Encounters involving A380s already reported:

Incident: Virgin Australia B738 near Bali on Sep 14th 2012, wake turbulence from A380
Incident: Air France A320 and Emirates A388 near Frankfurt on Oct 14th 2011, wake turbulence
Accident: British Airways A320 and Qantas A388 near Braunschweig on Oct 16th 2011, wake turbulence injures 4
Report: Antonov A124, Singapore A388 and Air France B744 near Frankfurt on Feb 10th 2011, wake turbulence by A388 causes TCAS RA
Report: REX SF34 at Sydney on Nov 3rd 2008, wake turbulence injures one
Incident: Armavia A320 near Tiblisi on Jan 11th 2009, turbulence at cruise level thought to be A380 wake

On Mar 18th 2017 an EASA safety information bulletin released stating:

With the increase of the overall volume of air traffic and enhanced navigation precision, wake turbulence encounters in the en-route phase of flight above 10 000 feet (ft) mean sea level (MSL) have progressively become more frequent in the last few years.

The aim of this SIB is to enhance the awareness of pilots and air traffic controllers of the risks associated with wake turbulence encounters in the en-route phase of flight and provide recommendations with the purpose of mitigating the associated risks.

The draft reasons:

The basic effects of wake turbulence encounter on a following aeroplane are induced roll, vertical acceleration (can be negative) and loss or gain of altitude. The greatest danger is an induced roll that can lead to a loss of control and possible injuries to cabin crew and passengers. The vortices are also most hazardous to following aircraft during the take-off, initial climb, final approach and landing.

However, en-route, the vortices evolves in altitudes at which the rate of decay leads to a typical persistence of 2-3 minutes, with a sink rate of 2-3 metres per second. Wakes will also be transported by wind.

Considering the high operating air speeds in cruise, wake can be encountered up to 25 nautical miles (NM) behind the generating aeroplane, with the most significant encounters reported within a distance of 15 NM. This is larger than in approach or departure phases of flight.

The encounters are mostly reported by pilots as sudden and unexpected events. The awareness of hazardous traffic configuration and risk factors is therefore of particular importance to anticipate, avoid and manage possible wake encounters. The draft issues following recommendations.

As precautionary measures, operators and pilots should be aware that:

- As foreseen in Reg. 965/2012 AMC1 to CAT.OP.MPA.170, the announcement to passengers should include an invitation to keep their seat belts fastened, even when the seat belt sign is off, unless moving around the cabin. This minimises the risk of passenger injury in case of a turbulence encounter en-route (wake or atmospheric).

- As indicated in ICAO PANS-ATM, for aeroplanes in the heavy wake turbulence category or for Airbus A380-800, the word “HEAVY” or “SUPER”, respectively, shall be included immediately after the aeroplane call sign in the initial radiotelephony contact between such aeroplanes and ATS units.

- When possible, contrails should be used to visualise wakes and estimate if their flight path brings them across or in close proximity.

- When flying below the tropopause altitude, the likelihood of wake encounter increases. The tropopause altitude varies (between days, between locations).

- Upwind lateral offset should be used if the risk of a wake encounter is suspected.

- Timely selecting seat belt signs to ‘ON’ and instruct cabin crew to secure themselves constitute precautionary measures in case of likely wake encounters.

In case of a wake encounter, pilots should:

- Be aware that it has been demonstrated during flight tests that if the pilot reacts at the first roll motion, when in the core of the vortex, the roll motion could be amplified by this initial piloting action. The result can be a final bank angle greater than if the pilot would not have moved the controls.

- Be aware that in-flight incidents have demonstrated that pilot inputs may exacerbate the unusual attitude condition with rapid roll control reversals carried out in an “out of phase” manner.

- Be aware that if the autopilot is engaged, intentional disconnection can complicate the scenario, and the autopilot will facilitate the recovery.

- Avoid large rudder deflections that can create important lateral accelerations, which could then generate very large forces on the vertical stabiliser that may exceed the structural resistance. Although some recent aircraft types are protected by fly-by-wire systems, use of the rudder does not reduce the severity of the encounter nor does it improve the ease of recovery.

- Make use of specific guidance available through AOM for their specific type(s)/fleet.

ATS providers and air traffic controllers should:

Enhance their awareness about en-route wake turbulence risk, key factors and possible mitigations, based on the information provided in this document and other relevant material. This could be achieved through flyers, e-learning, and refresher training module.

Possible risk mitigations may consist of:

- Make use of the wake turbulence category (WTC) indication in the surveillance label and/or the flight progress strip (whether electronic or paper), and observe closely separated aeroplanes that are at the opposite extremes of the WTC spectrum;

- As the best practice, provide traffic information, advising “CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE”, when you identify that a ‘HEAVY’ or ‘SUPER HEAVY’ wake category traffic is climbing or descending within 15 NM of another following traffic;

- Manage en-route traffic crossings such as , when possible while preserving safe tactical management of overall traffic in the sector, avoiding to instruct climb or descend to ‘HEAVY’ or ‘SUPER HEAVY’ traffic within 15 NM distance from another following traffic;

- If at all possible, avoid vectoring an aeroplane (particularly if it is LIGHT or MEDIUM category) through the wake of a HEAVY or SUPER HEAVY aeroplane where wake turbulence may exist.

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goodmorning (or evening, depending on where the admins live)! what are some of your favourite taekook and vmin fics? i'M KINDA HUNGRY FOR TAE CENTRED SHIPS if u get what i mean lmao xxxxxxx


summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest [vmin, T, 41k]

all this time you were right here (in my heart) by jjks [Vmin, G, 18k]

butterfingers by Batman [Taekook, T, 9k]

40,000 feet in the sky, I found you by MissterMaia [taekook, t, 8k]

baby, you’re bad by kadotas [vmin, M, 14k]

whatta man (good man) by aeterisks [taekook, E, 7k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [vmin, T, 22k]

…yeah, I like vmin more than taekook heh

-admin talia

Anastasia's letter to her father 22nd September 1914

September 22nd

My golden Papa!

Olga has just received a telegram from you. I’m going to go pray with Alexei, and then I’ll finish the letter. It’s sunny but cold here. Today we worked in Olga’s warehouse. Alexei feels better, he is cheerful and laughs a lot, so he is much better. 15 new soldiers arrived in my and Maria’s hospital, but we have not been there yet. Today we 4 had dinner alone, and Mama ate a little in bed. Mom met the Sisters who go to war. Beautiful Countess Kutuzova, Sashka’s 3 sisters and 2 nieces. Then the hussar’s wife, he was killed, I forgot his name, she’s not particularly pretty. I went to Alexei’s. I returned from Alexei’s, washed up and am writing now. I hope that you are sleeping well. I still have to prepare lessons, it’s so boring. We have not ridden our bicycles for a long time and have not passed under the windows of the guard room. It’s probably because it’s cold. Madame Dediulina said that she has a distant relative, Dediulin, in the Kexgolmsky regiment, and he is being held captive by the Germans in Danzig, and that there are five officers in prison there. In the small church of the Svodny Regiment there is a mass every day at 9 am, and Mama was there with Olga in the morning. Shura hurries me to end my writing, because it’s time to go to bed, but I certainly do not want to go to sleep. Count Schulenburg brought for Alexei a German rifle, a helmet in a case, a backsword, epaulets of the 147th regiment and a sash with silver tassels, a piece of shrapnel and, it seems, bullets. The carved rifle and the backsword, were given to be cleaned, the case was also stained. Alexei was very happy. It seems he is going back tomorrow. It is necessary for me to end.

I wish you all the best. I kiss your hands and feet 1 000 000 times. I’m waiting!
Your faithful servant loving you with all her heart
13-year-old Nastasia (Shvybzik) ANRPZSG
May the Lord keep you. +
Sleep sweetly and see me in your dreams.

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Miracle City Mall (Titusville, Florida) 

ADDRESS: 2500 S Washington Ave #14, Titusville, FL 32780

COORDINATES: 28.585492, -80.804375

Miracle City Mall opened in 1968, built on 32 acres and covering 275,000 square feet of floor space. Stores in the mall included: JCPenney, Belk, Lindsey, Thom McAn (a shoe store), McCrory (a department store), Vogue, and Lerner. A Hallmark card shop, Zales Jewelry, and a Walgreens with a snack bar were also within the mall. 

There are speculations as to what caused the mall’s decline, but many agree that Miracle City was hit hard when the Walmart Supercenter opened in 1995. By the mid-2000s, the mall was just a shadow of its former self. Belk’s had left, leaving JCPenney’s to anchor the business. Due to the economic depression, the site showed signs of deterioration as there was barely any maintenance done.

The end of the space program in 2011 was a huge blow to the economy of Titusville, and a killing blow to the mall. Due to health and safety concerns of their employees, JCPenney was forced to vacate at the end of their lease in February 2013. 

Landscape Language

Altocumulus (n) – mid-altitude clouds

Altocumulus clouds are mid-altitude clouds that form between 6,600-20,000 feet. There are four “species” or subtypes of altocumulus cloud. The most common type is Altocumulus stratiformis, which forms a “strata” or layer of small globs of clouds. However, when altocumulus clouds hit an object – say a mountain that reaches to 14,410 feet – the clouds can change shape, forming Altocumulus lenticularis. They are more commonly known as simply “lenticulars”.  What other clouds have you spotted around Mount Rainier?

NPS photo of both Altocumulus stratiformis and Altocumulus lenticularis clouds around Mount Rainier, June 8, 2016. Description: Spotted clouds give way to smooth clouds wrapped around the peak of a mountain. ~kl

On October 13, 1972, the navigating equipment aboard Uruguayan Air Force Flight 572 malfuctioned, and the plane carrying 45 passengers crashed into a peak in the Andean mountains, killing twelve people instantly. The remaining survivors were left with virtually no shelter, heat, or food, and five more people succumbed within the next few days to the cold or their injuries.

A search for the plane was conducted over a period of eight days, but pilots scouting the mountain ranges failed to spot the intact fuselage or the twenty seven survivors that remained. Due to poor weather the search was cancelled after just eleven days, leaving the survivors at the total mercy of the elements.

The survivors quickly exhausted their few food stores, and there was no vegetation or animals that high on the mountain (some 13 000 feet). Facing starvation, the survivors made the grimmest of decisions; in order to live, they had to dine on human flesh.

Most of the survivors initially refused the notion of cannibalism, but after a few days most gave in. They were careful to only eat the flesh of those who were already dead, and they held Mass for the deceased and prayed over them before eating them.

Two weeks after the crash, an avalanche buried the fuselage - which the survivors had converted into a shelter - under several feet of snow, killing another eight people. Fearing the group would not survive the oncoming freezing weather, a drastic decision was made; three survivors would climb the western mountain slope and try to find help. The three strongest men were chosen for the task, and they spent three days wandering the frigid slopes with hardly any food and only half of a sleeping bag for shelter. They made it down the mountain and camped beside a river, hoping for someone to pass by. After nine days the emaciated men were spotted by ranchers on horseback, and local officials could not believe their ears when the men declared they were survivors of the plane crash, and that more survivors were still in the mountains. Helicopters were immediately dispatched, and within hours they discovered sixteen terribly thin, malnourished,ill men huddling for warmth inside the fuselage. They had survived for over two months.

When the story broke, it was a media sensation all around the world. Camera crews flocked to the crash sight and the survivors became instant celebrities. Their ordeal became known as ‘The Miracle of the Andes’ and continues to be one of the most inspiring examples of human survival ever documented.

Picture: the survivors of the plane crash smile for the camera. Notice the half eaten human spinal cord in the bottom right corner.