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This image shows Jupiter’s south pole, as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft from an altitude of 32,000 miles (52,000 kilometers). The oval features are cyclones, up to 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) in diameter. Multiple images taken with the JunoCam instrument on three separate orbits were combined to show all areas in daylight, enhanced color, and stereographic projection.

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles

There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up
Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth's climate warms
By Jasmin Fox-Skelly

In a 2005 study, NASA scientists successfully revived bacteria that had been encased in a frozen pond in Alaska for 32,000 years. The microbes, called Carnobacterium pleistocenium, had been frozen since the Pleistocene period, when woolly mammoths still roamed the Earth. Once the ice melted, they began swimming around, seemingly unaffected.

Frozen permafrost soil is the perfect place for bacteria to remain alive for very long periods of time, perhaps as long as a million years. That means melting ice could potentially open a Pandora’s box of diseases.

Useless fact

With 30 000 (or 32 000, depending of the source), France has the world record of roundabout.

60 000 would be the number of roundabout in Europe/the world (again, depending of the source), so France has half of it.

Predictions for the next episode
  • i spend almost the entire episode entirely distracted by iain
  • i mean by his incredible wealth of acting talent
  • but also his ♪♫ hair and shoulders shirt and arms (shirt and arms) ♫♪
  • philinda will give me (more) secondhand embarrassment
  • iain de caestecker will make me cry while looking really good
  • i will want to slap the flesh robot a minimum of 30 times (per minute of screentime)
  • jemma and daisy will both need naps
  • but the naps must wait
  • like i will be waiting the whole time for a fitzsimmons reunion
  • i will be very uncomfortable and high-key bitter every second that flesh robot is on screen with fitz instead of Jemma
  • everyone will be in danger, including me from a stress-induced heart attack
  • if fitzsimmons are not reunited i will scream and holler and RIOT
  • i will be exhausted by the end of the episode and probably grumpy
  • did i mention iain ;) 
  • he invented acting and also won 32,000,000 awards in ONE NIGHT
  • and i’m gonna die? :) :) :)

i finally got my first anonymous hate comment on my shuake fic and it’s. SO. FUNNY. “did you play the game” i sure did, buddy, but did you? because it… really doesn’t seem like it

my favorite part is where they call it “abusive yaoi” while commenting on a story where they’ve spent 32,000 words holding hands and cuddling

shuake is homophobic.jpg

North Korea vows revenge after alleged CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-Un with 'biochemical weapons'

North Korea has threatened to launch a series of retaliations on the US and South Korean intelligence agencies after an alleged assassination attempt on its leader, Kim Jong-Un.

The country’s military will begin “a series of more powerful anti-terrorism striking actions and mercilessly destroy the terrorists”, said an English-language statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

It went on to accuse the two countries of trying to kill the North Korean dictator with “biochemical substances” during a parade in the country’s capital Pyongyang, celebrating the Day of the Sun, which commemorates the birth of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-Sung.

The administration also claimed that the CIA bribed a North Korean citizen $40,000 (£32,000) to carry out the assassination.

Ri Byong Ho, the North Korea head of intelligence, said the suspect was a "very important person” and that “there have already been more than 80 planned terrorist attacks” that have been foiled.

In retaliation, North Korea is undertaking “counter-terrorism measures of justice,” he added.

No proof has been provided to back up the claims.

The CIA have not yet commented on Pyongyang’s allegations.

In what appears to be a separate incident, the North Korean government detained a US citizen over the weekend, on suspicion of acts against the state.

Kim Hak Song, an evangelical Christian missionary, worked for the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, the state news agency said.

If confirmed, it would make him the fourth US citizen to be held by the isolated country amid fierce diplomatic tensions with US over the North’s nuclear programme.

The country has in the past used detained Americans to extract high-profile visits from the United States, with which it has no formal diplomatic relations.

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Berserk: an in-depth analysis

Hi Berserk fans. So it’s finally complete! My 56 page, 32,000 word analysis of Berserk (that was supposed to be 2 pages originally :/). I’ve been at it for a few weeks now and though it isn’t fully tweaked, I’ve decided to share it with you all. I’ll post Part 2 soon.

Thanks for all your feedback :)


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afraidcouldbe  asked:

Minchia 32.000 io ne ho 257 T_T

man mano crescerai anche tu. 🌸 basta solo essere se stessi postare cose che ti piacciono e i lettori pian piano cresceranno, ma poi il numero dei lettori nemmeno conta, conta chi, chi ti segue, se anche solo ti seguissero 10 persone è così bello pensare che sei riuscita a colpirli nel cuore e ti seguono perché amano ciò che posti.

EotB story stats

As per AO3, I started it last August, and it has almost 32,000 words by now. And here was me thinking it would barely be over 15,000! And there’s at least 10,000 to go. 

*cracks knuckles*

Better get to work if I want it done before it’s a year old! :D

sometimes when I’m calculating up assets and budgets regarding ‘luxury items’, I think of this asshol, and the sort of brain rot he must suffer.

a good iPhone or android doesn’t cost $100+; maybe his iPad, his custom mac, and his iWatch cost around $32,000+, but the hungry don’t want an uber expensive phone. A good phone will have a moderate expense, but afterwards it is just the wifi bills, and even then if a household doesn’t have wifi, plenty of places allow free wifi use and in theory people can use that to make contact/make calls.

Also take into account most people will cut cords - who needs cords these days, when you have the bill of a reliable mobile phone on your shoulders. You’re gunna pay that bill and forget the dust covered phone nailed down at the house.

In these families, they may not have the finances for a computer, thus a lot of everything is done over the phone - with the ease of apps and their increase of use by businesses - who want people to swing over to their neck of the woods and consumer products - why not? The easier it is for people to access their wants on the go and through the phone, the more business finance the ease of use of their services - this means through app services, which consumers stay connected to the business with. It builds connection, it keeps relevance in the minds of consumers.

I wonder night and day what special kind of ineptitude people like him breed into, to blame an essential utility for the reason why people can’t (or are restricted from) health care service. I wrote a report once that cited a competent society as one that does not pity its inhibited populace, but enables them - i.e., find ways to accommodate those which lack certain capabilities, and endow them with the essentials that they need in order to overcome obstacles.

Or as I like to put it, why would you restrict people from removing themselves from their homes? I had this misconstrued idea that we wanted to lower the unemployment rates, and it was a goal to get more of the capable and willing people out there working. People at first glance unable to work, have the opportunity to become able to work - if you fucking assist them with their atrocious medical costs.

Another crippling issue that distracts from Jason Voorhees, and all these members of this cluster fuck house of politics, is that they continue to drag in the minority of those from VAL demographics who are willing to abuse the system and lump them into their imaginary PRZM cluster of ‘slum dwellers’, or people completely content with a low-low socioeconomic status wherein they live paycheck to paycheck due a unshakable mindset; “this is where I am and this is where I WANT to stay.” This is a mindset of only a few people in this living condition, but there is a vast majority struggling to gain achievements and living stability - many cannot realize this dream due to medical impairments that are their own or belong to family/friends who they are willing to aid.

The US government has this brutish desire to impede the efforts of hardworking people for sake of social status. Which is quite confusing, as this will not aid our government, our land, or our potential to thrive as a society. The insistence that anyone that is not a pink or white collar worker should have less opportunities to health and safety, and limited access to health care is narrow-minded and boarders self-induced dismantling of society.

We could learn more through treating people of their illnesses, rather than turning them away. We would be more equipped to contend with spread of infection and illness, if our society was prepared to take in and treat those rather than threaten them with high bills. When we leave people out to deal with illnesses on their own, that increase the exponential rate of infection. It’s like politicians think that mosquitoes aren’t the most interesting set of unintended murderers to exist.

But I live in a desert with limited access to water. What does the forecaster know?