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Useless fact

With 30 000 (or 32 000, depending of the source), France has the world record of roundabout.

60 000 would be the number of roundabout in Europe/the world (again, depending of the source), so France has half of it.

This is a little late in coming, but I wanted to make a painting to thank my amazing followers – all 32,000 of you!!  I meant to say thank you at 30k, but life has been super obnoxious and hectic lately.  If my apartment’s kitchen doesn’t spew my neighbor’s nasty rotten food water all over my floor anymore in my near future I’ll be (mostly) content. ;P

But anyway, when I have a bit more time, I intend to do another give away.  I’m thinking of holding another number guessing contest, but this time I’m going to give away a bunch of original fan art paintings (since I don’t sell fan art).  There will be some Steven Universe and Fantastic Beasts in the there, likely, so stay tuned and thank you all once again!!  You’re all the best!!!!

On this blog, I have been blatantly encouraging Americans to go vote (and go vote for Hillary at that, the only real chance at stopping Trump) all day, and with the amount of followers that I have I pretty much expected a significant chunk to unfollow me over that (because there’s gotta be SOME Trump supporters in there, right?), yet only like two people unfollowed me today (which happens on an average day and might not even be about that). 

Only two, out of nearly 32.000. And let me tell you, I am so glad that these are the people choosing to follow me. You guys are all awesome and amazing and I hope you’ll stick around for a long time. Bless you all!

And if you are American; it’s not too late to vote, make it count!

Farewell “Lusty”

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious will set sail for her last time today, as she travels from Portsmouth to a Turkish scrapyard after being sold by the MOD for £2 million.

She was the last active aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy and was in service from 1982 to 2014. Seeing service in the Falklands, Gulf and Iraq wars. Also providing key humanitarian assistance during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

After traveling over 900,000 miles in her 32 years her time has come, with hopes to turn her into a museum ship rejected, she will be torn apart and recycled.

Vox Non Incerta

“Mom, why is this Santa Claus black?”
“Because Santa can be any color! He gives toys to all the good children of the world and any person, no matter their skin color, can do that if they are generous and kind! Santa could even be a woman!”
“Ohhhh, I see. Could the Easter bunny be black?”
“What the fuck of course not you fucking moron how the fuck could you even think that for a fucking second the Easter bunny is white or pink maybe yellow but not fucking black what the fuck my kid is fucking stupid as fuck were you switched at birth because my son shouldn’t be so fucking stupid I went to Tufts and graduated early and won $32,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire the old version with Regis which was harder you are so fucking stupid and backwards I think I’m going to leave you here at the mall near the FYE: For Your Entertainment oh my god did the FYE: For Your Entertainment close down it looks like it did good bye FYE: For Your Entertainment you were better than my dumb son.”

マダラニンゲン 2nd collection「濡羽色」// new item lineup

◉マダラニンゲン 2nd collection「濡羽色」

袴サロペット ¥37,500 (tax in) *モデル着用
拘束カットソー ¥25,900 (tax in)
ナースビッグT (Graphic by Trevor Brown) ¥7,840 (tax in)
レザー ベレー帽 ¥9,400  (tax in) *モデル着用
拘束ワンピース [size: 1 / 2] ¥28,800 (tax in)
ロングスリーブジャケット ¥56,000 (tax in) *モデル着用
ボウタイシャツ (Graphic by Trevor Brown)  ¥32,000 (tax in) *モデル着用
スクエアリング レザーシルバー [size: S / M / L] ¥22,000 (tax in)
ラバーソール草履 ¥39,900 (tax in) *モデル着用
スウェット (Graphic by Trevor Brown) [color: 黒 / 白] ¥12,000 (tax in)
ナースタイツ (Graphic by Trevor Brown) ¥4,800 (tax in)
ゼメキス家 家紋バングル ¥5,900 (tax in)
ゼメキス家 家紋ピアス [片耳] ¥3,500 (tax in)
ゼメキス家 家紋チョーカー ¥4,900 (tax in)

◉マダラニンゲン 2nd collection「濡羽色」展示会のお知らせ

〒150-0042東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-17 ライズビル2F
※sukekiyo 二〇一六年公演「ハロウィン殺しの儀」公演会場での開催となります。

※「GALAXY BROAD SHOP」ポップアップストア内「マダラニンゲン」ブースでの開催となります。

I learned the other day for the first time that you grow GIANT when you eat a magic “famous mushroom”. So nice to experience in dreams when they are scattered all over town and you don’t have to sacrifice the 32,000 bells :) 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Did the Eric's parents have to pay something to the families of the victims? I know they were sued but i don't know any detail

Hi! You’re right that Eric’s parents were sued by the families of the victims, but they weren’t the only ones. These news articles might help:

$2.53 million deal ends some Columbine lawsuits

Judges dismisses all but one Columbine lawsuit

Columbine families settle suits with parents

Columbine teacher’s family settles lawsuit

Families settle in Columbine lawsuit

Shoels family settles for $360,000 in lawsuit against gunmen’s families

By terms of the settlement, the Harrises and Klebolds will contribute $1,568,000 through their homeowners’ policies to the victims’ families and guarantee that an additional $32,000 would be available for any future claims. (This was for the settlement that had a total of $2.53 million, but they later also settled in another case for an undisclosed amount and had the Shoels settlement to contend with on top of that. It’s indicated that the Klebolds paid more than the Harris family did.) 

A shot of my favourite writing spot - which happens to be my bed.
I am currently writing my third novel, which is (kind of) a crime thriller and deals with some philosophical as well as psychological questions such as “Can one be held guilty for what they do if they changed their behavior after e.g. an injury?”

For those kind people of you who are asking me about my books: Unfortunately, they are written in German since that’s my native language and even though I feel quite comfortable writing in English, it is just something that feels right to do.
I will try to find a solution for that when the novel is finished (maybe I will find someone who is able to translate it in a good way, I’d do it myself, though) since I would really love to share this other part of my literature with you!
I’ll give you further updates on that matter if you want to.
And thanks for 32.000 follows, that is absolutely incredible!

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Auditory Range of Animals 

animal                                     frequency   (hertz)
                                                        low       high
  Humans                                         20      20,000
  Cats                                             100      32,000
  Dogs                                              40      46,000
  Horses                                           31      40,000
  Elephants                                      16      12,000
  Cattle                                             16      40,000
  Bats                                          1,000     150,000
  Grasshoppers and locusts          100      50,000
  Rodents                                   1,000     100,000
  Whales and dolphins                    70     150,000
  Seals and sea lions                    200      55,000

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27
All the odds were stacked against Gideon and his people. The Midianites were oppressing them and they cried out to God. The Lord asked Gideon to deliver his people out the hands of Midian. But Gideon had such low self esteem. He replied, “But how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.” But in the eyes of God, He was a mighty warrior. God used Gideon and his men, just 300 of them, to wipe out 32,000 strong men from the Midianite camp. 300 men alone couldn’t do it. But the Lord could.
When the odds are not in your favour, don’t think that God has abandoned you. Your money, your success, and even people you thought were friends may disappear. Stand your ground and stay focused on the Lord. With everything else stripped away, you’ll be amazed at what your heavenly Father can achieve.

i’m trying to pick some glamour shots of @skold‘s zine to show off on here cuz it’s GORGEOUS but they are all too good, this zine is a fucking BEAST

32,000 words. 72 pages. my back hurts. my neck hurts. my ass keeps eating my underwear. it’s beautiful. it is our child. i love it so much.

How drinking Guinness with Biz Stone launched one of the fastest-growing startups in the Valley today

(Intercom co-founder, CEO Eoghan McCabeIntercom)
Even in the Silicon Valley world of hyper-growth startups, Intercom’s success is fast and furious.

The company has grown from $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR, i.e. revenue under contract) to $50 million in ARR in just three years, almost entirely through word of mouth sales, CEO Eoghan McCabe tells Business Insider.

That $50 million in ARR comes from 17,000 paying customers, which equates to 100,000 monthly active users, the 32-year-old McCabe says.

The company was founded in 2011, at the founder’s favorite home-town coffee shop. One year later, Intercom launched its software, a customer service app that handles and integrates all the ways companies talk to customers.

Its three-year stretch of growth makes Intercom among the fastest-growing enterprise startups in the Valley today, according to research by Intercom from Bessemer’s State of the Cloud 2017 report.

Although Slack still reigns supreme in the world of fast growing enterprise startups, Intercom hit $50 million in ARR faster than Twilio, Service Now, Shopify and others.

Indeed, things are going so well, that it only took two months for its latest product to hit ARR of $1 million. That product is called “Educate.” It’s a self-help companion tool to its major customer service product “Resolve." 

(Bessemer Venture Partners State of the Cloud 2017/Intercom)

Shunned by the VCs

McCabe says the success of Intercom makes him feel like pinching himself.

This was the third startup he launched with co-founders Des Traynor, Ciaran Lee, and David Barrett. "Companies 1 and 2, didn’t work out so well,”  McCabe laughs. 

Intercom has now raised $115.5 million in four funding rounds (plus a seed round), with the startup valued at $527 million, according to Pitchbook.

But the company didn’t seem particularly earmarked for growth when it started.

McCabe and his cofounders are Irish and founded Intercom in Dublin. When they moved to the US to grow Intercom, they couldn’t get a single VC to take them seriously.

Their product does all the parts of customer service in one integrated package, help desk, email, live chat, marketing automation and the customer database, so no matter how a company talks to a customer, the company knows who that person is. The idea came from that coffee shop owner, who knew all his regulars by name. They wanted to do for internet businesses what he did for his customers, McCabe says.

But the VCs weren’t biting. “Every single VC in the Valley said this idea was crazy. ‘You are doing way too much. You have to focus.’ That’s what you hear when you start a brand new thing. We weren’t trying to reinvent the CRM, or trying to just build for a sales team or a marketing team," McCabe remembers.

Without investors, "We had to beg and borrow. We went to every single of one of friends, asked them to try this crazy thing. We held their hands.”

Biz Stone to the rescue

The turning point came when he reached out to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

(Biz StoneBrian Ach/Getty Images for Canon Project Imaginat10n)
McCabe had met Stone a few years before. He was an early user of Twitter. In 2007, McCabe was making his first trip from Ireland to the Bay Area and, on a whim, he emailed Stone.

“He was the guy at Twitter. Whenever we got emails about new feature on Twitter, they came from Biz,” he said.

“So I emailed him and said, hey we’re from Ireland, we’d like to buy you a Guinness. He replied in 10 minutes and we were hanging out with the founding team at Twitter in an hour or two.”

The Intercom team eventually built an app called Quitter that worked with Twitter’s service, alerting Twitter users when people stopped following them. It was fun, did well for a while, but was not a business.

So, in 2011, when McCabe and team were working on Intercom and having no luck raising money, “I reached out to Biz again.”

Biz remembered him and agreed to invest a small, undisclosed sum in Intercom.

“Biz is an incredibly smart guy, but with all due respect, he didn’t have a clue what Intercom was back in the day. We barely knew what it was. But Biz bet on me and on us.”

Stone’s name as a backer was the golden key. With him as an angel, Intercom got seed funding from 500 Startups and other big name angels, like PayPal mafia member David Sacks and Slack's Stewart Butterfield, and Huddle founder Andy McLoughlin.

(Intercom co-foundersIntercom)
In June, 2013, Chamath Palihapitiya’s fund Social Capital bit, and invested $6 million. 

Fast forward to April, 2016: With Intercom’s revenue growing, VCs were flinging themselves to invest. “The last $50 million round came together in five days," McCabe says.

This even though Intercom is not cash-flow positive. "We are trending toward profitability at an aggressive rate," McCabe says.

He tells us that he’s not looking to raise another round of funding.

In the meantime, Intercom has also grown to 300 employees and done so without startup perks. In the founders’ first two companies "We tried the startup culture.” Both companies tanked.

So at Intercom. “There are no foosball tables. We treat employees like grownups. We do not pamper them like children. I’d much rather people come in and focus, get their work done, and then go live life.”

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