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Oh gosh. Do you think you could draw more Inuyasha! Bakudeku? That first one was so freaking cute... It's really inspiring me to write a fic...... *also sorry if this ask came twice! My computer is funky.. TvT)

I can only do screenshot redraws sorry 

99 and Marlowe

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin

Genre: Soulmates!AU (kWritersNet May Prompt) + Angst 

Prompt: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,158

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Promos/Animatics/Snapchats/ etc. analysis and theories

Before we begin there will be spoilers ahead for scenes of Season 2,

While I was browsing around on Youtube I was recommended a video about Miraculous Ladybug video by NWNA - Animater showcasing various vidoes, photos and etc for the upcoming season 2, some of the things that were shown caught my interest. I screen shot a few of scenes in the video.

An image of Natalie and Mrs. Agreste with the Peacock villain with the Miraculous box, now the reason why I took a shot of this is because the fact that the two females have very similar eyes. Could this be indicting that one of them is the Miraculous holder of the Peacock?

Then we have a schedule date for other TV shows for Season 3 and the Ladybug live action movie.

And Ladybug saving Adrien from another Akuma attack, but from who?

Master Fu and Marinette discussing the book.

Chat and Marinette together at her home watching the city

A quick Snapchat video of Cristina Vee voicing a scene for the Lucky Charm scene which Marinette summons a bike piddle and again for who exactly? 

Marinette pointing out the missing Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous for some reason. Seems like security cameras or Natalie caught Adrien stealing the book and show it to his father. The next scene then shows Marinette running to school, then stopping and hide behind a post thinking of the worst of something that happened with some obvious movie references

In the next video Ladybug is seen running away from a book by the Akumatized victim in Adrien’s home.

Than a fight breaks out between the heroes and the new villain show at NYCC (if i remember) and a look at their power

Then we’re cut to a scene with the whole class surrounding Chole who is actually crying which is very visible, because Adrien got in trouble and is now staying in his home for now due to him stealing the book.

Then a whole scene of Gabriel is throwing and destroying photo shots of sons then holding a old drawing when his wife was alive, then Gorilla escorting Adrien up the stairs to his room then Chat finding the drawing on the ground.

The gates to the mansion is closed and Marinette is standing in front of the gates.

Gabriel has a whole photo gallery in his computer thing (?) of all the pages from the book of Miraculous Heroes, so why is Adrien in trouble even though he has a whole folder of the pages in his software?

Seems that things aren’t going to be smooth sailing for everyone as shown, could this mean that Miraculous Ladybug will be taking a much more worse path then Season 1? 

Nightmares | Peter Parker

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This came to me this morning, and I had to write it! (:

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff

Peter was coming over tonight after his daily Spiderman duties, and I decided that I would make him dinner rather just ordering pizza like we always do. The problem with that is that I am not the best cook, but I can definitely make pasta. So, I decide to make chicken alfredo, the one thing I can make.

I lived in an apartment that was maybe ten minutes from Peter’s, and usually he would go home and put regular clothes on before he came here just in case my parents were home. Tonight, they were out on their own little date night, so I told Peter he could come straight here so that he would be here sooner. He would usually come about 8:30, so I was expecting him to be here around 8:00.

At 8:00, I was done cooking, and I was starving. I suddenly decided I would also put together a salad to go with the pasta. I got a large bowl and the things I would need for the fridge, turning the TV on as I done so because it felt too quiet. The TV was on the news, and I decided to leave it there. I get the salad prepared and set it on the table. I check my watch and it was 8:15 and it crossed my mind that something may be wrong. But, I told myself it’s only fifteen minutes, don’t worry.

I go to the couch to sit down away from the food to stop myself from devouring it all. Suddenly, the news came back from the commercials with “Breaking News” flashing across the screen. My attention was caught as a blonde newscaster appeared to tell a story.

“Well, tonight, we have heartbreaking news from Queens.” She spoke, and a picture of Spiderman appeared to her right and my heart dropped. I sat up towards the edge of my seat, waiting to hear what she says. “Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman was luckily around as a woman was being assaulted in an alleyway. Spiderman began to help the woman by shooting his webs to sustain the two men, but sadly, he did not know that the two men carried guns.”

I gulped and my foot tapped impatiently on the floor, not wanting this to be real. “As Spiderman shot his webs, the men fired a shot that sadly was fatal to our Queens hero. This is a sad, sad day for New York. Spiderman helped everyone he could, no matter the situation. His identity shall remain a secret even after his death.”

I got up and grabbed my jacket and ran out of my apartment. I just kept running and running and running. I had to get to Peter, I have to find him, but every step I take feels like I have chains around my legs pulling me back, but I just keep going. I have to get to Peter. I have to find him and make sure that the news was lying. He can’t be dead. He can’t be. I kept running and running and running

“Y/n!” I hear and I gasp as I’m woken up to a very worried Peter lying next to me in his bed, his hand on my face. I sigh leaning into his hand, as I grab it as it stays on my face.  I sit with my eyes shut, trying to recover, but it just felt so real. Because I knew it could be one day.

I gulped and rubbed my thumb along his hand, just happy I could touch him and be here with him because I thought I lost him. Peter rubbed my arm and I could feel his worried stare. I have been putting off telling him about how worried I am about him because I know he loves what he does, and I think it is amazing what he does. But I always remember in the back of my mind how dangerous it truly is.

“Another nightmare?” He whispered to me. I nodded, my eyes still closed. He sighed, making me open my eyes and look up at him. He kissed my forehead and pulled away looking straight into my eyes. “Why won’t you tell me what your nightmares are about?”

I looked away from his eyes. “I don’t really remember them.” I said.

“Really?” He said, not believing me. “Then, tell me that looking in my eyes.”

I looked up to him, and then looked away again, biting my lip. He nodded, realizing he was right.

“There about me, aren’t they?” He said, voice barely above a whisper. I still couldn’t look at him, because I didn’t want him to know. When he gained no response, his question was answered. He gulped and turned my face, making me look at him. “Y/n, I know what I do is really dangerous, but- “

“No,” I said shaking my head. “Don’t do that. You can’t promise me that you will be okay, because you don’t know if that’s true.”

He looked at me sadly and said, “No, I don’t.”

I looked up to his eyes and my stomach filled with butterflies just by the way he looked at me. I knew that he worried about me too since I know about him being Spiderman. He worries that someone will hurt me to hurt him. He’s told me his worries, but I don’t want to tell him mine and make him feel bad for what he does because it’s amazing. “I love you so much. It just scares me that one day something could happen,” I say.

“I know, baby,” he said, making my heart flutter at the name. “What I can promise is that I will be as careful as I can possibly be. And that I love you so much too.”

I smiled and leaned in and kissed him softly. He pulled my hips closer to his and he deepened the kiss. His right hand slid down my thigh and he pulled me as close as he possibly could. We stayed like that for a while before finally pulling away.

“Okay, I have to use the bathroom,” I say about to get up and get ready for the day, but he pushes me back down onto the bed, making me laugh. “Peter!”

“I’m not letting you go,” He says sweetly, hugging me around my waist and pulling me as close as possible. He rests his head on my chest. I smile and kiss the top of his head, before playing his hair. “Me either,” I said.

I’ve gotten a lot of asks recently about my style and such, so here’s a short tutorial, as well as some of my brush settings!! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me!! <33

Brush Settings:

This is my favorite brush!! I use it for lines

The only other brush I use all the time is my “water” brush, which I use for blushes and skintones!! 


Step 1: Sketch

Mine are always super messy, but the cleaner your sketch is the easier it will be for you to line!!

Step 2: Lines

This is definitely less fun than sketching jnjsdaskj,,, I usually use stabilizer 6, for nice lines. Use quick, long strokes rather than short and choppy ones!! I use the same brush for lining as I do sketching!!

Step 3: Coloring pt. 1

Make sure your lineart is nice and outlined, or this won’t work!! Merge your lineart onto one layer, and use the magic wand tool (circled) to select the outside of your lineart!!

Step 4: Coloring pt. 2

“Invert” your selection by going to the menu bar and clicking “Selection” (circled) >”Invert Selection”. It should look something like this!! I then use the character’s skin tone as a “base”

Step 4: Coloring pt. ????

Add the base colors!! 

Step 5: Coloring pt. IDK

I “unify” my colors, using the base tone (skincolor)!! I lower the opacity (usually to about 80-90%), color select, raise the opacity back up again, and use the selected color to replace the old one ;’). It makes the colors look more uniform!!

Step 6: Add PI Z Z A Z

I add blushes using my water tool, but that’s p much all i do lol?? i’m lazy, but feel free to add as much shading as you want!

Step 7: Color in the Lineart

Self-Explanatory. Use preserve opacity (circled) and color in the lineart with whatever color you want!!

Step 8: Add a background/texture!!

It can be as simple/complex as you want, I usually use simple gradients bc once again, I’m lazy!! Add TEXTURE: See “Paints Effect”, under there, click “Texture”. A bunch of options should appear, though I usually use Watercolor B, width 50 and around 40% opacity!! 

Step 10: finishing touches!! 

I use a red overlay at VERY LOW opacity (aound 5-10%) for a unified color scheme, and add a strokes of luminosity here and there (around the eyes, random lines, etc.) at an opacity of 5-10% as well!!

AND YOU’RE DONE!! :00!! 

Ep 53 the suffering game 3, 15:00

Dunno if you’ve done this one yet but…

Griffin: The other one’s gonna come for you now Merle.

Clint: Bring it, hoss!

Griffin: Uh… that is a 19 vs AC!

Clint: …oh.

Justin: It’s been broughten.

Clint: It done got brought.

Travis: (says something, I dunno).

I’m quite literally just reading through transcripts (made by @tazscripts) and queuing quotes chronologically, but I’ll take quotes from any episode as submissions. So quotes from episodes I haven’t gotten to yet, or ones I skipped, are fine.

Hello all! Man, am I happy with out this came out! My friend and I were talking about the jacksepticeye-protection-squad and how all of the boys are beans. Then I came up with an idea.

What if there was an assassin Jack?

We talked back and forth on it, and we both really like the idea. We’ve even gotten a name for him and everything!

Ash the assassin.
Probably the worst assassin you’ll ever see. Clumsy little guy. Falls on his face just by walking while other assassins can leap from rooftop to rooftop and shit. Bright green colors. That really gets rid of the whole point of being sneaky. Loud as fuck. Usually by falling or screaming. A little septic eye follows him around everywhere. He can’t get his damn work done >:00

This took me about an hour or more, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

Love Happens [1]

Request: Nope! I felt like writing this! 

I also want to thank @tommoholland2013 for helping me by editing and making this first chapter much better than it was before! Go follow her! She write awesome things too :D

Pairing: Peter Parker x Chubby Female Reader

Warnings: A bit of fat-shaming in this one!

Word Count: 1427

[This happens after the events of Homecoming]

You were always insecure about yourself. Not only about your weight, but also about your academics and the way you socialized.

But at least you had Peter, Ned and Michelle. Michelle only hung out with you because you were also quiet and joined her pretty much in any conversation she’d start.

Ned was close to you because of Star Wars and your mutual love for it. Even though you were also a Trekkie, you appreciated Star Wars more when he was around.

But with Peter, it was different. The way he laughed at the jokes you were only confident enough to tell when you were around them. The way he texted you to know if you had gotten home safely after leaving your part-time job late in the night, and how he called your phone if you didn’t reply in a matter of seconds.

It was just different with him, and you dared to think that maybe, just maybe, you were starting to have your first crush on someone, possibly even love.

But you knew it was only a fantasy. Maybe he cared this much because he saw you as a sister. There was no way Peter Parker could feel the same way about you as you felt about him. How can he like you if you don’t even like yourself?

Your mom always said that confidence is the key, but she was never over 150 pounds or suffered from social anxiety. No, your mother was quite the opposite: tall, elegant and irresistible.

Sometimes you wondered if you were adopted.

Today you finished another shift, and you left work at midnight. You hurried to catch the last bus that stopped right on your street. The ride was only ten minutes, but it gave you time to relax andlisten to music. As usual, you got a text from Peter as you walked to the station, making you smile.

Peter: hey (y/n) are you on your way to the bus?

You: yep! Another day done, TGIF!

It was hard to text and walk quickly at the same time, but you had grown used to it.

Peter: Tell me about it! Text me as soon as you get on the bus, okay?

You didn’t reply because you needed to pay attention while crossing to the other side of the street, the bus station was just around the corner now.

You: Sure, don’t worry Peter. I’ve never been robbed and I’ve lived in Queens for almost 10 years haha

Peter: I don’t care, (y/n). Your safety is very important to me.

Your heart skipped a beat as you inhaled sharply. But you wished it had been because of Peter’s text.

Peter: You know, ever since Liz left, I’ve thought about a lot of things

You struggled against the sudden hand covering your mouth, while another unknown hand dragged you into a dark alley. You actually could see the bus and its driver, so you tried to signalize him by struggling a lot.

Peter: (Y/N)? you there? Are you on the bus?

Tears started to form in the corners of your eyes when you saw the bus leaving without you. You had been so devastated that your attacker used that to their advantage and forcefully pulled you into the darkness of the empty alley. The alley was badly lit, so no one could see you.

“Don’t move and this will be quick.” A raspy, and definitely male voice, ordered you coldly.

Peter: (y/n)??? C’mon, answer me. I’m getting really worried, (Y/N). I’m just gonna call you.

And so he did. You heard your phone vibrate in your hand, the personalized tune for Peter ringing throughout the dark space. You held your breath as the criminal turning your purse upside down paused to glare at your hand.

“Give me your phone!” The man barked.

“No!” You cried loud enough to scare yourself at how terrified you sounded.

“Shut up, you fat bitch! Now give me your phone…“ The man drew something from his back pocket and you flinched at the shining gun that was now pointed at you, “…or else…”

You couldn’t believe the situation you had somehow gotten tangled in, and you were trembling with fear. You never thought this would happen to you, maybe you jinxed yourself? Were you really going to get shot if you didn’t give your phone to this man? You couldn’t move at all. You were petrified.

The man suddenly leaped forward and pushed you against the dirt, brick wall by your head. squeezing it as well.

“I’m gonna count to three, fat-ass, and if you don’t give me your phone, I’ll put a bullet between your pretty eyes, got it?”

You couldn’t breathe.

“One…” he drawled.

You wanted to see Peter.


Oh God, what was the last thing you said to Peter?



Hearing a new voice, the criminal was startled and immediately turned towards the source of the voice. He let go of your neck and your body dropped like a ragged doll. Through your blurry vision, you saw a red and blue figure tackle the man from the sky. You heard two gunshots and there was still commotion going on.

And then there was silence and your vision returned. But the damaged had been done, you were outright traumatized by the events and you just wanted to go home and hug your mom.

“(Y/N)— I mean, miss. Are you okay?” you felt a hand around your waist and you were easily pulled from the ground, but you couldn’t help but flinch at another stranger’s touch.

When you looked at your hero, you gasped.


You have heard about the local hero, and you respected him for doing the good deeds he performed. But to save you? Now he had your gratefulness forever.

“Hi.” He greeted you quickly, “Are you okay?” his spider eyes squinted, they looked worried.

You didn’t know what to say, so you just hugged him. You couldn’t believe in what you were going, hugging a super-hero like this. He must think you’re a weirdo or an obsessed fan-girl. Well you found yourself not caring, you could still feel the hand on that man around your neck and feel a gun pointed at your head. So you decided that hugging Spider-man was fine.

Surprisingly, he hugged you as well, tighter even.

“It’s okay, you’re okay. You’re safe, I won’t let anything happen to you…” He cooed near your ear, making you hide your face in his spandex covered neck.

He smelled familiar.

“Let me take you home, all right?” He said as he pulled back from the hug, his voice was so comforting, you would have obeyed anything he would have requested from you.

But for now, you simply nodded. As you walked to gather the items taken from your purse, he had beaten you to it. And you just chuckled weakly as he quickly placed everything inside it. While he did, you tried to look around the alley for the man, but you couldn’t find his body anywhere.

“Don’t worry,” Spider-man said as he handed you the purse, “He’s somewhere where he’ll regret his life choices for a while.” The hero added with a chirpy tone.

“Shall we?” He continued, offering you his arm.

You hesitated. “Uh. You’re not going to swing around with me, right? Because I don’t think you could carry me and I’m scared of heights.” You were actually lying about fearing heights, you just didn’t want him to force himself to carry your body around.

He tilted his head, “I could easily carry you around, what are you talking about?”

You felt awkward now as you pointed at your body.

Spider-man blinked, and then he sighed.

“You know Miss, I know it can be hard, sometimes, for someone to be confident or feel great about themselves, but trust me, for what it’s worth I think you’re very beautiful.” 

Spider-man had used a tone so soft that you almost wanted to believe his kind words, but you knew the truth. Spider-man was just being polite because he’s a friendly neighborhood hero. 

So you just shrugged and gave him a smile that didn’t reach your cheeks.

He stared at you for a moment before he rubbed the back of his neck in an impatient way.

“I guess I’ll just have to show you how easy it would be.” 

You didn’t like his tone, it sounded like a decision inside his head had been made without your opinion needed.

4:52 P.M

Johnny Boy, 4:53 P.M
y/n has a secret???
Coolest Guy, 4:53 P.M
You, 4:54 P.M
I don’t have a secret yuta is overacting
Mountain Man, 4:54 P.M

Or alternatively, NCT 127 find out your soulmate is one of them and they question you about it in your group chat.

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