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Can you do headcanons for the RFA helping mc deal with stress due to school

I have a lot of this myself jkasgjas -Green 


-stress? school? bitch him too the fuck 

-you two will basically be crying together about your upcoming exams and homework 

-his favorite stress relief is games , but that’s pretty solo. 

-so he’ll dedicate the stress relief day with board games and snacks!!! there will be short breaks that are dedicated to studying, but for the most part. board games! 


-oh boy does he know how you feel 

-he will dedicate lots of time for you to make sure you aren’t stressed. 

-he’ll make jokes all day, pull pranks on Saeran or Vanderwood, whatever it takes to get you laughing 

-he legit bought a pie and smashed his brothers face with it, which ended up with him screaming and running around the house as Saeran chases him with a knife

-who gave him a knife!??!?!


-oh boy

-you about to get pampered af 

-salt baths. bath bombs in the bath. calming music playing while you bathe. him scrubbing you and washing you while you get a fuckin manicure 

-embarrassed? there is no time now we go to the SPA 

-treat yo self champion over here honestly 

-after it all you two go to a really expensive diner and you can have whatever you want on the menu 


-will offer you a massage 

-and give you lots of treats like coffee and pastries 

-she puts you into a blanket burrito while playing some nice music 

-you two watch zens shows together while cuddling and if you get tired of that you two just chat and eat pastries and some lunches from the convenience store 


-he takes you on the most romantic date in town 

-buys you flowers and everything jesus 

-he pays for everything cause the last thing you need to stress about is money too 

-gets you lots of small gifts and will often hum while holding your hand and walking to the next destination

-will kiss you a LOT.

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Headcannon where the s/o is afraid of people who drink/drunk people because of bad experiences in the past and how the RFA + Saeran + V react to finding this out.

AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa people we are back in business! sorry for the long wait!! i hope you all forgive me,, -Green💚



-he figured it out (the night after) once he had a drink with Zen after being stressed from the hospital 

-Yoosung can be influenced very easy. he drank because, well, he thought he had to? 

-he didn’t go home that night; he was far too drunk, but he gave you one of his famous drunk phone calls. (not from in game)

-needless to say you were scared as hell. scared for him and scared for yourself because he was so different. He didn’t feel like yoosung. That wasn’t your Yoosung.

-you ended up crying in the middle of the call and Zen, being the sober one, had to take the phone and calm you down

-the next day when he returned home he saw how you would flinch when he touched you and your red eyes

-so a talk was in order, but he didn’t want to force you

-so he made you some breakfast, sat you down at the breakfast table and sat so a chair was in between the two of you, and asked to tell you what was wrong when you felt comfortable 

-you started crying again right after that while you told him you just were really scared of drunk people 

-Yoosung held you with one arm as you retold the story of how drunk guys had cornered you and your friend late at night once and you have no idea what would have happened if there wasn’t a by-stander who called the police 

-needless to say it was very scary and awoke your fear

-after that he promised to never drink again; he didn’t find it very pleasant in the first place. and nothing was worth making you cry 

-two of you snuggled in all day and drank a bunch of soda afterwards 


-well, he doesn’t drink at all so it’s not as dramatic

-he and V are the only ones that don’t really drink alcohol 

-but he did bring you out on a date around town, just window shopping and joking around 

-it was late at night, which saeyoung prefers dates to be because it’s a lot more quiet and secluded 

-except for the drunkos that are yelling and stumbling your way 

-Saeyoung as instinct just grabs you and pulls you to the other side of the street, he’s not going to risk anything 

-he’s got personal experiences on how bad drunk people can get. 

-saeyoung immediately asks if your alright. he doesn’t actually know that you have a problem with it but it is an uncomfortable thing to be around

-you’re shaking. no no u are not alright

-you’re such a mess and have to explain how you hate drunk people because your caretakers used to get drunk a lot and do not so good things around you and to you 

-he is Instant Anger and suggests to beat up the drunk guys to make you feel better

- “no, just stay with me”

-he does, and holds you for the rest of the date and develops Hyper Sense for any other drunk guys coming your way so you can avoid them and have a good time 

-will kiss you a lot at random times during your date to distract you and resist the urge of yelling that your caretakers were so bad to you 

-lots of cuddling when you get home 


-boy oh boy

-you get one look at his massive fucking wine collection and you are OUT OF THERE

-you know when you spend like 3 days in Jumins penthouse 

-lets make that One 

-as soon as he takes his eyes off of you it is time to Escape 

-of fuckin course one of his guards finds you and drags you back to the penthouse 

-and now we are back at 3 days 

-you try to just relax and distract yourself from the bottles like play with Elly and do things around the building 

-you have the Talk with him as soon as he comes home 

-at first he doesn’t get it (no surprise there) and demands you explain 

-he’s such a fucking mommas boy by demands I mean “please tell me ___ i wish to know to help you feel more comfortable in my ,,, abode”

-it’s not really a story you wanted to get into right away with Jumin, but if it’ll stop him from drinking around you, then Why Not

-you tell your story and he is quick to respect you and your fears/boundaries 

-drinking is a habit of his and he enjoys doing it; you don’t want to tear that away from him, so you make a set of rules. 

-which is basically: do not come home drunk, and don’t drink around me. 

-he has yet to make a single slip up 


-ya girl don’t really drink unless she is hella stressed 

-same kinda scenario as Yoosung, except she drunk texts 

-doesn’t freak you out because they’re just words on a screen but you are wary when she comes home from work. 

-she’s mostly sober by the time she comes back though, so it’s not a shit hurricane like you were expecting it to be 

-you bring it up in the morning as you help her through her hangover that you prefer she find other ways of dealing with stress 

-of course she will, Jaehee doesn’t really like the mess after in the morning herself. and she knows it isn’t a healthy habit 

-you tell her how you lost someone very dear to you because of their drinking habits, causing you to be wary of the substance 

-you start shakin a little saying how worried you were and you didn’t want the same thing to happen to her

-Jaehee is quick to comfort you in a really big hug and kiss, she understands the pain of loss 

-of course she does

-so every time she’s stressed, she’ll contact you instead of going for the alcohol. it turns out a good turn for everyone. 



-hhahaahahha :) Buckle Up this is your only warning

-Zen is a drinker. you know this. I know this. We all know this 

-you’re hesitant to tell him because you know it’s something Zen really enjoys and it’s a stress relief

-so you… don’t. you don’t tell him. what a mistake

-for the most part he does it at bars and doesn’t come back home until late and you’re asleep

-for the most part

-one day he goes out drinking right after work, and comes back home while your cooking dinner

-previously you were wondering when the hell your boyfriend was coming home and anxiously looking at you phone every minute.

you just sat down your phone (for the 10th time) when the door practically slammed open 

-you jumped s o  high

- “BAAAABEE!!!” Zen yells as he stumbles and dances into the kitchen “BABE I MISSED YOU!!” 

-you can smell the alcohol oozing off of him. it’s so much that you freeze in place 

-he comes up to cuddle you and hug you, and your stuck still so you don’t stop him. that doesn’t mean you don’t cry. 

-while he holds you you’re practically sobbing and shaking in your spot all while Zen is assuring you that he missed you too and yes, his beauty makes him cry sometimes too !

-when he moves in to give you a romantic kiss, your instincts kick in and you start screaming 

-of course the boy is Shook because oh my god ____ what’s wrong?!?!

-you run out of the apartment and call the first person you can 

-which happens to be Jaehee 

-you really can’t say any illegible words but your panic is enough to send her your way while making sure you stay on the phone with her 

-She finds you alone in a park sobbing your eyes out 

-quickly runs to you and envelops you in a hug 

-you cry in her arms for a long, long time until you calm down and tell her what happened 

-and you didn’t mean to get upset. you didn’t mean to scream but you were just so scared and you couldn’t handle it all at once. you can’t handle it not again not again please not again

-needless to say: you stay the night at her place. it gives you time to fully get back in one piece and Zen to become sober 

-while Zen didn’t do anything bad per say, Jaehee was a little upset with him herself. it is irresponsible to not tell you where he was and come home drunk. it would scare anybody…

-the next morning Jaehee wakes you up with some coffee and muffins she went and bought, telling you Zen would be over soon 

-you borrow some of her clothes because yours was covered in tears and snot 

-Jaehee already filled in Zen about last night and scolded him about it so he knows a little about how deep shit he’s in 

-when he gets to Jaehee’s and sees you all huddled up in the corner with baggy clothes on drinking your coffee, and your messy hair and blotchy eyes

-his heart breaks a little

-Jaehee stays seated next to you in case you need her, but the conversation is up to you and she won’t interfere unless you need to 

-what a babe

-you guys have a really, really long talk that ends in countless apologies and kisses 

-all of you spend the day at Jaehees relaxing all day. I’m pretty sure you all need it. 

Saeran+V’s will be in a separate post!

By a Thread (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApocalypse!AU: As you go into the theater you begin to try to search for Zen, alive or otherwise.

Word Count: 1002

hhhhhaaaaaahahha I’m sick yay. Anyways, thank you and have a lovely day! Thank you! <3

I’m sorry if this isn’t good I tried

This is an ongoing storyline, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this

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You watched as military passed along theater, yelling orders to and fro, the last bits of people making their way along. 

And somehow they were stone-faced.

The only time you would see their expressions contort was to yell at one another, their words loud and booming. 

Jumin pressed his side against the wall, brow furrowed and scowls engraving his features, pulling you closer as the steps of their boots burst against every inch of the building. 

They almost sounded like beasts. 

And while you tried to deny it, there was nothing going against that idea.

Yet eventually they disappeared farther down the roads.

And you rushed forward.

For there was no noise inside. 

You caught sight of all the bodies littering the ground, finding that they were all actually dead at this point, their eyes peeled back with gaping jaws. 

None of them looked like Zen.

But they still seemed to be absolute nightmares

“Aren’t they’re only two floors?” Jumin asked, lining a hand over the railing of the stairs, the ornate towering walls clustering about you.

“Yes, sir.” 

“Jahee will you be fine on your own? I’d like to explore the first floor with MC while you search the second.” 

“That sounds fine,” She nodded in agreement, walking up the first couple of steps. “I’ll give a holler if I find him.” 

“As will we.” He dipped his head softly, watching as she faded away with her heels clacking against the wooden floors. 

And it was simply the two of you.

Jumin approached you carefully, the two of you beginning to make your way down the halls.

And Jumin started to speak.  

“Darling, I know you’ve seen a lot today…we all have. But I wanted to know if you’re truly doing okay.” He murmured, looking to you. “Today has been a hard day for everyone but I can’t help but think you’ve received the blunt of the blow.” 

You sighed, folding your lips. “It’s been…hard but there’s only one thing I’m truly scared of.” 

He tipped his head confusedly. “What’s that?”

“…Losing you.” You replied, stopping along the hall tensely. “I just don’t know what I would do if that happened.” 

Tears began to brim in your ideas from the idea, heart speeding by the second as your breath got caught in your throat. 

Jumin took your arm and pulled you to him, pressing a kiss to your temple fondly. “MC, I’m not going anywhere, I can assure you that.” He hummed. “And nothing is going to happen to you either.” 

“But everything could go wrong so quickly…what if one of those things bite you…?” You sank against him, tightening your hold on him. “W-What if I have to kill you?”

“That won’t happen love.” 

“What if…What if I get bit?” You glanced up to him, lips folded. “What’ll you do?”

“Turtledove, look at me.” Jumin turned you to face him, cupping your cheek in his hand, eyes wide and serious.

“I won’t let anything happen to either you or me. We are going to get through this together, and I will do anything to keep that so.” 

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, feeling as he embraced with tenderly, like a dream he never wanted to end. 

“I’m sorry…” You said weakly, sighing.

“Don’t be,” Jumin replied, his words oddly quiet. “To be perfectly honest I’m terrified. I’m so scared of something happening to you. I’d be losing…everything….I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” 

“What’re we going to do after this?” You peered upwards, scrunching up your nose. “Is there even going to be an after this?”

“There will be,” He cooed. “And I can promise you it’ll be utterly wonderful-”

Jahee’s astounded shriek erupted throughout the building, the two of you snapping back and racing up the stairs towards her.

And what you found, nearly caused the same thing.

But instead, it was laughter, full of joy and wonder.

It was Zen.

He was alive. 

But his arm was dangling by a thread. 

blood soaked his clothes and the floor against him, a pitiful wheeze escaping him as he tried to keep his arm in place.

But there was no chance of it staying. 

The muscles and flesh were practically hanging, only held together by a few pathetic strands of blood soaked skin, the bullet long gone but its effects clear.

“Zen!” You cried, kneeling down, with wide eyes. “Zen you’re okay!” 

He gave a crooked grin, shrugging, only to sputter up raspy breaths. “I’ve been better but yeah…I guess I am.” 

“Hello Zen, I’m glad to see your alive.” Jumin knelt down beside you,  his brows raising. 

“I’m almost glad to see you too.” 

He burst into strained coughs, crimson sputtering from his mouth as he clamped onto his arm.

“Jeez, they did a number on me…” He huffed, his breaths ragged. “Do you think there’s anything we can do…? A hospital nearby?”

“None of them are close enough here. Your wound would be infected by then, We can’t just point ointment on it and call it a day. It’s already infected, we can’t let it spread.” Jahee exclaimed, folding her arms across her chest.

“You know what we have to do don’t we?” She questioned, any delight being snagged from the room.

Jumin nodded.

“Yes, I do.” 

And before you could even ask, you watched as they pulled out a pair of knives.

And it clicked in your head.


zen: i’m allergic to cats!

jumin: i’M aLlErGiC tO cAtS

jumin: her name is Elizabeth 3rd!

Seven: hEr NaMe iS eLiZaBeTh 3rD

jumin: you don’t understand the stress of running a company–

zen: yOu DoN’t UnDeRsTaNd tHe StReSs Of RuNnInG a CoMpAnY

zen: ah it’s such a curse to be this gorgeous~

yoosung: aH iT’s SuCh A cUrSe tO bE tHiS gOrGeOus

seven: i’m so jealous you get to play with elly~

jaehee: i’M sO jEaLoUs YoU gEt To PlAy WiTh ElLy

yoosung: rika is so amaing

mc: rIkA iS sO aMaZiNg

yoosung: my life is so hard

everyone: My LiFe Is So HaRd