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here’s a radical thought mlm don’t Exist to be tools for u to explore ur sexuality as a mlm like im not. telling u not to ship mlm or create mlm content (including nsfw content) but for the love of GOD stop framing it as ~a tool for women to explore their sexuality~, stop acting like mlm calling non mlm out on calling mlm ships ~sinful~ is Policing Their Sexuality, stop attacking criticism on homophobia, it’s dehumanizing and homophobic Thanks so much

So I found out that the previous post was considered too sensitive, I’m not sure how to work around that since the post is just a bunch of Riolus. So I’ll show you guys who I found in a drawer!

We’ve had this thing since I was very young, so MAC AUTO has been haunting me my entire life!

So when I was in high school I tried playing call of duty multi (I’ll always be a fan of the single player and will never forgive them for abandoning their story driven campaigns but that’s beside the point) and fucking sucked at it. However my sister’s ex was amazing at it and played it almost religiously. Once he didn’t feel like logging into his Xbox account so he just used my account

There is something satisfying about watching teen boys get slaughtered by someone with the username psychopixie in a death match and then rage quit

Still laughing at this:


If I’ve “contributed nothing but stress” to you by sending a whopping four messages over a span of two months because you’ve been harassing my friends, it’s probably because you’re legitimately shitty people that know you’re in the wrong, and can’t handle being exposed.  You are literally the ones that are “toxic” here.

I’m still going to side with the people that actually provided evidence of the lot of you being a bunch of hypocritical liars.

(And, by the way, you can stop acting like I’ve ever even acknowledged Mod Shay’s existence prior to yesterday, after hearing about how she stalked a minor.  I’m pretty sure you have me confused with someone else.  I only regret not screencapping  when at least three of your mods were sending me incredibly rude private messages, even after I told them flat-out to stop.  But, no–they insisted on me being “wrong”, and trying to “correct” me, which–yes–is manipulative as hell, especially after the person has explicitly stated that your presence isn’t welcome.  It’s disgusting that you’re trying to portray yourselves as the “victims” here)