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61 percent is a little lower than i would have liked but australia just proved that the majority of people in this country believe in love and equality and i am now sitting at home shaking and crying because i was honestly anticipating a much more upsetting result and now i’m a little in shock??????

also more than 70 percent of young people voted and i am so fucking proud of every single one of you because everyone assumed we would forget or we’d be too lazy but instead we got up and we helped make a change. i’m so proud of this country. we’ve got a long way to go and the fight is not over but damn we did good today. 

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For Transcendence, more stuff about Mabel + Dipper doing college?

“I didn’t know they printed out the course catalogs anymore.”

Mabel, plopped on the floor having some well deserved tummy time, only nodded. “Mm-hmm.” She flipped to the next page.

Dipper floating in the air crosslegged above her, snorted. “It’s so wasteful. Don’t they know like, 87.469% of people throw them away without even looking at them?”

At that Mabel rolled over on her back and looked up at her twin. “You pulled that number out of your butt.”

Dipper grinned and tapped his temple with a clawed finger. “Nope. I know l̝̖̠̣̬o̺͚͚t̘̤̤ͅs̫̫ ̙̫̮̦̻̣ọ̪͝f̱̖̭̱̝͔͘ ͈̼̠̭̣͘ͅt̝̱̮̪͙̻͞ḥ̼͍i̛͎̺̜̘̹-”

“Lots of things, complete knowledge, unlimited rice pudding, yeah yeah yeah I know.” But she was grinning as she said it.

Mabel rolled over and plopped back onto her stomach. “And besides, that means twelve and change percent of people still look at it and that includes me, so there.” 

Dipper floated closer, to peer over her shoulder. “I thought you picked your classes for the semester already. Photography I and that business course.”

“I dropped Photography and I’m looking for something to fill it.”

Dipper’s jaw dropped. It almost hit the floor until he remembered that Mabel would stuff crayons and carpet lint in it until he ‘remembered to people’ again and he picked it back up.

“But you were so excited for photography! You and Soos were going to go into Bend to get a manual camera tomorrow!”

Mabel sighed. “I know but-” Her colors swirled from bright bubblegum pink, to lavender violet and finally deep, dark blue. “But it’s not fair.”


She looked at him, determination on her face despite the roiling of her aura. “It’s not fair. College was supposed to be your big thing, not mine, and you can’t go, and…and I’m not even going to real college only community college and I know you and Stan say that doesn’t matter but I know it does to you and you would have gone to Harvard or something and this can’t make up for it but you should have a class and-”

Her rambling dried up in her throat, and she looked down at the page again.

“It’s not fair,” she finished quietly.

Inside there was a boy, on the cusp of teenhood, who died at twelve, screaming that it wasn’t fair. Inside there was fury and rage and a scream that once unleashed would keep on going because he had died his life was over and it ẁ͉̞̺̪̮a͇̦̝̖͍s̼̮͈͎n̛̘̬̖͈̫̗̩'͖͓͈͔̣͉t̠̦̥̕ ̫̟͚͇̫͓f͙̼͇̪͕ͅa͞i̜̮̞̰̯͟r̜̯͡-

He looked at Mabel.

Looked at the twin who stood by him for three years while everyone at their school drew further and further away from her. The sister who never denied him. The sister who threw away any chance at a normal life to stay at his side. The sister who had been the one to make the call to Stan, not him, even though for once he had been solid-

Mabel, who had given up so much and expected nothing in return, who gave and gave and gave and what if she woke up one day and there was nothing left of her at all-

It wasn’t fair. 

It wasn’t fair to her.

“I have all the time in the world to learn any thing I want. I don’t need college.” He paused. “You know what I do need?”

Mabel sniffed. “What?”

“Really pretentious black and white photos of dumb stuff taken by my sister.”

Mabel burst out into a big, watery grin. 

She held out a fist to bump. “I promise to take only the most foofy and up its own butt pictures of stones and Grunkle Stan sleeping.”


Horoscopes By Gil Hizon - Week of April 4 - 10, 2016

Spring is about getting your shit together. And also… flowers.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

You’re kind of scared shitless of what the week has in store for you. You may be awaiting a decision that could affect your life and you’re taking out your anxiety on ERRbody else. You need to check yourself immediately before you aggravate more hos. And regardless of how much you obsess about it, the decision will be the same anyway. So just chill the fuck out. You’ll cross that fucking bridge when you get thurrr.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Hmm, how about instead of bulldozing your grand plan over your constituents, why not include them in carrying your vision through? Collaboration is certainly key this week, gurl, and your agenda won’t get much traction if you’re the only one pushing that shit. It would be advisable to get a lot of bitches behind your cause rather than trudging on slowly without ‘em.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Procrastination has been a key theme in your reality lately, and I’m afraid it’s time to address that shit. Could there be some personal dissatisfaction with the way things are going nowadays, or are you just feeling helpless about a certain situation? I know it’s a true “ugh” moment to even start asking these questions, but gurl, you need to get out of this rut, one step at a time.


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Your optimism for your vision is oh-so powerful right now, it can carry other bitches up to your mode of thinking. You may be inspired to bring them hos along for the ride, but really, honey: this surge of inspiration is all about chu. You are due for a week of pampering yo ass physically and spiritually. You can help/mother/cater to other busted bitches another week.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Before you push that button, you’ve got some more contemplatin’ to do! Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is hit send, but there’s always something to revisit regarding the pros and cons of any major decision. The only sense of urgency you’re experiencing is being brought on by you. You owe it to yourself to look at that list one more fucking time just to make sure you gettin’ it right within yoself!


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

As you climb higher that career ladder, you’ll find that you’re keeping more shit to yoself. There is a certain fear that exposition will harbor vulnerability and weakness; or you just don’t wanna jinx yoself. First of all, you need to get over all that shit. The truth of the matter is, honey, is that there ain’t nothin superstitious about your talent nor your efforts. Sissy that walk for all the world to see.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This week, you must allow yourself to be super-fucking-fluid about a massive load of different situations that will smack you in the ass. You’ll find that there won’t be just one way of doing things within your immediate universe. At the same time, you just don’t wanna react to everything like a tree swaying with the fucking wind. Focus. Be at ease with yourself and react with purpose, mama!


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

You’ve been in hibernation mode, dahling, and it’s about damn time that you came out of your hole. Although there will be a quick period of adjustificating as you crawl out into the world, once you see your fellow bitches, you’ll wonder why you even questioned snapping out of your solitude. Always remember: Home is where your hos iz.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Why you be acting like a career-obsessed, shoulder-pad-wearing Joan Collins beeyotch in the workplace? That is so not your style. Furthermore, because of your little get-out-of-my-fucking-way realness, you’re alienating a bunch of hos who I know would be of help to you. Although work payz the billz, there is always space for a little frivolity. It’s spring, dahling! Spring the fuck out of your serious shit.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Although you started this career journey with a bunch of other hos, this week is what will separate you from the bitches who are not that serious about their goals. Although there is something to be said about knowing who you are and knowing where you wanna be in the future, there is a difference between saying and spraying that shit and doing the fucking work it entails to get ahead and bitch, I think you know which one you iz.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

I sense a bit of resistance within you when dealing with the current status quo. You’d rather rise above the game than play it, and I fucking get that. But here’s the thing you’re not reckonizing. There is a way to do both. It’s tricky. It’s harder. It’s just damn exhausting. But when you get to the top, you can change the game all you fucking want. And that, my dear, is what chu need to motivate yo ass.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

What I like about chu is that, as your environments change, you remain one-hundred-thousand percent YOU. What that means is that other flailing, unsure-of-themselves bitches will have someone to hold on to when the world becomes cray-cray. You will be the constant them hos will look at so they won’t lose their way. You’re pretty much our only hope in finding the fucking Promised Land. No pressure or anything.


(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shit show!)

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