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I'm new here but i do really enjoy it. Keep up the good work! I'm not sure if requests are open but can i ask you to make a reaction if the boys' crush (male or female, i don't discriminate^^) who went to a different school showed up to surprise them in class or at school? If you don't get around to it that's okay, just thought it would be something cute to imagine. Thank you!

Sen: *claps* Please applaud me for keeping in this in the askbox for 9 million centuries. Thank you. 


He thanks them for coming and says that he may get in trouble for this whole thing, remembering the Karasuno boys that followed him last time. However, he won’t just push them away and invites them to walk around campus with him, albeit more carefully than just letting them bounce about freely.


He’s a bit disappointed by how they didn’t listen to him when he told them to not visit him during school but he can’t be mad at them when they just wanted to be nice. Besides, knowing that his crush wanted to see him that badly makes his cheeks burn a bit… it’s nice to think that someone cares about him like that.


This guy’s really happy about this. Normally, he’d actually be the one going to wait for his crush outside of school but being surprised like this makes him feel overjoyed. Though, he does make sure that they leave the school quickly so that neither of them get in trouble, he’ll take his time when they hang out together.


“Ooh, someone’s a little rebel, aren’t they?” He’s told them about the school rules and how they can’t be there but he damn sure appreciates their presence and is impressed at how his crush is someone willing to take small risks like this. He’ll probably get them in trouble by showing them around the school though.


He’s just so overjoyed that they’re here and afterwards he’ll end up telling everyone about how his cool friend came over just to meet them. At the time however, he’s flustered and stumbling over his own words, trying to come up with lies that will make him sound cool to them.


L.E.A.V.E. Not only is he scared of getting in trouble but god is he surprised. Thoughts of “why would they go out of their way for me” swim through his head as he tries to convince them to leave and he might end up shouting a bit because he’s just really bad with people but he’s quick to apologise and realise his behaviour isn’t going to be getting him anywhere.


It’s a pleasant surprised for him. Though, he’d rather that they’d have messaged him and waited outside of the school gates so they could go somewhere (a rare occasion of him going outside) but he’ll happily walk around with them and thanks them for their company. For “gracing [him] with [their] presence.”


Who cares if he’s the one who gets in trouble? He’s happy that someone went out of their way to visit him. Though, he might consider that they have to hide in his room because he just doesn’t want to have to stay on campus on a saturday doing cleanup. Yamagata really appreciates that they made the effort to come though.

Introverted Alphas/Extroverted Omegas Headcanons

-An extroverted Omega that loves going to parties and being social, but always low-key getting annoyed when their introverted Alpha never wants to go anywhere with them but is also too possessive and stubborn to let them go alone and it always ends up in some kind of argument in which the very ‘convincing’ Omega usually gets their way somehow

-A quiet and introverted Alpha being dragged out to drink with friends by their loud and extroverted Omega, quickly regretting going along with it once their very affectionate mate gets drunk and starts clinging to people and even though the Alpha despises drawing attention to themselves they don’t hesitate to pry the Omega off of whoever they are currently stuck to and take them home where they proceed to try and scold them for their behaviour while also enjoying what a cuddly drunk they are

-A very social Omega being grumpy about being cooped up in the house when they are in pre-heat because their Alpha says its too dangerous to go out. Despite their mate’s sour attitude, the Alpha enjoys the time spent at home without the Omega pestering them to go somewhere

-An introverted Alpha in high school that has a very loud and insistent Omega flirting with them constantly and almost always in front of a large group of people and eventually the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date just to avoid the attention, not realizing how smug the Omega is afterwards because that had been their plan the whole time

-An unusual relationship in which the Omega does all the talking for their quiet and shy Alpha when in large groups of friends and everyone thinks it’s kind of odd but nobody points it out because the Alpha is obviously content to let the Omega do it

-An Alpha that is very introverted and private and likes to keep personal things to themselves and as they are walking down the hall one day they overhear their much more talkative and outspoken mate on the phone with another Omega like, “Yeah my heat just ended a couple days ago and I’m just now able to properly walk around again…yeah my Alpha loves being all rough with me and it’s fantastic but I’ve been sore as hell…yeah no he’s huge…oh my god really? Maybe I’ll ask him if we can try that next time…” and the Alpha is just dumbstruck as they stand out in the hall with a bright red face before slowly walking away to avoid hearing anything else…they constantly wonder after that just how many of their mate’s friends know all the details of their sex life

-An extroverted Omega that adores family gatherings and pulling their much less enthusiastic Alpha around by the hand to greet everyone and exchange small talk and the Alpha honestly just wants to go home but their Omega is just so happy so the Alpha just sticks close by and let’s their mate have fun because Alphas are most content when their Omega is happy

-An extroverted Omega being grateful that their introverted Alpha always goes wherever they want so they show their appreciation by simply spending the day at home, just the two of them, and the Alpha loves it and demands cuddles and kisses all day, requests that the Omega happily grants every time

-An Alpha that loves their very outgoing Omega but hates to watch them go around and give all their attention to other people. The Omega noticing all the long looks and the subtle possessive scent and gladly making it up to the Alpha when they finally get home later, being sure to give their Alpha all the 'attention’ they need

And I’ll Tell You All About it When I See You Again

*crashes through a brick wall* I WROTE ANGST I WROTE ANGST I WROTE ANGST

i mean it was inevitable after the winter finale tbh

CLEARLY this is not spoiler free so if you haven’t seen the winter finale yet and don’t want to be spoiled, maybe probably definitely don’t read this BUT OTHERWISE


It’s snowing by the time they make it home from Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Amy registers the fact as they pull up outside, blinking up in surprise at the fat white flakes that have started a gentle, mesmerizing spiral down to Earth. The sun has only just started peeking over the horizon, throwing the whole scene into a muted, ethereal kind of light. She hears Jake shift beside her more than she sees him; from the corner of her eye, his profile leans into view, toward the windshield. Their hands are still clasped over the center console, the way they have been since they slid into her car back in the hospital parking lot, and he squeezes her fingers almost absently where they fit between his own.

She feels like she’s drowning in exhaustion and fear and anger and sadness all at once, but the clumsy drag of his thumb along the side of her index finger - the way he studiously avoids her gaze when she turns to look at him - quiets all of that. Her own protective instincts are starting to take over at the sight of his clenched jaw and darting gaze, the instincts that tell her to drag him inside and wrap him up in all the blankets she owns and steadily comb his hair with her fingers while he falls asleep with his head in her lap to the soothing sounds of Die Hard turned down low on her television.

Their television, she corrects herself automatically.

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