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Mother’s Day

Requested by @ililalinaworld - Hey:) Can I request something about Danny Williams from Hawaii Five-0? Maybe something romantic involving his children? Thank you 💕

Word Count – 539

Characters – Reader x Danny

You woke up to the sound of Danny getting out of bed, you rolled over to face him.
‘Hey.’ You said sleepily.
‘Hey.’ He replied leaning over and placed a kiss on your forehead. You sat up and he looked lovingly at you.
‘Just go back to sleep, I’m taking Grace and Charles to the beach.’ He said and you fell onto your back.
‘Okay.’ You said stretching and hugging the blankets close.
‘Have fun.’ You said muffled, Danny chuckled and left the room. The last thing you heard the front door close.

Danny watched as his kids played together, he took in these times where they got along. He placed his sunglasses on the top of his head when he saw Grace and Charles walking towards him.
‘Dad?’ Grace asked. Danny raised his eyebrow.
‘Yeah?’ Danny questioned. They both took a seat in front of him.
‘Are we going to get anything fir Y/N?’ Grace asked Danny as Charles played with the sand.
‘Why would we get her anything?’ Danny questioned his daughter. She looked down, shyly.
‘For mother’s day.’ Grace said and Danny’s heart leapt slightly. He had been dating you for two years and you had never forced them to like you, you told them when you first met them that you won’t be taking their mum’s place but you will always be there.
‘Are you sure?’ He asked them both, making sure they didn’t feel pressured. They both nodded.
‘Okay, let’s go.’ He said and took their hands, leading them to the closest shop to receive the gifts.

You woke up later and turned to look at the time, 13:47, you groaned as you sat up and looked out the window seeing that Danny was back. You got up and quickly got dressed. You walked out the room and headed to the living room, where you heard hushed whispers. When you looked around the door you saw them hunched over something.
‘What you guys whispering about?’ You asked and they all jumped, Charles stood and ran into your legs hugging them close. You picked him up and gave him a hug before placing him on your lap. Grace walked over and gave you a hug as well, you smiled but gave Danny a confused smile.
‘I’m loving the cuddles I’m getting but why? I never usually get this much.’ You said as you placed Charles down and he went back to Danny.
‘We wanted to give you something.’ Grace said and you looked at her confused as she took your hand and lead you over to the table. When you got there, you saw a cake, flowers and a card. You started tearing up when you saw the message on the cake. Happy Mother’s Day. You brung them into a hug.
‘You guys shouldn’t have.’ You said through the tears and you squeezed Grace tightly. You took Charles from Danny’s arms and placed a kiss on his forehead.
‘I love you both so much.’ You said to Charles and Grace.
‘I love you too.’ Grace replied.
‘I love you too, muma.’ Charles said and you looked at Danny, he nodded, having talked to them beforehand.
‘I love you too buddy.’ You said through the tears.

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Me Trying To Learn Korean
  • Learning Vowels: How the actual fuck am I supposed to pronounce that??? 0.o
  • Learning Consonants: That sounds the same as the last one....
  • Learning Writing: The only thing that makes sense...
Introverted Alphas/Extroverted Omegas Headcanons

-An extroverted Omega that loves going to parties and being social, but always low-key getting annoyed when their introverted Alpha never wants to go anywhere with them but is also too possessive and stubborn to let them go alone and it always ends up in some kind of argument in which the very ‘convincing’ Omega usually gets their way somehow

-A quiet and introverted Alpha being dragged out to drink with friends by their loud and extroverted Omega, quickly regretting going along with it once their very affectionate mate gets drunk and starts clinging to people and even though the Alpha despises drawing attention to themselves they don’t hesitate to pry the Omega off of whoever they are currently stuck to and take them home where they proceed to try and scold them for their behaviour while also enjoying what a cuddly drunk they are

-A very social Omega being grumpy about being cooped up in the house when they are in pre-heat because their Alpha says its too dangerous to go out. Despite their mate’s sour attitude, the Alpha enjoys the time spent at home without the Omega pestering them to go somewhere

-An introverted Alpha in high school that has a very loud and insistent Omega flirting with them constantly and almost always in front of a large group of people and eventually the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date just to avoid the attention, not realizing how smug the Omega is afterwards because that had been their plan the whole time

-An unusual relationship in which the Omega does all the talking for their quiet and shy Alpha when in large groups of friends and everyone thinks it’s kind of odd but nobody points it out because the Alpha is obviously content to let the Omega do it

-An Alpha that is very introverted and private and likes to keep personal things to themselves and as they are walking down the hall one day they overhear their much more talkative and outspoken mate on the phone with another Omega like, “Yeah my heat just ended a couple days ago and I’m just now able to properly walk around again…yeah my Alpha loves being all rough with me and it’s fantastic but I’ve been sore as hell…yeah no he’s huge…oh my god really? Maybe I’ll ask him if we can try that next time…” and the Alpha is just dumbstruck as they stand out in the hall with a bright red face before slowly walking away to avoid hearing anything else…they constantly wonder after that just how many of their mate’s friends know all the details of their sex life

-An extroverted Omega that adores family gatherings and pulling their much less enthusiastic Alpha around by the hand to greet everyone and exchange small talk and the Alpha honestly just wants to go home but their Omega is just so happy so the Alpha just sticks close by and let’s their mate have fun because Alphas are most content when their Omega is happy

-An extroverted Omega being grateful that their introverted Alpha always goes wherever they want so they show their appreciation by simply spending the day at home, just the two of them, and the Alpha loves it and demands cuddles and kisses all day, requests that the Omega happily grants every time

-An Alpha that loves their very outgoing Omega but hates to watch them go around and give all their attention to other people. The Omega noticing all the long looks and the subtle possessive scent and gladly making it up to the Alpha when they finally get home later, being sure to give their Alpha all the 'attention’ they need