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What do you feel about the boys paired with either Yachi or Kiyoko? Like. Who out of the two and some headcanons maybe. Tbh I think UshiYachi is my rarestpair.

Sen: tfw roleplayers mess up your opinion of yachi. I still love her immensely but I can’t think of her without remembering some cunt lmao. 

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Honestly, I see this pairing working more but UshiYachi is also an equally awesome ship.

- Their relationship is basically just them being awkward with each other and other people being threatened by them. Their own struggles with socialising is worked upon though because they find it easier to relate to someone who knows the struggles of being placed on a pedestal and isolated.

- He’s very protective of her after learning about how nervous she can be around people. Her comfort is of the utmost priority and if someone were to even make her feel tense at all, he’ll be sure to call the person out on it straight away - though, most of the time the person doesn’t actually mean any harm and Ushijima just misread the situation.

- Ushijima always wants to show off in front of her, since so many guys have their eyes on her. Whether it be his cooking or showing off his little plants to her. Showing off doesn’t always come off in the form of his athleticism but rather his domesticity and calmness. He’s not a wild animal after all.


- Goshiki’s first attempts at flirting with her were just really cheesy pick up lines, the kind you’d search and find on the internet. Though, most of them really didn’t work because Yachi would just get too flustered upon hearing them and Goshiki thought that he’d said something that offended her.

- Goshiki is always begging to hug Yachi, though she isn’t always comfortable with it when they’re surrounded by others. However, when they’re alone, she’s just as affectionate as he is. Mostly, it’s her anxiety talking to her about how she’s not good enough for him but Goshiki makes sure that he can reassure her in anyway he can.

- Being on opposite teams doesn’t stop them from being a couple. When either one of their teams are playing, they’ll try to come to each others’ matches. While of course, Goshiki doesn’t need to come since Yachi isn’t actually playing, but it’s nice to spend time with her and bond over what brought them together in the first place.

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No creo ser la unica persona que piense asi so... cada vez que veo un personaje que me gusta demasiado suelo imaginarlo siendo torturado de maneras un poquito enfermizas y crueles...y dejame decirte que Splat no se salva c:


Bueno, yo seré sincera en cuanto torturar personajes soy muy Exquisita, me gusta mas la diversidad de historias que historias lineales ya que eso hace interesante todo, te diré resumidas historias de CandleLumina

Por ejemplo: 

Alice Rocket es una Princesa escapada de sus padres por que queria ser libre, ser ella dejar de estar atada de manos por el ideal de niñita perfecta, terminando en las calles para crecer con el Ideal de Carreras callejeras siendo los mejores de sus Clase tirando a marimacha desidida a demostrar que ella vale mas que solo un puto labial o una cara bonita

Mask mi personaje mas TORTURADO o sea como lo demacre es horrible, es hijo de por no decir mucho espoiler a futuro dos personas muy importantes y poderosas en el Egipto mas específicamente en “The Lost piramides” el escapo como Alice pero con la diferencia que el se llevo un artefacto que no debía consigo, una Mascara Maldita que tenia un espectro encarcelado en el. Este espectro llamado Sombra lo manipula para que haga cosas horribles, como cortar todos sus dedos con una cierra mecánica para reemplazarlos con garras de metal puro haciendo unas garras perfectas para matar, el es un asesino en serie, un Psicopata, un Psicopata con vida propia

O sea, no me gusta abuzar del efecto de torturas por que con algunas situaciones no encaja Querido, tus personajes terminaran siendo planos o Lineales si usas mucho un elemento. El elemento que hace especial a Splat es que es un niño inocente y puro que cree que todo es bonito, alegre y lleno de colorines noventeros

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A - AGE 18


C - CURRENT TIME 9:19 pm

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD green tea

E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH suffering and distress

F - FAVOURITE SONG seeing stars by borns

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL? hell yeah

I - IN LOVE WITH sleep


L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED i can’t remember

M - MIDDLE NAME elizabeth


O - ONE WISH to get more sleep


Q - QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED “why don’t you go to bed earlier?” “what are you majoring in?” “why would you want to go to medical school?? do you hate yourself????”

R - RELIGION the whole divide album tbh

S - SONG LAST SANG take me or leave me from rent

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP 6:30 am i hate myself



W - WORST HABIT i crack my knuckles way too much

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD my wrist when i sprained it playing volleyball

Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD ice cream or cheesecake

Z - ZODIAC SIGN sagittarius

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A - Age: 25

B - Biggest fear: disappointing someone/being a disappointment

C - Current time: 6:53pm

D - Drink you last had: you’re gonna hate me for this but a shot of stoli orange vodka

E - Every day starts with: checking my social media

F - Favourite song: idk, i’ve had ed sherman’s new album on repeat for the last week tho

G - Ghosts are they real: of course they’re real 

I - In love with: myself haha 

K - Killed someone: nope 

L - Last time you cried: last night it was a full-on ugly cry too

M - Middle name: lynn

N - Number of siblings: 0

O - One wish: anxiety go the fuck away (i’m stealing this answer from @just-a-crazy-fujoshi)

P - Person you last called/texted: @just-a-crazy-fujoshi ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

Q - Question you are always asked: “are you mad? Your face is kinda scary” (holy shit. i’m stealing this answer too @just-a-crazy-fujoshi) - i get asked this ALL THE TIME

R - Religion: i was raised roman catholic, but i’m not religious in the slightest

S - Song last sang: bibia be ye ye by ed sheeran

T - Time you woke up: 5am 

U - Underwear colour: uhhhh….i think blue?

V - Vacation destination: literally anywhere, i’m not picky

W - Worst habit: picking at my cuticles/face

X - X-Rays you’ve have: my chest, my bladder, my right knee (also got an MRI on the same knee)

Y - Your favourite food: pizza

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