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Whats your headcannon name for homerun girl? Also could you draw jyushi as a rito(bird person) from legend of zelda? Cause birb jyushi would be cute:D

{I tend to call her Homerun-chan as my tag would suggest, personally, but I also call her Homura a lot because that’s what I see most people roleplay her as, and let’s face it, in terms of first names it’s more believable. XD Of course headcanons are only as far as we can go though, since we don’t actually know anything about her name ;3

And um… I guess Rito!Jyushi would look something like this..?

…I don’t have that much confidence in this sketch TwT Sorry TwT}

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I'm not the last anon but 1 of the reasons I personally don't like Jaclyn is because she's pretty rude & disrespectful when it comes to religion (at least from what I've seen) Even her latest tweet telling religious people to fuck off was uncalled for, most of the religious comments were sympathetic & not trying to push their religion in any way. Another reason I'm not fond of her is because she's friends with Arielle Scarcella who's pretty transphobic. I do feel sorry for Jaclyn though. Fuck SR

Here’s your reason, other anon who wanted to know why someone wouldn’t like Jaclyn. (Important note: this is NOT the same anon who sent in the first ask admitting that they don’t like her.)

Don't rain on my Darcyland-Parade.

I only noted now that there’s shit going down in the mcu fandom somewhere, because somehow people still think it’s necessary to voice their opinion on things that other people like in a most useless manner called anonymous wanking. Never cared for that.

So, for the Darcyland, have a random assortment of gifs with appropriate facial expressions for future reference to express how much we care about other people’s bullshit.

(Yeah, okay, I reorganised my gif folder and just want to share part of le pretty.)

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I notice that SS is very hated on tumblr whereas NH is alot more popular. Like the fanart and stuff get alot more notes. Why is that? Because from what i know SS is more popular overall...judging by popularity polls...but all i ever see is hate directed towards SS :/ And people complaining about the final pairings don't mind NH as much but they can't stand the fact that SS became canon :/ I don't understand why SS gets so much hate. And its not all because of people wrongly believing its abusive

Probably because NH is a very vanilla pairing and the most people can do is hate on Hinata out of jealousy and aim ridiculous things like her breast size.

SS has a lot more to be hated on. Sasuke and Sakura are both characters constantly shit on… two of the most hated (if not THE most hated). Their angsty relationship is always twisted in something it’s not and the popularity of that makes new haters encompass such a vile interpretation that new people just come to believe it. It’s also hated the most because it is the most glaringly obvious pairing that came between ALL the major pairings. Sasuke’s involvement was the utmost threat. so much him just caring for her was a threat. 

But yeah mostly because they’re two most hated and misunderstood characters and how they happened isn’t how the people viewed the characters. 

who knows, antis are salty as fuck. I thought our canonship was absolutely beautiful (and completely predictable since day 1 lmao)


As may have been become apparent by now, I do almost all of my Snow in Summer planning and concepts on the backs of coloring pages and bulletins, which then get folded and left in my pocket for hours.

Here we see more hand gesture stuff, some musing on Safra’s character, dance stuff, Luci and Dura’s physiques, Maimari’s personality, some other members of the troupe, and then some thoughts on what kind of drums Maimari should use.

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