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Chapter 8: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (Part VII)

Střelecký Ostrov was a little island sitting smack in the middle of Vltava, connected to both banks by the Bridge of Legions. It used to be a royal garden back in the middle ages, belonging both to the Old Town, and later to the Smíchov borough. During the wars it was used as a shooting range for the soldiers to practice their aim. It came a long way since then, turning into a family hangout with a modern playground and gravel pathways leading to metal and wood benches looking over the shimmering blackness of the river. From the bridge overlooking it, the island seemed to be deserted. 

Having no plan, Věra didn’t take any chances. She descended the staircase leading to the closed restaurant in complete silence, taking care not to disturb any stones on her way down. The river masked most of the noises she made, still she wished for rain, or traffic, or anything to hide her presence.

She slipped under the enormous arch of the bridge and looked toward the back of the island. That was the best place for someone to lay in wait. It was partially hidden by the playground and the trees, far enough from the bridge it was almost invisible from the top.

She made a step toward it, only to be yanked back and pushed against the cold stone. She went to fight, realised she couldn’t, and used her breath for better things than kicking. She used it to growl threateningly.

The person looming over her snapped her head to the right roughly and hissed into her face, ‘What the fuck are you doing here, you idiot?!’

‘I’m fighting back.’

‘By dying?’

She set her jaw, glaring into dark blue eyes. ‘Let’s just say I don’t trust you with this.’

‘What fresh hell send you to pester me, blue?’

She opened her mouth to answer – or curse him, probably curse him – but he leaned down and kissed her instead. It was one of those fairy tale kisses that made people in the cinema sigh and huff. She could’ve melted into that kiss. Lost her mind and soul to that kiss. She could swear there was angelic choir playing in the background. 

He pulled back, looking up beyond the playground. His hot palms pulled her away from the arch of the bridge by her waist as he grunted, ‘Get out of here. Now.’


‘Věra,’ he growled deep in his throat, throwing her a murderous glance. ‘Don’t make me drag you away by force.’ She didn’t even get the chance to grace that with a big fat ‘fuck you’ before he turned, looking up and listening. His jaw clenched as he snapped a curse.

A rustle of shrubs behind her made her jolt with a squeak as a bolt of white lightning shot out from behind them and ran to the other side of the park, adding special effect to the curses spurting from Riley’s lips.

‘Elizabeth!’ he hissed, throwing his free hand up in despair. ‘Really?! What the fuck is so incomprehensible about the words ‘stay’ and ‘here’ put together?!’ He tried to make a step forward to pursue the lightning, and at the same time the ground beneath his feet exploded.

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Recaps from Chat

Recap from the last chat - we went episode by episode, so all the writers should read this. I’ll still start with some general comments that people had and discussions of some useful aspects from the last chat as well.

As a quick note, some of the episodes are discussed more or less than others, depending on if the writer was there or if people had thoughts or substantive comments rather than just compliments. I also removed all of the comments that were simply complimentary, but the chat was overwhelmingly positive as to each and every episode, which makes sense because they’re all AWESOME. Just wanted you all to know that. Writers who weren’t at the chat but want to see people complimenting them, just let me know, I can send you portions of the raw transcript.

There was a suggestion  that we post one episode posted per day rather than all at once – thoughts?

Schedule reminder: Episode Drafts due July 31; Posting to start August 15

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David Haller + Text Posts (6/?)

I recently hit a new follower milestone, so this gifset is dedicated to you guys! Thank you all so much! So many of you love these gifsets and I love making them. The more I make them the more relatable I realize David is tbh