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6.0 | sapphire, ruby, midnight (yoongi)

sleepy after party cuddles

w.c. 1.1k | spicy fluff |  for @joongiri who prompted me last night per my request and then this happened

the click of the key card, the clunk of the door shutting, and the thud of shoes getting kicked off.  without your heels, the dress you were wearing began to swim around your feet and pool in places, making it awkward to move.  despite the hour, a half past one in the morning, you were decently lively, ready to change into your favorite, soft pajamas and free yourself from the wretched tight waist of this dress and plop into bed with a book to read before finally dozing off.  your managers would be upset with how spacey you would be in the morning, but right now, you were still too excited from the buzz of the fancy dinner party to care or mind.

the party had, however, taken quite the toll on your bodyguard.  although he still looked pristine—his suit impeccable and bow tie hardly crooked and hair perfectly in place—yoongi’s face had fallen from alert to two steps from sleep the instant the hotel door had shut behind you.  he stumbled into the suite and collapsed onto the couch, throwing himself over the arm and burying his head in crossed arms.  a heavy sigh escaped him before his breaths became soft and subdued.

and this is when you realized: your bodyguard (and secret boyfriend (but shh you haven’t told your parents quite yet) is sleepy.

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I'm super impressed with Larisa and Catalina, according to sporteverywhere Lari's at a 6.1 d score and Cata has a 6.0! I don't see them adding upgrades before Euros (except for Cata maybe doing a double spin bc that's not super difficult to add) but if they keep improving I could see them challenging for Worlds medals which would make me so happy!

I suck at figuring out Dscores, so I’ll take your word for it hahah. Agreed, they probably won’t add difficulty for Euros, but hopefully they’ll clean up a bit, especially Larisa. I doubt Catalina will add the double spin. She took it out after falling on it last year and didn’t even get it back for Rio. I really need both to getting a Worlds medal!


A little Kazuma Kiryu-circa-Yakuza 6 appreciation post. The man ages friggin backwards I stg

first, can you tell I changed the font? and second: I quickly recolored this last night and it’s been sitting on my desktop, so I made the thumbnails while I’m skipping class and here we go! Tag me if you use my recolors so I can see them on other sims! 

  • 12 colors.
  • bgc.
  • female — teen to elder.
  • mesh is here.
  • restricted for random & color tagged.
  • custom thumbnail.

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Alright, let’s try to figure out “Is Mitch Marner actually six feet tall?”

This is me on the left. I’m 5′10″. Actually 5′10.5″ if we’re splitting hairs but let’s just say 5′10″. On the right, you’ll see Mr. Perfect McScoresPoints.

So he’s obviously slightly taller than me in this picture. I’ll also throw this in: I’m pretty sure Mitch is NOT wearing shoes in this picture while I am. 

I’m also standing a tiny bit closer to the camera than he is so I look a little bit taller than I should.


TL;DR - Is Mitch Marner actually 6′0″ tall? Probably, yes.

I never take the time to realize how SMALL Neil and Andrew are. I have a friend who is 5'2 and I tower over her. Andrew being 5'0 flat means as tall as like a small 8th grader. He is so TINY and neil is so tiny as well just 3 inches taller than Andrew!! Can you imagine tiny little neil and Andrew coming out onto the court and fucking shit UP. These 6'0 players become so scared of these tiny little boys. I love my small boys they deserve the entire world