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could you do a text post on the signs as stages in life? E.g. Like geminis as the curious toddler, Pisces as the old soul (idk stereotypes that well just ideas hahha)

Aries - 0-2 year old’s, curious about absolutely everything

Taurus 2-4 year old’s, Observant, trying their hand at everything

Gemini - 4-8 year old’s, Always asking questions, thirst for knowledge 

Cancer - 10-13 year old’s, introspective, can be moody, looking for inner comfort

Leo - 14-16 year old’s, finding their creative outlet, experiencing young love

Virgo - 17-22 year old’s, putting in the work they need to get where they want to be, testing the waters as an adult. 

Libra - 22-35 year old’s - finding their balance in life and learning to make peace with things in their life that sometimes just don’t work. 

Scorpio - 35-50 year old’s - taking all their insecurities and transforming into the person they want to be. 

Sagittarius - 50-60 year old’s - have enough life experience to be considered life teachers, wise and dedicating life to trying new things

Capricorn - 60-65 year old’s - the sage, perfecting the success that they have achieved.

Aquarius - 65-70 year old’s - the eccentric neighbor, the experienced innovator that has invented their own opportunities throughout life. 

Pisces - 70-90 year old’s - the wise old soul, has lived through the stages of the other signs and has made peace with themselves and their surroundings

I’ve never actually drawn something for Sonic’s birthday- it’s always been smaller pieces, so I figured this was in order~
In other news: drawing Green Hill Zone traditionally is very tedious.
*please do not use this art in any way without my given permission-thank you!*

so my roommate last year moved out after fall quarter, never got a new one. my roommate this year moves out on thursday. my best friend last year didn’t want to live with me. my best friend this year doesn’t want to live with me.

starting to think im an impossible person for someone to live with.

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band: bastill (fom the uuuk ) 

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•pleuase be pepared to bbrig your on wardrbe. a few options would be great. •please be repared to spend the whle da wt h us paid extras-$50/ perdy 

•cowboy o horse (+ lasssso scene) not requird for yoou to provide the horse but please let us kno w f yo an. age ange- 30-8 0 years ollld 

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•young peopledancing on sidd of oad- divers crowd 18+ yea rs old

after 7 grueling hours,,,,i have finally been able to semi achieve the manga style

also can you tell i used this pic as ref hahahaaa 

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I hope tloo gets a 0.2 this year. Go ahead and try to justify that to those advertisers you're trying to pitch s5 to in May. "We get less than a million viewers, have bad demo numbers, and usually only get brought up in the press when people are shitting on our creative decisions! Advertise on our show!" lol

Yeah, it would be a bad investment to get an ad during the loo. Not worth the money y’all.

Open to Dean’s

10 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 16 days, 9 minutes— Castiel, like every other human on this planet, had a counter on his wrist, counting down the days till he would meet his future ‘soul-mate’. He had always had an itching for his counter to go down to 0000. He absently stared at it in school, day dreaming about who his soul mate would be. ~~

6 years, 8 months, 1 week, 5 days, 19 hours, 5 minutes left— The number always seemed to high, to out of reach. One by one the counters turned to 0000 around him as his friends and college classmates grouped up. His daydreams dwindled down and he focused more on his career, it seemed as if the number would never come. ~~

0 years, 2 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 30 minutes— His parents had been murdered when he was a child so he had focused his life on catching the people who destroyed people’s life’s like his own parents’ killers had. He had been put on a new case of a serial killer duo and had been so intent on the case that he barely noticed his counter ticking down. ~~

0 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours, 2 minutes—He hadn’t meant to be caught. He had been being careful as he tracked the two killers through a small city.  he remembered being distracted by a throbbing in his wrist before being dragged into an alley And then… Nothing. ~~

Next thing he knew he was tied to a plastic chair in a dark room. He was beaten and bloody yet still struggled against the restraints. When the door opened he froze, hissing through his teeth as a searing heat trembled up his body.  He was too distracted and pumped of adrenaline to notice the 0000 on his wrist. 

Treasury yields tumble after the jobs report whiffs

US Treasury yields are tumbling after the jobs report came in well below expectations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the US economy added 98,000 jobs in March, missing the 180,000 that was expected by the Bloomberg consensus. 

Moderate buying has yields in the belly of the curve leading the way lower, down more than 4 basis points. Here’s a look at the scoreboard as of 8:49 a.m. ET:

  • 2-year -0.8 bps @ 1.230%
  • 3-year -1.7 bps @ 1.425% 
  • 5-year -3.6 bps @ 1.822%
  • 7-year -3.9 bps @ 2.106%
  • 10-year -4.2 bps @ 2.299%
  • 30-year -3.6 bps @ 2.950%

Friday’s buying has pushed longer dated yields to their lowest level since the week following Donald Trump’s election victory. The benchmark 10-year yield hit a high of 2.64% in mid-March amid hope that President Trump’s protectionist trade agenda and plans to cut taxes and roll back regulations would bring back inflation to the United States. 


Up front, yields haven’t come in as much as traders remain optimistic the Fed will meet its target of two more rate hikes in 2017. Friday’s action has the 2-year yield near its lowest level in six weeks.

Ahead of the jobs report, World Interest Rate Probability data provided by Bloomberg showed a 66.5% chance the Fed would hike rates at the June meeting or sooner. That has fallen to 60% after the jobs report.

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12/29/14 Predators @ Blackhawks: “Toews spots 5-hole, and beats Pekka there before he can squeeze.” - Preds announcers


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121124 Donghae Twitter Update:

donghae861015: Thank’s Singapore !!  We ganna go to Thai !! For SM Town !! See u soon Thai ELF !!^ ^

121124 EunHae at Changi Airport - Fan Account:

DONGHAE WALKED IN AND WANTED TO WALK OVER TO US TO SAY HI !!!AND HYUKJAE PULLED HIM BACK PLAYFULLY. and donghae was like “NOoOooO I WANNA GO OVER!!!” and henry came over and playfully scolded them. (c)