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hi i'm sorry if i'm bothering you but do you have any tips on how to get through a finals phase? i'm so close to burning out completely but there's still two weeks left in which i need to function perfectly... you always seem so put together and organized, how do you do it? i can barely get out of bed most of the time...

Hey! I know how you feel, I was in the same situation 2 months ago! I guess I will tell you about my experience and what helps for me. I hope this is useful!

  • get up early, take a shower so you’ll feel fresh and energized (maybe go for a morning run to gain some energy and fresh air!)
  • find the time of the day you’re most productive and your concentration is at the highest level (it was early in the morning for me (from 7-10am)) then study at this time (for most of the people concentration is at the highest level from 8-11am and from 3-6pm, the lowest point is from 12am-1pm)
  • I used the pomodoro-technique then: I studied for 25 minutes and had a break of 5 minutes in which I made a cup of tea, walked around in my room, went to the toilet,… and after the break, I studied for 25 minutes again and so on (when you do 6 of these sessions, you’ll have studied for 3 hours, wow!!)
  • switch off your phone and put it away (also don’t touch it during the short breaks)
  • don’t study in your bed, do it at a desk without distractions, choose a place that is for studying only
  • drink a lot during studying (i talk when I study so I need it for my throat haha) and drink something you really love! like your favourite tea / juice, so you’ll feel better
  • after the first study session, have a 2 or 3 hour break in which you’ll have lunch, watch youtube videos, go outside etc which is kind of a reward for studying
  • after that break, study for 3 hours again (using the pomodoro method)
  • and then you’re done! you’ve studied for 6 hours which is great!!
  • my fave study method is to read my notes and then talk about the content without looking at my notes (it depends on the subject but it kinda works for me), I always try to talk about it as if I was explaining it to another person
  • if you still have school / uni at that time, try to do the stuff I was talking about at the weekend and study before/after uni/school and in free periods, but also get enough rest & sleep
  • also imagine what it will feel like to get a good grade in your exams and think about how dissapointed you’ll feel when you’ve spent most of the time in bed but could have studied instead
  • if you study for 5-6 hours a day (which is a lot!! and definitely enough in my opinion), you’ll still have enough time to go outside, watch movies, meet up with friends etc. 
  • and of course: get enough sleep!! this is really important! 7-8 hours of sleep are perfect

I hope this was useful!! Sending you lots of energy and motivation!! I believe in you! and good luck for your finals ♥

random things my fragile bi heart gets really emotional about: axton the commando, and the treatment of his sexuality in the game. just hear me out for a second.

like, for all intents and purposes axton is pretty much the most stereotypical video game character ever— a ruggedly handsome, confident-bordering-on-cocky, square-jawed white guy with a crew cut, a couple carefully placed facial scars, and a military career that’s probably just a bit too illustrious for his age.

but then he’s also canonically bisexual!! and not even on purpose originally, but because of a glitch that made him flirt with everyone instead of just the attractive female character the line was intended for.

and when fans saw this and were like, ‘oh this must mean axton’s supposed to be bi! awesome,’ the writers, instead of 1. freaking out and trying to quash those headcanons or 2. turning the situation into a gross queerbaiting mess (which seem to be the two things that happen most often), were like ‘oh, yeah, looks like axton is bi. let’s add some dialogue to the dlc that confirms this and make it irrefutably canon.’

and that was that. like, there was no uncharacteristically dramatic and emotional coming-out scene. no awkward forced romantic subplot with a male character to ‘prove’ he’s really bi. just a couple stupid and perfectly in-character lines about having dated lots of ‘people’ instead of specifically women and that quip about ‘guns and women… and sometimes dudes.’

and i just want to throw those moments in the face of every writer who’s ever claimed that it would be too hard to make a character bi, or that they can’t do it because it wasn’t the original intent of the character. all it took was two lines of dialogue for the bl2 team to confirm what players had already picked up on. it’s literally that easy and i’m just really tired of excuses for why characters ~can’t~ be bi!!!


1 - HAPPY NEW FRESH - Celebrate the new year and month with Fresh visiting for 31 days. How does Fresh enter your life?

this is why i always close my windows

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can we talk about the official cassian andor playlist
  1. Whoever made this had really good music taste
  2. Overall, it’s just got this beautiful, melancholy feel to it
  3. I think it really conveys a lot about Cassian’s character. There’s loneliness. A sense of being lost. Resignation and regret. But also resilience, strength - the heart of a rebel.
  4. And so much of it is about falling hopelessly in love in a cruel world. Finding someone who is a guiding light. (I am really not exaggerating).
  5. ”Hold Back the River” literally goes “hold back the river / so I can stop for a minute and be by your side”
  6. “The Girl” literally goes “I wish I could do better by you / because that’s what you deserve”
  7. “All My Days” literally goes “now I see clearly / it’s you I’m looking for”


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person: so are you part of any fandoms? Do you have an otp or ship someone?

me: *sweating* lol, what’s that?

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magikarp hat update is best update

also: TFW u blink during a photo and turn into brock