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im so so so sorry but im fucking wheezing and i have to point this out, its not a massive deal but in the post talking about whether bakugo and uraraka would be open as a couple you wrote "in pubic" instead of "in public" and im fucking hoWLING that is the funniest shit i have seen all day i love you so much jesus fucking christ

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I'm very sorry for asking. But which traitor? There's a traitor? When it was mentioned?

the teachers in-story mentioned the idea of there being a traitor among the school, because there’s just no other way for the information about USJ and the changing plans for the camp to have gotten out. Mic and Nedzu have brought it up separately, but beyond that there hasn’t been any other mention of a traitor

but that’s who people are talking about when they ask about who the traitor could be

personally, i don’t care to speculate on it and i’m just waiting to see what happens in canon


Oh hey look. A surprise animation!

This is honestly a birthday present, from me to me. lol

Love - Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 (Part 1) (Undertale Animation)