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My DNA Test Results

aka Phil is not part kangaroo

- Phil’s mum’s friend, June, is a doctor and gave him a free dna test

- June is not The Doctor

- Philip Philipson from 1873

- Science Phil defines dna

- cushionstack.com

- Phil’s fake name was Buffy Summers

- Phil is: 68.6% British & Irish, 11.5% French & German, 1.9% Scandinavian, < 0.1% Sardinian, 0.3% Broadly European, < 0.1% Broadly Southern European, < 0.1% Sub-Saharan African, < 0.1% Unassigned, 100% European

- “I might have a French ear”

- “And I have a German elbow”

- “I’ve got a Swedish eyebrow”

- “One of my freckles… is a Sardinian freckle”

- Phil is an alien

- “Prince Philip?” *fistbumps camera* “Ayy, Philip bros!”

- Phil is a larger percentage neanderthal than the average European user

- Phil had a 28% chance at being blond

- Philly’s not going bald

- There’s a 5% chance that his kid could have red hair

- “Hello distant relatives!”

- Plushie promotion

- “Goooodbye!”

theherocomplex  asked:

What is one (or more than one) thing that makes Zoe's temper go from 0 to 100 instantly?

The #1 answer right now seems to be: you don’t come after her family.

She’s well aware her dad was not a perfect person (like, when she’s talking to the Hyperion’s behavior, she acknowledges / apologizes for her dad’s actions). But people who didn’t know him don’t get to talk shit about him. People talking shit about her brother or mother, even worse.

She’s also not real fond of being condescended to. People whose motivations appear purely selfish also bug her, but that’s less “0 to 100″ and more a slow, roiling boil.