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timmy in a nutshell part 2:

  • this is like … totally surreal
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • whAt tHe HeLL doEs tHat Mean
  • thankfully I’m on the cusp of manhood
  • “they should’ve held your ass back, cause you look young as shit”
  • you guys are sharp man
  • you’re intelligent and a butt .. intelligent butt!
  • it varied
  • let’s do a problem
  • no no you can’t say that on tv!
  • or goD ForBid
  • it’s all about the recovery
  • i can’t believe this is happening right now
  • thoSe Were the gLORY years
  • peace and love ✌🏼
  • “you will never go find you a bitch”
  • tim o teyyy
  • *falls off chair*
  • I’m living a form of the dream!
  • chairmont
  • aaaalllllllllll love to mum
  • 😜🤘🏼
  • the probability of seeing me on tv
  • the dark knight
  • “but i went to work and i went beserk”
  • hOMeland, hOmeLand
  • i was out there for a month and a half
  • THAT berluti jacket 👌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏽

part 1 (x)

wow sifting all through all the response to #BackEgg is truly Wild. like y’all are really upset about this??? i’m not normally one for discourse but y’all have caught me in a Mood:

  • phil is not stupid. the marketing team running pr for a billion dollar company is not stupid. if they do come to a sponsorship agreement, it won’t be done on a whim.
  • phil’s twitter following is not only composed of people in their teens and 20s who have < $100 in the bank accounts, but also of many, many millionaires, celebrities, and big social media influencers.
  • fabregé does not have to sell thousands and thousands of back eggs or whatever other jewelry to phil’s subscribers to turn a profit off this deal. just a few will more than cover it.
  • capita£ester is funny as a meme, but making brand deals and doing sponsorships is also a big and real part of having an online career.
  • the vitriol surrounding your fave creators “selling out” or whatever is idiotic. i will scream this into the void until the day i die: scientists don’t give away their science for free, so why (w h y) do we think that creators shouldn’t be paid for their creations? 
  • Nate: What’s the occasion?
  • Mick: It’s December. It’s the time we celebrate our most sacred and special event: Rip Dinner!
  • Nate: What the hell is Rip Dinner?
  • Leonard: Every time we laugh at something stupid Rip does, we put a coin in this box. At the end of the year, we take all the money and treat ourselves to a dinner.
  • Nate: You guys, that’s so mean.
  • Sara: It’s not mean if he doesn’t know about it. It’s like talking about people behind their backs.
  • Amaya: Everybody wins.
  • Nate: No.


Ya girl got 100% on her geometry final (best in the entire grade). 93% on her Spanish 1 final (best in the entire grade as well). 101% on my Psychology final (not the best in my grade but I was up there). 100% on my science final. And my other one hasn’t been graded but like I’m HYPE!!!

request oneshots/headcanons!

hey wowowowow!! i hit 100 today!! that’s so insane thanks to everyone who is following and commenting and sending me asks and all that shit. shoutout to my main bitches @80soleff @finn-essed & @child-of-the-sea-and-sky love you guys!!

to celebrate this, i’m gonna do a fun little request thing that will probably flop bc no one like me but it’s fine.

send me an ask with a ship and a scenario/plot/au and i will write a oneshot/headcanons! i will do each and every request that comes in bc you gusy are the best. (preferably from it 2017 but if you have something else you are excited about lemme know and i’ll see what i can do!) you guys are the absolute best and i hope some people actually do this :))

bad trans headcanon tropes to leave behind for 2018

  • trans man binds with ace bandages until a Good Cis Ally gets him a binder
  • “this is my buff trans wife and i want her to murder me” and other various phrases that make the association that trans woman = violent
  • trans man is in a state of undress when another character walks in on him shirtless, which outs him as trans against his will
  • character who is a man (or uses he/him pronouns) in canon gets headcanoned as a trans woman and then in the trans headcanon fanart she’s drawn even buffer and hairier than in canon just to prove how Obviously Not Cis she is
  • drawing cis characters like regular people but then stylizing your trans headcanons to emphasize the characteristics of their ASAB
  • exclusively headcanoning thin adolescent white boys as trans men
  • headcanoning Real, Actual People as trans
  • referring to adult characters as “boys” if you headcanon them as trans; infantilizing trans men in general
  • not bothering to draw body hair on your cis characters, but always including body hair on your trans women headcanons.
  • having cis love interests say anything along the lines of “i love you no matter what parts you have :)” like they deserve a fuckin medal
  • only writing/drawing trans characters in nsfw situations / fetishization in general