[TRANS] WikiTrees’ Interview with Park Bogum

When ‘Reply 1988’ ended, it aroused a lot of news.

I’m very honored and grateful that I was able to appear in such a warm-hearted work. That’s why I’m able to sit in this seat, being interviewed. 

If it’s 1988, it was before you were born. Was it a little bit difficult to understand the emotions of that time? 

I listened to a lot of songs from that time and worked hard. However, I listened to the songs, but the emotions didn’t come right away. That’s why I asked my family too. Because the writer detailedly wrote the script, I think it was easy to understand. I expressed what I knew of days back then with small props. 

During Deoksun’s husband hunt, the phrases ‘EoNamRyu’ and ‘EoNamTaek’ (T/N: from the phrase, ‘어쨌든 남편은 류준열/택이’, which means ‘The husband is Ryu Joon Yeol/Taek anyway) came about. In the end, Taek became the husband. 

The husband was Taek anyway, so it was EoNamTaek. (Laughs) I didn’t know that I was the husband as well. 

I thought it was just a role of a one-sided love. In the beginning, Deoksun liked Sunwoo; later, didn’t she like Junghwan? That’s why I thought it’d be those two. Even though she expressed her caring heart to Taek, I thought the conclusion would be ‘EoNamRyu’, so I was surprised when it really was Taek. 

How was it when you knew that you were the husband?

While saying “Wow, it’s me?”, I was amazed and puzzled. 

It seems like the first role in which one had to earn love during the drama.  

Yes. This was the first role in which [I had to earn my love] with the female lead. From the start of the drama, the director said these words to us, “You guys are all appearing as protagonists in this work.” It was a situation in which I was just thankful that I was just able to join the series. That’s why I thought that I’d like whoever would become the husband to be happily chosen by Deoksun.

I was happy that I was just able to come out in a good drama. I never thought, “I have to be the husband” or “Am I going to become the husband?” 

I heard that you filmed your first kiss scene in this drama.

In this work, for both Hyeri and I, it was our first time challenging a kiss scene. Although I was very embarrassed, I pretended to be very calm. I heard that, in times like that, actors must take care of and lead them well, but I was also affected. 

The camera director was also very concerned about the scene coming out prettily.

I heard sounds could be heard on the set of the kiss.

Me? (He was so surprised that his originally large eyes become larger.) When I heard that the dream kiss scene received the largest amount of views, I was really amazed.

Were there any NGs while filming?

Our noses were squished a lot, and my nose ran a lot. Even so, I was happy that the director filmed it prettily.

Are there any memorable scenes within the drama?

There’s really a lot.

While Taek was saying, “Let’s watch a movie, us two”, that was the scene of his first ever heartfelt confession. That scene was very thrilling. 

The one scene where Junghwan says to Deoksun, “Don’t go on the blind date,” was also very thrilling. When they were filming, I wasn’t there. Later, when it came out on broadcast, I watched through the position of a viewer.

I think that the best was the scene where Taek and his father talk about the question of remarriage.  He asks, "I wish I had a good friend by my side like you have”, and Taek, while smiling, responds, “If you’re happy, I’m okay with it all”. That part was the most emotional. 

When you said “Let’s watch a movie”, you were thrilled. In real life, have you ever said that to someone of the opposite sex that you’ve liked. 

Because it’s been so long (I don’t remember). After debuting, I haven’t dated at all.

When dating rumors with Nara noona came out, I didn’t know why they came out. That’s why I was sorry and a little bit embarrassed to contact her. Like that, articles came out.

Is there someone you like now? Not your fans and among someone of the opposite sex.

There are many women I like. (Asked persistently) It’s a secret who they are. 

What’s your ideal type? 

A person with whom we can both fill up what the other is lacking and learn from each other. I want to meet a motherly woman who’s also like a friend.

Between Hyeri, who was with you in the drama, and Red Velvet member, Irene, who’s with you currently in Music Bank, is there someone you match with? Between the two, is there a person who’s more like your ideal type?

It’s difficult to choose just one person. Both of them are my ideal types.  

After the drama ended, you were dragged to tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers’.

I’ve had the thought of wanting to come out on ‘Youth Over Flowers’, because there aren’t many programs where I can make memories with my peers while traveling far. If I went, I was thinking of going with anyone, and because that dream quickly became reality, I was surprised and honored. I’ve only seen PD Na Young Suk on TV, so when I saw him in real life, it was really amazing. And because the trip was very enjoyable, to me, it seems like it’ll become a memory I won’t be able to forget.

Wasn’t it difficult? When I saw pictures of you entering the country, your face was really burnt. 

It became really dark. Thankfully, right now, the lighting’s dim and my makeup was [applied] well. Even so, it was more enjoyable than difficult. The other hyungs suffered more than me. 

Let’s go back to the story of your work. Due to this ‘R88’ success, you’ve received a lot of love, and your kind and pure image is taking over the spotlight. Are you worried that this image will become a stumbling block in the future?

I’ve never had that thought. If I look at all my projects up till now, regardless of ratings and the importance of the role, there’s a lot to learn. To me, I think every project’s activities moved me forward, step by step. That’s why I won’t be discouraged because of my previous projects. I’ll just, from moment to moment, do my best, and someday, many people will recognize and give me love. Before that, I’ll try not to dwell on negative things. 

And, before R88, I appeared in the drama ‘I Remember You’, acting as a psychopath. It was a very fresh and fun experience. If I get the opportunity, I’d like to challenge that type of role again. 

Is there a genre you want to try next?

There’s a lot. I want to film a youth romance while wearing a school uniform, an action film/drama, and a comedy too. There are a lot of genres and roles I’d like to try.

As an actor, do you have a role model?

The sunbaes I’ve met during each and every project are all role models. It’s not easy to act and sympathize with many people. That’s why I feel that the sunbaes are all really impressive. My hope that I can make those people’s positive points my own is greater.

But, a thought comes up. The thought that I want to hear the words “Park Bogum is my role model” from someone. If there’s a person like that, there doesn’t need to be many people like that. That’s why, while living a little bit more honestly and cleanly, it’s my dream and prayer to become a good influence on someone. 

What kind of actor do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be remembered as an actor who received praise like "Park Bogum is a person who identifies well and makes whichever role he’s given his own style”.

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Numbers in Korean~

Now that we’ve had a chance to review/learn the alphabet, let’s try learning how to count and use numbers! In Korean, there are two sets of numbers: “native”, and sino. It’s important to note that the Sino number set can find its roots in Chinese, while the newer native system is derived from the Korean language.

Since the creators did a pretty good job with the romanization, I’ve decided not to rewrite the numbers down below. Instead, I’ve decided to focus more on helping you guys distinguish between how each of the two number systems is used!

Daily Tip: One way to distinguish between when to use Native or Sino numbers is by remembering that Native numbers are used for counting, while Sino numbers are used for just numbers.

열 사람 (yeol saram) 10 people
이십 분 (yi sib bun) 20 minutes

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Baek: *while patting Yeol’s lap* Can I get a kiss? Please Yeol… *pouts*
JD: Oh my gosh I’m so embarrassed for this two *lowers head while smiling secretly*
Yeol: Oh later Baek, not here please. Remember we’re on an interview. *tensed but is still smiling*
Baek: Okay. You’ll never get any of this later dumbo. *smiling but is eyeing Yeol teasingly*
JD: *trying so hard not to laugh* GAHD THIS TWO!!!

I’m sorry JD that you have to witness this. Hahahahaha! 😂

“Youth Over Flowers” Shares Slow-Motion Preview of “Reply 1988” Stars’ Trip to Namibia

“Youth Over Flowers” Shares Slow-Motion Preview of “Reply 1988” Stars’ Trip to Namibia

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tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” is giving us a sneak peek of its much-anticipated upcoming season with a preview video!

The next season will follow four stars of the popular tvN drama “Reply 1988” as they go on an adventure together in Namibia. Actors Ryu Jun Yeol, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Ahn Jae Hong were all whisked away from their cast and crew trip in Thailand last month by the “Youth Over Flowers” crew

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INFINITE’s 2016 New Year Resolution 

1. Personal Information
Name | Korean: 이성열 |English: Lee Seong Yeol
D.O.B – 1991.08.27 
Group – Infinite | Role – Visual. Best Visual
Hobby – Water Ski 
Specialty – Throwing tantrums

2. 2016, New Year’s Wish
Being Successful

3. 2016, To our lovely Inspirits
Everyone, please be healthy and be successful 

orig: Infinite FB
trans. cr: purpleboyhowonee