you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to struggle with things other people find easy

you are allowed to have a hard time with things people say you shouldn’t

you are allowed to acknowledge your difficulties and struggles

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to need accommodations 

you are allowed to demand accommodations

you are allowed to use accommodations 

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to exist without being “useful”

you are allowed to exist without meeting abled people’s expectations

you are allowed to exist as a disabled person

you are allowed to be disabled


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               15. Brooke, Emma & Riley // “I know, I miss her, too.”

“And have you spoken to Molly Hooper? Since that day?”

Sherlock stopped again before opening the door. He turned to face his brother again. “What do you care?”

Mycroft shrugged. “Call it curiosity I suppose. I wondered if perhaps there was more damage than what was done to that ill fated coffin.”

Sherlock’s lips were set in a hard line and his eyes were tired. “Let’s put it this way- that was the last call of mine that she’s answered. And when I’ve seen her in passing, she is indifferent at best. I imagine that I could more easily piece together that stupid coffin than anything resembling a friendship with Molly Hooper.” He smiled wryly at his brother. “Thank you for asking.”

With that, Sherlock took his leave. Mycroft sat there silently for a moment, alone with his thoughts. But finally, he pressed the intercom on his phone.

“Anthea, would you come in here for a moment? I have a small but urgent delivery that I’d like for you to arrange.”

—  Complicated Little Emotions by writingwife83 
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You talk of hate and revenge but that’s only to mask what really scares you. You still love [James Gordon]

Carmine Falcone to Dr. Thompkins, Gotham, Season 3 Episode 12 Ghosts

(This was the most exciting nygmobblepot moment of the episode for me. It’s hard to believe the parallel doesn’t suggest everything it seems to.)


Met internet friends Allison (@xxdrxco-mxlfoyxx) and Fynn  (@huffledoof) today and yas it was amazing! I spent so much money on unnecessary shit but         ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (ft. My roommate)

The amount of times we saw something and all yelled “WOLFSTAR” is amazing

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unpopular opinion

I love who Mordo ended up with (or rather didn’t end up with). He learned from the mistakes of his past relationships, grew independently (in art school yay!!), and thEN FINALLY was able to have a healthy stable relationship. That!!! Gets!!! Me!!!! Lit!!! Your first love may not be your last, hell have 10 loves in your life. Gain experience!! Grow from them! But also know yourself!

anonymous asked:

could we get some hana and jesse shenanigans or just the two of them hanging out?? i love ur writing so much and i love how you portray all the characters <3

“You know, the fact that Overwatch does not have a clear chain of command is dangerous.”

Jesse glances up from his datapad. Hana has a bowl of noodles before her, courtesy Hanzo, but she has yet to pick up her chopsticks and her voice is - distant, almost.

He sets the datapad down on the table. “You think?”

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  • Scientist 1: hey what should we call it when the glycocalyx is organized and firmly attached to the cell wall, which protects the bacteria against phagocytosis by the cells of the host?
  • Scientist 2: let's call it a capsule
  • Scientist 1: great, great. and when the glycocalyx is loosely attached and unorganized?

lindsaylove1226  asked:

What are some of your favorite Wincest one shots, AU, series ... well whatever ... what are some of your favorites

oh, that’s a really good question and by good, i mean really fucking hard question because i’ve read so much and trying to find them all is kinda hard but i’ll do my best. *cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

  • title: sharp dressed man
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 4,200+
  • warnings: weecest, underaged, spanking, daddy!kink
  • summary: sam gets in trouble at school. dean arrives, playing as john. dean’s wearing a suit, sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.
  • title: unexpected consequences
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 1,700+
  • warnings: weecest (sam is 17), spanking
  • summary: dean catches sam skipping.
  • title: fullofsugar!verse
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 46,000+
  • warnings: student/teacher, cross dressing, feminization
  • summary: a verse about the love story between a boy and his dearest teacher. little glimpses, long nights, teenage love, everything that’s wrong.
  • title: american sweetheart
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 7,600+
  • warnings: teacher/student
  • summary: professor ackles lives in a structured world of suits and ties and the monotony of a mundane life. the wearisomeness of his life changes drastically when he stumbles upon a website that alters his once thought of ordinary life and brings out the dark desires of his heart. twenty-year-old jared padalecki lives in a conservative world of class schedules and paying rent and trying to find his place in a black and white world. on the other side of his webcam, jared learns he can be made of lace and soft fabric and pastel colors—bringing out the darkest desires in strange men over the internet. in an odd turn of events, fate will bring them together and it will be their duty to hold themselves together or allow fate to ultimately tear them apart once more. a professor and a college student will together learn the meaning of mortality, vulnerability, and heart break.
  • title: born to die!verse
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 63,000+
  • warnings: underage, rape, drug use
  • summary: this story follows the lives of two young brothers as they try to make it in a dark world. after an overdose threatens to tear them apart forever, sam and dean vow to never leave each other’s side again and hit the open roads of the american west to live fast and free together. they fight and fuck like every day could be their last because one day it just might be.
  • title: v i c e
  • pairing: sam/dean, lisa/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 56,600+
  • warnings: police officer dean, prostitute sam, underage, daddy kink, control issues, drug abuse, abuse
  • summary: dean winchester is an undercover cop in the sex trafficking unit of the chicago pd. he suffers from the loss of his former position in narcotics, a bullet injury that causes him to limp, and the sudden divorce of his wife lisa who'se kicked him out of the house and kept their son, ben. dean meets sam during one of his stings, an underage prostitute who loudly proclaims his sexuality and a penchant for older men. they become slowly fascinated with each other, developing a strange and twisted relationship, while dean struggles to regain what he’s lost, and sam looks for any way out of his life on the street.
  • title: poughkeepsie
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: teen and up
  • length: 5,700+
  • warnings: pre-series
  • summary: the reason “poughkeepsie” became their code word for “drop everything and run” was because that was the one place child protective services ever caught up with the winchesters.
  • title: air catcher
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: mature
  • length: 1,000+
  • warnings: curtain fic
  • summary: sam’s rocking chair always stands to the left of dean’s and no-one will tell dean that sammy’s not coming out to sit with him anymore.